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Canon G12 v Canon G1x

19 Apr 2012 8:14PM
Hi all, just wondered what your thoughts were. I was thinking of buying a Canon G12 to complement my 5d mark 2 for those times when the 5d is a bit cumbersome. However, I am tempted to go for the new G1X as although the zoom is not quite as good the bigger sensor should surely give better print enlargements? Do you think the extra expense is worth it and will the better quality be noticable?

I would appreciate your opinions.

sherlob Plus
15 3.2k 130 United Kingdom
19 Apr 2012 9:32PM
Hi Keith,

I have a G12 and I am quite happy. I would have been tempted by the G1x if it had bee released at the time I bought the G12 last year - but looking at it now I am not remotely tempted to upgrade. The bigger sensor and lens undoubtedly will improve image quality - especially at higher ISO's. However, I should think it comes at the price of a slight increase to the camera's size and weight - and a substantial increase in cost. Indeed, at its current price bracket I'd be tempted to look at a Olympus Pen, Fuji rangefinder or similar system.

On a separate note. I haven't found that I use my 5D II less - rather that I take more images and varying styles. The introduction of carrying a 'compact' has therefore broadened my photographic range - and not really influenced my decision to carry or use a DSLR.

19 Apr 2012 9:46PM
Hi Adam, many thanks for your reply. I used to own a G10 which I was quite happy with. CSC wise I bought an Olympus pen e-p3 and sent it back as i really wasn't that impressed which swayed me back to Canon. I just wondered if the extra outlay for the G1X was worth it or wether I should stick with the G12 so I appreciate your input especially as you own one.
Thanks again
mikesavage 18 299 2 England
20 Apr 2012 2:01AM
There was a comparative test in Amateur Photographer magazine recently. It seemed to show that the G1X had noticeably superior image quality to the G12 and that the zoom lens on the former was even slightly superior to the 18-55mm zoom that comes with the 600D.
george-dan 11 31 England
20 Apr 2012 6:37AM
when i went to focus i went to the canon stand and spoke to a nice man and told him i had a g10 and wanted to upgrade ,and he told me to buy a g12 ! so i have so far so good Wink
tttfoto 19 592 Poland
20 Apr 2012 7:35AM
I had a G10 then like a fool sold it and very much missed it, so I went out a bought the G12. Nowadays I tend to use the G12 more than my other cameras, its so compact for travel and produces gorgeous A3+ prints. Now the G1X is very tempting, if Canon had put in an EVF that could have swayed my decision, looking at test images I don't think there would be much difference in normal sized prints.
rhiw_com 14 24
20 Apr 2012 8:10AM
I bought a G1x about two weeks ago, after having a G10 for about three years. The G1x is bigger than the G10 but in actual fact feels a lot more comfortable in the hands. Another pro is the picture quality itís quite amazing the level of detail in the files, far superior to what anything the G10 / G12 can produce. The only couple of down sides are, the close focusing on the G1x is a bit of a joke at 20cm, and the lens cap leaves a lot to be desired, they should have gone for the retractable cover like the G12. They say the reason behind it is the lack of room, but I donít think anyone would have minded a couple of extra mm in the depth of the camera.

My advice is go for the G1x. Donít pay the £699 asking price though, thatís taking the Pi$$, I got mine from that big South American river for £549, and when I made a search this morning I saw one in another U.K. shop with a U.K. warranty for just over £500.
20 Apr 2012 12:57PM
Thanks for your help and advice everyone
NeilSchofield Plus
14 1.6k 1 United Kingdom
20 Apr 2012 1:25PM
I tried your approach of going for a smaller body some time ago and bought a G10 when it first came out.

Big mistake for me because I wanted something that I could carry around and not notiice or be noticed with, and I found the size of bodyof the G10 was just too big, so I sold it and bought a S90, magic little camera, that use and carry with me most of the time to this day.

I never get tired of experimenting with it in manual mode especially on an up turned beer glass, it has extended my photography into different areas which is very enjoyable

Which ever you decide upon please go and handle both before you buy, because the S95 and S100 are even better than the S90, and significanly smaller than the G series
AlexMoore 8 1 Australia
21 Jul 2012 9:29AM
Is anyone here on the list a pro or semi-pro photographer who has used the G1X for work or file photographs - not weddings or things like that but for photojournalism or agency file images...?
I know the current advice is to use nothing less than a Leica M9, and there are some, who say you can use the FujiX100pro, but despite Canon's claim the G1X is a "professional" camera - they made the same exaggerated claim when they launched the G12, and it is so not a professional camera for reproduction print graphic art.
I know the review you mention for Amateur Photography, but that magazine is notorious for serving the interests of major advertisers, and Canon is one of the biggest in the world.
There have been other reviews that have not been kind to G1X because of its alleged "slow" operation in use and the unreliable low light capture.
Alamy seems to be still making up its mind whether to accept images submitted from pros on the G1X.
But I can't find any comments anywhere on the 'Net from press or photojournalist photographers who use the G1X as a back up camera.
I've been told that there are or were some Australian war correspondents in Iraw, Afghanistan and East TImor who used Olympus fixed lens small sensor cameras because they were cheaper to replace when damaged, lost or stolen, and the image quality was good. But I cannot find reference to this either or any hint the cameras they were using were Olympus' 4/3rds size.
Any leads from anyone here would be a help.
BTW, I am a student. I hope someday to be a photojournalist and I presently use and have a Nikon D90 and a Canon G12 as carry-around.
The G12 is wonderful, and I understand its limitations. Images from the G12 look great on a laptop monitor. But then most images do. Itís only when you crop and enlarge and subject an image to pixel scrutiny the way they do with scans in graphic art and print publishing that the true quality of a digital image becomes apparent and necessary.
SO, as much as I understand that for most people the usual digital monitor image or small lab pix or even prints enlarged to say (12x15)" or so are all that's needed, and the addition of movie mode is an attraction, it's different for photojournalists who want a camera to produce good image quality that can be cropped and enlarged greatly, while the camera itself should operate as near as possible with simplicity like an analogue film 35mm rangefinder.
Megapixels aren't as important as sensor size, I know. And the square-ish near to 4/3rds - more than the claimed CMOS size - has to be a good thing.
But I'd like to know more from someone who uses a G1X in the way a photojournalist does.
Paul Morgan 19 19.5k 6 England
21 Jul 2012 6:46PM

Quote:I've been told that there are or were some Australian war correspondents in Iraw, Afghanistan and East TImor who used Olympus fixed lens small sensor cameras because they were cheaper to replace when damaged, lost or stolen, and the image quality was good

Any help ?



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