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Canon G10 Vs Samsung WB1000 Vs Lumix LX3

jondf 15 2.8k
11 Jun 2009 11:50AM
I too am considering a pocketable camera to replace my now ageing Ricoh GR. The LX3 figures high on my list of possibles and it's helpful to read members' comments about the camera.

Re PWhittle with his G10 - I read somewhere that non-Panasonic flash units have to be set manually with no TTL metering on offer which might concern some....chuckle, not me....I don't know what the hell they're on about Grin
b6waf 15 6 United Kingdom
11 Jun 2009 1:10PM

Quote:Quote:Am I right in saying that the LX3 has only got a 2x optical zoom though? From asking about, this seems to be avery hard camera to get hold of. Out of stock in loads of places, which I guess should tell me something

Zoom is 24 to 60mm. Before I sold my G10 I analysed all the shots I had taken and 75% were at 60mm or less and most were at 28mm (the widest). If, like me, you want the camera for taking on walks etc then it is perfect. If I need a long lens I take the SLR.

The camera has been almost unobtainable since Christmas - I have been monitoring out of interest. It would appear that they are finally this week coming into stock. I think I got the last one in the North of England in January !
strawman 18 22.2k 16 United Kingdom
11 Jun 2009 1:17PM
Funny I have been evaluating my compact use. The vast majority are at its widest setting. I think of a new compact from time to time, I fancy the new olympus m4/3 and it may be that a decent 35mm equivalent lens is all I need.

At the moment I would dither between the two cameras mentioned, would the few time I would need the long lens put me off the LX3...
jondf 15 2.8k
12 Jul 2009 10:13PM

Quote:See DPReview for a good comparison of the G10, LX3 and other top-end compacts.
Their review of the DP1 indicates flaws I personally would not like to live with, need to dig up a DP2 review and see if they got it sorted

Thing is that the DP1 and DP2 are really two individual cameras which is why Sigma continues to manufacture both. The DP1 is chiefly for static, well lit subjects (landscapes, architecture, still portraits etc.) whereas the DP2 tries to answer criticisms of the DP1 by making it more of a street shooter offering faster performance and better low light results. We still haven't got the perfect all in one compact stills camera but ownership of the DP1 and DP2 might bring you somewhere close though many will balk at that idea on the basis of cost alone.
daviewat 18 4.1k Scotland
12 Jul 2009 10:42PM
Throwing another in the hat here, the Olympus Pen, got mine yesterday with the 14-42 lens and so far well impressed, all the control of A DSLR but pocket size Smile
13 Jul 2009 5:37PM
Not worried about price... Leica M8.2 then

Quote:Quote:Quote:compact camera that can do the whole DSLR thingThere is no such animal.....

That said if you are prepared to accept the quality limitations etc etc, The Canon G10 Or Panasonic LX3 seem highly regarded by DSLR owners......!Yeah I appreciate that.... but I would like as close a product as I can get. I am not worried about price as I have the readies from the sale of all my kit


overall it's excellent, solid, great controls, manual controls, obviously good resolution.
Viewed at 100% the quality is way off a good SLR and lense, so you can't sell images for stock, but plenty good enough for most uses. What are the images like to blow up though, I like to have my shots around the house at times in frames... I take it it is still good for that?

photofrenzy 14 424 2 United Kingdom
20 Jul 2009 12:31PM
The LUMIX LX3 is currently the best compact on the market for image quality its probably why the best landscape photographer in the country carries one around with him along with his 5x4 Ebony ???
stevenlee 12 1
3 Oct 2009 3:01PM
The Olympus EP-1 might be worth considering if the slightly higher price is not an issue.
EleanorMaw 12 110 United Kingdom
3 Oct 2009 6:00PM
My husband has got the Lumix LX3 & I have the Canon G9, I would swap my G9 any day for the LX3 despite loving my Canon G9, the G11 looks interesting as they have improved the quality and gone for a more sensible MP at 10 instead of that grainy 14MP on the G10.

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