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Canon E-Bay shop

roxpix 14 2.2k 11 Scotland
19 Dec 2003 3:57PM
Am I seeing things, a seller on ebay selling a 1D are advertising themselves as the Canon e-bay store.

Is this Canon or some enterprising guy/gall?


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Big Bri 17 16.3k United Kingdom
19 Dec 2003 7:00PM
I would stay well clear.
tim franklin 14 2.7k
19 Dec 2003 8:13PM
Its a very bad scam. The previous sales are all for single rolls of 24-exposure colour print film, and a mouse, all for 5. Apart from one American, all the buyers (and the seller for that matter) are from Northants.

Another person who saw this has apparently informed Canon, who are not best pleased about it.
UserDeleted 15 3.6k
19 Dec 2003 9:53PM

I actually spoke to Canon UK today and a guy in their Marketing department - at about 16:00.

He told me that this deal is in fact a legitimate deal between Canon Europa and the digitalriver reseller, it is being piloted in the UK. A marketing announcment is due out soon from Canon.

I had already emailed the sellers via eBay and the name of their European web sales manager was independently confirmed to me by the marketing guy at Canon without prompting.

Unless of course he is in on the conspiracy !

The reason for the rolls of film is apparently the testing of the integration of the software - whilst strange, and indeed the reason I was suspicious and called Canon UK, I can see why this could have been done. In this case you can see why they had all come from Northants (all employees of digitalriver).

I have just checked the properties page from the email and it has come through Canon-Europa SMTP servers.

Tim - who told you that they had spoken to Canon and that they were not happy ?

tim franklin 14 2.7k
19 Dec 2003 11:02PM
Hi Mike,

Somebody I know well from the AP forums, who must have spoken to Canon around 5:30pm. His message to me was:

Just spoken to Canon Tim, they are not amused.

It could of course be that the left hand doesn't know what the right is doing.

The camera has been bought since this thread began, so I do hope its a legit thing. If the reasons behind the film sales is as you say, it does perhaps go some way to explaining the somewhat "gushing" praise left, though it would perhaps have been more sensible to have left no comments or ones of a more level-headed nature. After all, paying out 5 for a 24-exposure film is not something you might boast of, and raises suspicions as to the legitimacy of the seller.
UserDeleted 15 3.6k
20 Dec 2003 7:44AM

I agree - the method of getting to the 18 +ves is not realy acceptable. However, just because they are a Canon authorized reseller does not necessarily mean that they understand eBay policies and protocol well. This is quite an innovative approach from Canon.

I would suggest that this is a left and right hand situation. Alternatively it could be that they were not amused because they had not yet themselves had chance to announce this.

The guy I spoke to was surprised it was operating already - he had only just got notification on the 18th of the plan (presumably from Canon Europa) and was still getting approval for the announcement release in Canon UK !

I have been in communication with two or three of their people, as I wanted to buy one of the 1Ds'and missed both - they are currently out of stock. I would be surprised if a scammer would have turned down another 3k with that message !!!

Now that I have to wait a while will keep an eye on the feedback situation and see if the 1D, 1Ds, 400mm f2.8L and 70-200 f2.8L IS sales go through acceptably.

tim franklin 14 2.7k
20 Dec 2003 11:27AM

The other person has today posted this:

As I reported I spoke to a guy from Canon UK marketing, he knew nothing about it and said he would investigate and report back. Mind you that alone could mean nothing. However I find it hard to believe that a company the size of Canon would go to all this trouble. It also makes a bit of a mockery of the whole Ebay system in that many of us rely on 'feedback' when deciding to bid for an item. Canon or their representative posting what must be entirely false 'feedback' on fictitious sales is surely at the very least misrepresentation.

I hope that your version above will be confirmed in due course.
20 Dec 2003 1:41PM
No, some of the above is wrong...

All bar one of the feedbacks left for this guy are from buyers from the United States, not Northants - click on their rating...

As stated, nearly all for 24-exp film, all for 5, chuck in a couple of mice too...note also the user "canon_dr" - they have traded with each other, and if you examine HIS feedback, it TOO relates to rolls of film, and much feedback has been left for him by "canon_uk1"....

As Tim has said, this had been discussed on another forum, and before I knew of frenchie's posting....

Emailed ebay and asked them to investigate
Sent seller and ebay quoting that 'Canon not amused' and to expect incoming...

I did so, as if you do a 'search' in ebay under Seller, you will see that he has shifted (just in the last 48 hours) about 3 EOS 1D's, 3x 1Ds's, 3x EOS 3's, 3 x D60, a couple of 1v's, a fair few IXUS, some lenses (mainly 28-135 IS + 70-200mm's) and 300v's, oh, and I forgot the EOS30's....

I sincerely hope this guy is 'kosher' and people haven't been scammed...I shall just have to apologise (and also kick myself for missing the bargains)...but far better that then (what) 15,000+ (and rising) of peoples hard-earned going to some nasty (but clever with the HTML) scammer!!

And he's still there... I wish he'd 'blte' to the email I sent him - he may have something to say, but if he is corporate, they would probably just click 'delete' (the same too if he IS bent...)

Will let you know....would appreciate anyone else's news too...

roxpix 14 2.2k 11 Scotland
20 Dec 2003 3:45PM
I'm glad it was'nt just me seeing things.

The deal for a refurbished 1D looked a good one and if this is legit I guess more will follow. I think I'll see what happens to the recent camera sales re feedback ( I hope for their sakes its legit)

I would appreciate an update to this thread if anyone finds out more info on this matter.

21 Dec 2003 1:19PM
Was mailed by eBay today: "Hello Dave,

Thank you for taking the time to write with us. My name is Alastaire
Hammond, and I would be happy to assist you further.

Dave, we are concerned about violations on the site and have thoroughly
investigated your report. Please be assured that we have taken
appropriate action in accordance with our site policies. Our actions may
include issuing a warning, temporary suspension, indefinite suspension
or terminating the membership."

blah, blah, blah,....then:

At this time, our records indicate the user you are reporting is
currently not a registered eBay user.

So it seems they've probably 'removed' him, or he has shut down having got some cash?

I hope it's the former, and I hope people either get their gear, or their money back...

22 Dec 2003 3:52PM
Get's weirder...seems the guy was 'kosher' after all. Forgot that as well as mailing eBay and the seller, I also emailed Canon Professional Services....someone from them got back to me today:

"Hi Dave,
Just a quick note to say that the products on sale on the Canon outlet on
Ebay, are official Canon refurbished stock and it is not a scam, we are
using this as a pilot scheme.
Hope this helps.


Graham Smith
Pro Marketing Executive
Photo / Video products

Office No. 01737 220391
Office Fax No. 01737 220943
mobile no. 07970 539044"

My message to them:

"Please look at the following link:


As you can see he has the same look as your pages, and is claiming to be
"Canon's ebay outlet"....is this a scam or do you endorse this fellow?"
UserDeleted 15 3.6k
22 Dec 2003 4:48PM
Hi All,

Am in contact with the team at DigitalRiver (aka Canon outlet store) - waiting for them to restock on the 1D/1Ds

They are currently validating their business with eBay (who have suspended the account for the time being) and will begin trading again as soon as that happens.

Sounds like they should have thought about the implications but never mind.

They are also planning to get their European Sales Mgr to get the communication more widespread inside Canon so that the confusion above of my guy knowing but others not resolved.

Could be a great source of HQ up to date kit at knock-down prices ! Smile

Big Bri 17 16.3k United Kingdom
22 Dec 2003 4:52PM
Not being funny here, but has anyone mentioned this to Barrie Harwood ? I am sure he was waiting for the 1D price to come down to back up his 1Ds, and a refurbished one at 1200 quid sounds like a bargain.
UserDeleted 15 3.6k
22 Dec 2003 4:59PM

I think Barrie got one from Warehouse Express for 1800 (incl the 300 rebate) just before he left the forum.

Although at 3200 he might want another 1Ds ! Maybe Neil can pass this one.

mcgurran 14 2
22 Dec 2003 7:02PM

Hope I am not crashing the party here, but I did want you all to have my contact info. I am at Digital River and we are operating the eBay site (or will be again when we are reinstated!) on behalf of Canon. We have integrated our commerce engine into the eBay site, and have integrated a fulfillment partner on the back end to ship orders. Its a great model for Canon customers, but unfortunately, our QA process has confused buyers (and eBay). Our deep apologies for this, but I did want you to know that this is a legit channel, and we hope to be bringing more great Canon products at great prices to you soon.

Please feel free to contact me at tomm@digitalriver.com if I can be of any assistance in this matter.

Kind Regards,


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