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Canon eos 1Ds anyone got any thoughts?

park my ferret 17 1.0k United Kingdom
14 Mar 2004 12:24PM
I tried out the 1Ds yesterday,
I took some sample images on my card from it to look more closely and they are good but seem slightly noisier than the 300d /10d images at the same 100 iso. I'm not sure if the newer technology on the 300d has helped this or not. If thats the case the 1D mk II could be good on noise levels too as it's the very latest model. But maybe bigger chips create more noise . Does anyone have any thoughts or hands on expirience as to whether it's worth spending the extra money or on the noise levels issue. (or what about the new Kodak SLRn)
UserDeleted 18 3.6k
14 Mar 2004 12:40PM
I have both the 1Ds and the 10D.

Certainly at higher ISO 800-1600 the 1Ds exhibits more noise than the 10D - but as a Studio ("s" designation) camera it was never really designed to shoot this high.

As for ISO 100 - I find that the 1Ds gives me more dynamic range and better image quality than the 10D. It does take some time to set the camera up and get used to it compared to a 10D. I would also suggest that unless you spent some time with the camera prior to shooting it may not have been set up to it's optimum (assume it was a demo camera).

You are correct in saying that the Digic chip in the 10D and 300D give lower noise than previous models - and I expect the new 1D MkII to be even better with it's Digic 2 chip. Whether this is enough to enable more interpolation to compensate for the 2.9MP difference in image size is yet of course to be seen, but I expect the 1Ds and 1D MKII to be close in quality - of course a 1Ds MKII is rumoured for Sept 2004 annoucement which would likely have the Digic 2 chip and 15-16MP and would stretch away again.

Nothing of course betters the 1Ds from a wide angle point of view - although the 1.3x crop is not too far off. Personally I wouldn't touch the 14n - too much investment in Canon glass - and the reviews usually back the 1Ds.

All this techie talk matters less though than end image quality. All I can say is that the images from my 1Ds are better than film, and even 6x6 medium format. I have no complaints.

I'll likely upgrade my 10D to a 1D MKII for sports and press work in mid-summer but don't think I'll be trading the 1Ds for a newer model. 11.1MP is more than enough for the work that I do, and will allow me to sell prints well above A3 and supply magazines and books as well as social work.

PS - As a footnote I would like to add that I wouldn't use the 1Ds or even the new 1D without having first budgetted or obtained some really good glass. That size of sensor and resolution demand the very best from lenses and that usually means L glass.

This might push you towards a 1D MKII and a couple of really good lenses rather than a 1Ds and a mik bottle :0)

keithh 17 25.8k 33 Wallis And Futuna
14 Mar 2004 7:04PM
As a 1DS user I have no problem with noise, and certainly not at 50 or 100 iso. I regularly use 800 and above and once the image is processed through phase ones software it displays a very acceptable level and one which you would expect from any medium. Agree with Frenchie, no point in spending all that money and sticking sub standard glass on it. As for the Kodak don't know abou the new model but the old model was very noisy outside of studio conditions.
park my ferret 17 1.0k United Kingdom
16 Mar 2004 3:03AM
Thanks for the advice, I took an copycat image today with a 300d to compare, and the noise did seem fractionally less, but not so much to stop me from considering buying one. Basically the shop will let me trade in my 300d at the full price I paid new, towards a 1Ds or a 1D mkII, but they have neither in stock so I have to wait a few weeks anyway. I'm teatering because it is a huge investment for me as to be honest I have arguably all the kit I need with a 300d and a 10d. but I hope that getting it could take me to the next level and help me branch into more fashion work.
Any other advice or advantages it has to the 10D would be welcome.
keithh 17 25.8k 33 Wallis And Futuna
16 Mar 2004 8:40AM
I've never used the 300D or 10D, but if it's fashion work you want to get into then a 1DS is the very least you should be thinking of. The fps can be limiting in fashion on the 1DS but nothing you can't cope with. As I've said, I shoot in RAW and process through Phase One's software. I shot at 500 iso today and there is no visible noise at all. I printed at A1 and the results are as good as ever.
User_Removed 19 7.3k 6 United Kingdom
16 Mar 2004 8:50AM
As many people at ePz,are aware, I have been using the 1Ds since it was first brought into this country (I had number 9 in fact) and have used in under a variety of conditions and utilising the whole gamut of ISO equivalent speeds, lenses etc.

As with all DSLRs (and film too of course), as you increase the ISO so you increase noise (grain with film).

However, the key to all successful DSLR imaging is not just the taking but probably more importantly, how you handle the images produced.

I am not going to start the RAW debate up again but suffice to say this is why most working pro's shoot in RAW. There is simply far more flexibility in what you can do with a captured image.

I rarely shoot at 50 ISO equivalent as it is accepted that the dynamic range is compressed at that speed but at 100asa, my images processed through C1 are noiseless and I regularly shoot at 400 and 640 iso equivalent.

With this in mind, I am suprised therefore, that you are apparently seeing noise at the levels you suggest and so I have to think that perhaps what you are seeing may well not be digital noise but in fact 'colour noise' artifacts introduced by the post processing (not the same as digital noise) or possibly chromatic aberration from the lens used at the time of taking the images.

I am curious as to the software used to process the RAW images and how you compared the results.

Barrie Smile
keithh 17 25.8k 33 Wallis And Futuna
16 Mar 2004 9:20AM
Paul - posted a shot taken at 500 iso.
park my ferret 17 1.0k United Kingdom
16 Mar 2004 11:47PM
thanks it looked pretty good. I'm just trying to work out my finances ... and hoping the price will drop a tad in the meantime!!
keithh 17 25.8k 33 Wallis And Futuna
17 Mar 2004 2:03PM
Just make sure you equip it with 'L' lenses, otherwise the investment will be wasted. )more expense I know)

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