Canon EOS 300V or Minolta Dynax 5 ?

ashk 16 6
15 Jan 2003 10:30AM
I am about to buy by first SLR and have narrowed the field down to two. Canon have the better system & appears to be the choice for a beginner, but not to sure about the new styling. The Dynax % has great features, but would you buy a Minolta over a Canon ? As you are the experts, can anyone recommend one over the other, and why?

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collinf 16 1.2k
15 Jan 2003 11:41AM
I am by no means an expert, but, my dad has been looking for a new SLR. He narrowed the choices down to the Canon 300V or Nikon F80 package from Jessops (They're offering 28 - 70 (i think) and 70 - 300 zoom lenses with the body).

He looked at the Minolta but didn't like the feel of it.

Unable to decide, he went to Jessops and looked at all three cameras. Although the Nikon has a better spec, he much preferred the feel of the Canon and the way it sits in the hand. The Minolta "just felt funny". He decided on on the Canon 300V with the extra lenses.

I have had Minolta before and never had a problem, IMO a great little camera. I now use a S/H Canon EOS 600 which was bought over a Minolta.

I hope this helps a little. Collin
J-P 16 396
16 Jan 2003 9:15AM
I have a Dynax 5. Quite happy overall, though it is a bit flimsy. Flipside is it's loaded with everything your likely to need and very small and light. The spot meter swung it for me over the Nikon F65. Metering isn't great and I overide it quite a bit - if you're not happy with this I'd look elsewhere.

As far as system goes, unless your needing pro-style optics, there's no problem with Minolta.

At the end of the day either of these will turn out show-winners, just watch the meter on the Minolta.
collinf 16 1.2k
20 Jan 2003 12:57PM
Further to my last reply, I 've spoken to my father again. Being the indecisive old beggar he is, he looked at the specs again and has changed his mind in favour of the Nikon. Apparently, he can put up with the feel of the Nikon F80. Therefore, please ignore my last post! :o)

ashk 16 6
22 Jan 2003 9:09AM
Thank you for your advice Collin & J-P.
I'm still changing my mind each day and will continue until the moment I part with my money.

Maybe I'm just an indecisive old begger too!
Thankyou again. Ash
J-P 16 396
23 Jan 2003 8:12AM
One thing that really irritates me about the Minolta is the rotating front element of the 28-80 standard lens when focusing. It makes using a polariser very tricky. Not sure if the Canon/Nikon do that.

Just thought I'd add that as I've been using a polariser all afternoon and I forgot how frustrating it is.
collinf 16 1.2k
3 Feb 2003 8:18AM
Just to let you know that my Dad bought the Canon EOS 300v over the weekend. Paid 400 ish with 28-80 and 75-300 USM lenses.

What a machine! How light! How small! I'm hoping to steal it for a few days and have a ply.

Ashk - Did you make a decision yet?
ashk 16 6
3 Feb 2003 4:19PM
Thanks again Collin for updating me on your Dads purchase. I too have PROBABLY decided on the Canon EOS 300V. I feel the Nikon is just that extra bit more expensive and not quite as 'friendly' as the Canon and have been persuaded towards the Canon rather than the Minolta by other personal reviews.

It would be great to hear from any users of the 300v, as all the reviews I have read are more like previews, with info straight from the Canon brochure.
If you (Collin) do steal your Dads, please let me know how you got on.

Sooner or later I will have to make a decision!!

Big Bri 18 16.5k United Kingdom
3 Feb 2003 4:45PM
Ash, I have the older model 300 and am very happy with it, and everything I've read about the 300V says it's better. So go for it!
Skier 16 203 China
6 Feb 2003 4:36PM
The Dynax 5 any day. It so light, and despite what someone has said, incredibly robust (has taken a number of falls). The functionality is superb for the price. I have been incredibly satisfied with it and my father (following a theme here!!) has also gone and got one, having been through the exact same debate you have. There is a robust review of the 300v in last months Photography Monthly, and the impression I got, was they were still erring back towards the Dynax 5 (sorry Big Bri!)

I (and my father)have coupled it with the Tamron 28-200 which is very short and lightweight, giving a very versatile camera at an excelent price. The issue that is highlighted on the standard 28-80 lens and the polariser does not happen with the 28-200.

The whole kit is very easy to use moving from the preset modes or to more flexability (aperture, shutter priority etc).

Good luck with whatever decision you go with!
Little Jo Plus
18 2.3k United Kingdom
7 Feb 2003 4:57PM
The nice thing about Canon EOS is the single lens mount so you have compatibility with the full range of EOS lenses. Minolta and Nikon both have different mounts on their consumer and high end cameras so you don't get full compatibility with all lenses and models.

I have both EOS 300 and EOS 30 and a selection of lenses - they are really good. You won't be disappointed. The only thing they lack that would be nice, is spot metering. They have partial metering (central 10%) instead. Otherwise, you can't go far wrong.

durlstonp 16 638 1 United Kingdom
7 Feb 2003 10:47PM
Like almost everyone else here I wobbled on the EOS/Nikon/Dynax decision. In my case, it was the 30/80/7, but the process was the same. The decision was made by spending almost an hour in (the very understanding) Jacobs in London, playing about with each of them and seeing how they felt. All were excellent and it came down to personal preference at the end of the day.

For me, the Minolta was too small and light. There was little to choose between the other 2, although I tended to find the EOS finger and thumb wheel controls to be easier with the camera up to my eye. I would have probably gone EOS anyway, but it was swung when I saw the number of s/h EOS lenses (but no EOS30 cameras) in that week's AP. Also, and to prove that advertising works, I preferred that Canon sponsor events and competitions available to all photographers, whereas Nikon seem to prefer fully kitting out certain pros only. I'm more likely to win some Canon kit than Nikon and it would be a shame to win something I couldn't use!

TC 16 10
12 Feb 2003 11:40AM
I have just purchased the Minolta with a sigma lense. Don't go for the high street marketing ploy of deals with twin lenses, the lense quality is not as good and it can work out to be more expensive. The Minolta Dynax 5 has won all the awards! Go for it its a fantastic camera
burnses 16 4
13 Feb 2003 8:11PM
I was comparing the Maxxum 5 to the Nikon N65 when I chose the Maxxum 5. At that time the Rebel 2000 did not compare!, and the rebel Ti was not available. Now I would probably lean toward the Rebel Ti (you know it as a 300) even though I'm am 100% happy with the Minolta and the Sigma 28-135 lens. Both camera bodies are very similar. Consider the Canon USM lenses and the possibily of going to a digital SLR in the future. No sign of digital SLR from Minolta.
ashk 16 6
14 Feb 2003 9:28AM
Using all your advice, I have now made the decision, it's the.....EOS300V!! It's 'only' taken a month!
I'm now very confident this is the correct choice & I won't be disappointed.
Now all I have to do is find the best deal.

This brings me on to TC's point about TWIN LENS DEALS. Is this really such a bad deal for my first SLR? It appears to be a very cost effective way of starting out. OK the lenses may not be the best in the world, but are they a good choice for the beginner.

Collin - Have you got your hands on that camera yet?

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