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Canon EOS300D v 10D

rogerstaten 19 44 England
18 Feb 2004 1:31PM
Is the differance of some 500GBP justified for a 10D as against a 300D for an amateur like myself.
I already have a 300 (pre V)with various lens and a Fuji S620pro.
davidc 17 313 England
18 Feb 2004 1:42PM
Only you can answer that question, Roger after reading the specs of both cameras. I have a 300D and love it - sure the 10D has a titanium body and the 300D, plastic, but I'm not throwing my camera around or using it intensively. The 10D has more facilities through its software than the 300D, but the 300D has all the important features of the 10D that the experienced amateur needs. You decide if you need the extras the 10D has. It is certainly a handsome camera.
kit-monster 17 3.7k 2 Singapore
18 Feb 2004 2:03PM
There's been quite few threads about this already. Every 10D owner will tell you to get a 10D and most 300D owners will tell you to get a 300D - guess what I've got!

I think the gap is now less than 500 quid?

Try and get to play with both and make up your own mind.

I too had a 300 and initially found the 10D heavy in comparison.

In addition 10D has the following:
ISO 3200
exposure compensation in 1/2 and 1/3
3 metering modes
More frames per second and number of frames
Second dial for controlling functionality

KieranB 18 25
18 Feb 2004 2:15PM
I don't own either but have looked at both. On the film side I started with an EOS500n which in its day would have been similar to the current 300V film body as I understand it. I never had any issues with using the 500n but have since moved to using an EOS5 film body which I prefer, primarily because it has a bigger brighter viewfinder. As I see it the 300d is similar in features to the 500n and the 10D is similar to the 5. So which would I buy? If budget didn't come into it I'd go for the 10D because I think it has all the capabilities you'd ever want in the long term. But of course budget does always play a role and the 300D is the better buy in value for money terms, time will tell whether you'll ever miss the extra features the 10D has over the 300D which you don't have on your current film body anyhow. People tend to forget that the photographer has as much to do with the final image as the camera. If you haven't seen it already look at the 300D review on it does a good side by side comparison of both. I also think the review on gives a good perspective on both cameras. You'll often hear comments that the 300D has a plastic body which is of no consequence in my opinion as it's still a very solid camera although of course the magnesium alloy of the 10D is probably stronger, use a neck strap I say!

db 17 35
18 Feb 2004 3:42PM
When it comes down to it the internals (in terms of the sensor) are exactly the same so images should be of the same quality, which is very high IMHO. It all depends on money and whether you want/need the extras of the 10D. I didn't so went for the 300D. You could always spend the extra on lens or a flash!
deviant 17 3.1k 1 United Kingdom
18 Feb 2004 3:50PM
I agree with db. I have the 10D but this is solely as I go mountain biking with the Camera and am clumsy. You could use that extra money on a lovely new lens. Have to admit handling is good with long lens on 10D and metal lens mount is better but other than that very little between them. 300D is a cracking little camera.
strawman 17 22.2k 16 United Kingdom
18 Feb 2004 6:11PM
Just a note. Both cameras have a metal lens mount and chassis, with the 10D having a stronger cover. The 10D is the better camera (features and robustness) but it is heavier and costs more for fetures you may never need. In terms of drop testing I wonder if there is a real world difference as the shutter etc may give in before the bodies but dammed if I want to find out.

My advice is try handling them both and see what you think. I like my 300D and could not bear to spend more on a camera body. Image quality wise they are hard to split and in metering plus focusing performance etc they apear very close.

If you have heavy L series lenses then the 10D probably balance better and you will have spent so much on lenses is the cost difference that big compared to lens cost.

A friend at work has a 10D and the other photographers are split 50 : 50 on which feel best to use as the 300D is lighter and with ordinary lenses balances well.

In summary I like both but could only justify the 300D to my wallet. If I get good enough then I can spend the money I saved on L series lenses.
jonjeds 17 509
18 Feb 2004 6:33PM
Roger, providing you won't desperately miss one of the extra features that the 10D gives you - my guess is you won't but only you can know that - my view is that you would be better off spending the saved money on good quality lens/lenses.

I have one and I'm very pleased with it.
park my ferret 17 1.0k United Kingdom
18 Feb 2004 7:58PM
I have both cameras, the 10d also has several custom functions like mirror lockup which is useful in doing macro stuff or long exposures. it is also alot more robust as others have said.
park my ferret 17 1.0k United Kingdom
18 Feb 2004 9:28PM
oh, also I use the pc flash socket alot on the 10d... I really miss it on the 300d. I use it to trigger a metz flash while using an ST-E2 on the hotshoe, and in studio conditions it's useful too.
That said, if money were an issue, the 300d is definatly the option I'd be going for as it is virtually identical in many respects
sean 18 169
18 Feb 2004 10:23PM
I am in the same boat... 300D or 10D

I don't care about the body material. I think the 300D is robust enough.

The main two features I would miss on the 300D are Mirror Lockup and Flash Compensation (which is automatic on the 300D).

A bit annoying really as these are just software disabled in the 300D!

I don't use external flash so the PC Sync socket is not important to me, neither is ISO 3200.

I am waiting a bit to see if Canon lower the 10D price to compete with the Nikon D70 when it finally gets on the shelves.

End of March is the limit, then I will bite the bullet and probably get the 10D, I want the MLU feature(for 400 extra!!! argghhhhh)

As said before, image quality is the same for both cameras.

agoreira 17 6.0k Wales
18 Feb 2004 11:31PM
Read in another group yesterday anout people still having problems in the States getting hold of the 10D, doesn't bode well for a price cut yet!
strawman 17 22.2k 16 United Kingdom
18 Feb 2004 11:42PM
A friend just received his 10D after ordering in Dec. So looks like demand is higher than supply.
fletch 17 54
19 Feb 2004 3:41AM
I bought my 10D from the states, and it was a great bargain, there was a few weeks wait, but it all arrived in one piece from an e-bay seller, who I can only recommend!

At the moment he has a 10D body, a Canon EF 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM lens, a 512CF card, a second battery and a Lowepro Nova 4 AW Case for $2200 plus $150 postage to the UK ... because of the exchange rate at the moment all in you are 1250. The 10D body on warehouse express is 1199!! There are loads of other packages that may take your fancy!

From what I read elsewhere on this site, there is no VAT on cameras (Im sure someone will correct me if Im wrong) and I only paid about 30 import duty on mine.

As for the 10D, I can do nothing but praise it, even though I haven't had time to go and (try to) take any decent photos with it, but I have no way of comparing it to the 300D so couldn't comment on that!
phil beale 17 1.5k United Kingdom
19 Feb 2004 6:28AM
Another member of Ephotozine has put me on to a site that are selling the 10D for $1049 so that's about 550 (how much is the UK price for the 300d?) Haven’t had time to investigate any further yet other than to check the price and where the shop is based. Will probably look at ordering one in the next month once i have contacted them by email to confirm they are happy to ship to the UK and price of postage. If any one wants details of the website then e-mail me from my profile. Who knows maybe we can get a bulk purchase discount

Interesting to hear about issues of supply for the 10D


P.S thanks to Bill M for the website

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