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Canon EOS300D v 10D

agoreira 17 6.0k Wales
19 Feb 2004 9:00AM
Caveat Emptor! If this is the same source as one quoted in another group (I can't find the thread at the moment)the general consensus of opinions of Americans in the group was not to touch it with a bargepole. If it sounds too good to be true, .......
minoltaandy 17 370
19 Feb 2004 9:16AM
Fletch, from what I understand there is no import duty on digital cameras, the 30 you had to pay sounds like a courier handling charge as duty tends to be around the 4% mark. There would be VAT to pay, as there is on all items bought by a UK citizen.

It still works out cheaper from the US but be prepared for it to be not quite as cheap as it initally appears. Figure in any possible warranty problems and it might not be worth it.
fletch 17 54
19 Feb 2004 6:49PM
From what i read elsewhere on epz canon will honour US warranties in the UK ... altho' i didn't check before hand somebody else has.
phil beale 17 1.5k United Kingdom
19 Feb 2004 7:36PM
Who cares about a 1 year warranty.

A 10D FOR 600

I have bought several items from abroad and never had an issue. if you are using Ebay you just need to check the seller out first.

The price off $1049 is from a shop who have a well setup website.

UserRemoved 17 4.2k
19 Feb 2004 7:59PM
Well I was told that Canon may honour the warranty. Specially when I enquired about the new 1D MkII Wink

Other people have been told that the warranty may not be honoured.
rogerstaten 19 44 England
24 Feb 2004 11:38AM
thanks guys. I think after looking at the replies it will be a 300D. Having said that it will have to wait a little longer as I have just this week suffered a hard-drive breakage. It seems there always an unexpected spenditure nowadays.
One question I would like to ask of those that have a 300D - besides the EF lens I have would I be able to use my 105mm Sigma Macro ?
davidc 17 313 England
24 Feb 2004 11:53AM
Hi Roger - can't answer you directly regarding your Sigma Macro lens - however, I have a Sigma 70-300mm macro lens for the 300D and have had no problems. Unless its a particularly old lens it should work. I have read on other threads that the lens could be rechipped if it does not work, but you would need to talk to Sigma about that.
cambirder 17 7.2k England
24 Feb 2004 11:05PM
Neither of my Sigma Lenses work with my 300D (or the 10D), I have a 75-300 zoom (early Sigma APO) which looked like it would, AF works fine, but on the final push of the button err99 comes up. Same with my 24mm W/A. I think the W/A can be rechipped, but sadly not the zoom, which is now on e-bay. If yours is a few years old chances are that it wont work without a rechip.

deviant 17 3.1k 1 United Kingdom
24 Feb 2004 11:42PM
Sigma will re-chip lenses. I asked them in September. I have to say they where really prompt friendly and helpful. (Answered my e-mail by phone in half an hour!?)
I am using a 50mm Macro, 15-30 and 70-200 sigma lens on 10D with no problems at all.
KevSB 17 1.5k 5 United Kingdom
25 Feb 2004 8:40PM
KevSB 17 1.5k 5 United Kingdom
25 Feb 2004 8:42PM
I contacted sigma helpline for advice and thay was very helpful, i was told that any sigma kens under 6 months old would be fine, before then thay will check for you.

very helpfull company
mattw 17 5.2k 10 United Kingdom
26 Feb 2004 4:53AM
It does depend upon the age of the lens, I have a 18 month old 28-135, and a year old 170-500 that work perfectly with the 300D, and a 3 year old 70-300 that doesnt - although that lens has been droped, consigning the autofocus to history (strange thing is, then lens seemed to be sharper after the fall....)

If you are worried, take your lenses into the shop and try them out there and then (nb, if they work on a 10D, then they should also work on a 300D, and also note that Canon supplies the recharge-able battery slightly pre-charged for this very purpose).
danpen 17 15 United Kingdom
29 Feb 2004 10:00PM
I have the 10d and the 300d and can say that too me the 10d is worth the extra. As a 2nd body the 300d is OK but it's a bit tacky, the controls are harder (maybe because I was used to a EOS5). The extra frames per second and bigger buffer is great when trying to photo birds in flight (for example).

As for Sigma, I had two lenses, neither worked. They chipped both for 5.00 each but they were lost by the courier. Sigma sent me two brand new lenses with no fuss. I have a 105 Macro EX and a 50-500mm EX and these are great lenses.


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