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Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM - the New 70-200 f2.8

shalik 11 36 United States
29 Mar 2010 4:26PM
I have been eying the 70-200mm f/2.8L IS for a couple months as it comes very highly recommended, but is also quite expensive. nevertheless, I am willing to pay for it.

Now Canon throws a wrench into this dilemma by introducing an improved version in the Mark II. Price of the Mark II however is 50% higher than the old lens.

Does anybody have any insights as to whether the new lens is worth the extra money, or should the old, celebrated, lens is good enough (which is what I thought reading tons of customer reviews).

In case you think it is relevant, I am a serious amateur, and have recently purchased two L series lenses (24-105, 16-35 II) so, yes, I did get the L bug..

Many thanks.
John_Frid 15 514 57 United Kingdom
29 Mar 2010 5:44PM
I have the original version which I paid about 1200 for a couple of years ago. It is a cracking lens and I'm not convinced it could be improved enough to warrant a price of more than 2000 that the Mk II goes for.

It may be worth looking for a used Mk I - This would leave you with a good sum to spend on something else.
Phil1958 12 272 4 Wales
30 Mar 2010 6:30PM
Don't know how "local" you are but Cambrian Photography in Colwyn Bay have a 2nd hand 70-200 2.8 IS at 1250.00 may be worth giving them a ring - 01492 532510. Sigma are about to launch a 70-200 EX 2.8 OS lens - no price yet but should be a fraction of the Canon equivalent - dpreview have given it a good write up. Looking to get one myself around May time when Cambrian have their "mini focus" show (26/5 from 10am)
Dave_Canon 14 2.0k United Kingdom
1 Apr 2010 7:55PM
I have the original and have no complaints. I do not think I would pay 50% more for an improvement that I probably cannot detect in a normal photograph. It is an excellent lens.

QP 11 16
2 Apr 2010 11:17AM
Yes I agree with Dave. The miniscule improvement if any does not warrent the price tag, If you buy the original you will be very pleased with the results and it's a lens for life.
MeanGreeny 15 3.7k England
2 Apr 2010 12:31PM
I was just reading Jeff Ascoughs blog and he thinks it's definitely worth the upgrade. OK, he's a Canon ambassador but he seems genuinely keen on it for his weddings
Phil1958 12 272 4 Wales
5 Apr 2010 10:14PM
Is it true that the F4 IS version is sharper? I've read reviews on other sites that say it is.
MeanGreeny 15 3.7k England
6 Apr 2010 8:08AM
I doubt the Mark 1 eyeball can tell the difference. They're both excellent.

What counts more is cost, weight and what job you want it for.
fran_weaver 11 44 United Kingdom
7 Apr 2010 7:21PM

Quote:I was just reading Jeff Ascoughs blog and he thinks it's definitely worth the upgrade. OK, he's a Canon ambassador but he seems genuinely keen on it for his weddings
Did he by any chance say why, what would you be gaining by upgrading?

I also have the Mark I and love it! As John said with the money you save you could put it towards something else. Lets face it there's always something us keen photographers want Wink

Phil1958 12 272 4 Wales
7 Apr 2010 10:36PM
Just given my new (2nd hand) Canon 70-200 F4 IS L an outing - superb lens and great for hand held as it's so light - on my 40D it's more or less the same weight as my 5D and 24-105. Really impressed with the results and bg bokeh at f4 is superb. AF is like lightening, one lens I would definitely recommend. Just got to sell one of my other lenses to pay for it - anyone fancy a 16-35L Mk1? Current bid on e bay 698 plus postage. One day to go.
samfurlong 15 2.5k United Kingdom
7 Apr 2010 11:50PM
I have been using the 70-200 2.8 L IS for several years since I broke my old non IS version and it has given me sterling service. It gets very heavily used,abused, knocked, dropped, soaked (such as this morning) etc.. regularly and it keeps going.
The AF and IS systems do their jobs very well and it is as sharp as you could wish for.
In some lab tests the lenses resolution drops off slightly at 180mm and above when used at f2.8 but in practice this is not noticable. I have never seen it and I shoot probably 500-1000 pictures a week with this lens alone, at busy times more.

I believe the new one corrects this and also the IS is a bit better., as well as some small AF tweaks... in short nothing really major. I have had the new one on trial for a week and I can't really tell any difference between the two in the field, although the geeky types who inhabit laboratories will probably show you lots of grahps and numbers that justify the extra cash... but let's face it how many pictures do you take in a lab??

My advice is to go for the old one or wait a bit for the price of the new one to drop a bit.

That said, if mine gets written off / stolen or just wears out (unlikley anytime soon) then I would probably just plum for the new one though..
vagabond 15 39 1 Wales
8 Apr 2010 6:57AM
By all accounts the new one is as sharp at f2.8 as the f4IS version is at f4 which is no small feat and makes it significantly sharper wide open than the old one (which is still very good). I think that and the improved IS make it very desirable but only you can decide if it's worth it to you. It's a big heavy lens though in comparison to the f4 and I think there's room for the price to come down a bit more when it's more widely available. Apparently works very well with the 1.4 TC and is pretty decent with the 2x as well.
wippers 11 39 United Kingdom
8 Apr 2010 11:04PM
As a "junior member" Shalik, you must have one serious paper round to afford this lot!! Grin

I've got a Canon 70-200 F2.8 IS arriving tomorrow. Paid 900 2nd hand. Watch this space...
shalik 11 36 United States
10 Apr 2010 10:25PM
am i a junior member? this junior loved genesis when peter was still with them, just to give you a clue. no wippers, it's not about the paper round nor the ability to afford this lens. it is just that i know it is the best, and i always want the best. i know if i want get it i will be kicking myself sometime down the road.
sut68 17 2.0k 77 England
10 Apr 2010 10:35PM

Quote:Am i a junior member? this junior loved genesis when peter was still with them, just to give you a clue

In that case you'll need to go and change your date of birth in your settings then shalik, as you're showing up as a junior.

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