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Canon i850 printing problem

alfpics Plus
16 362 2 England
11 Jul 2003 6:34PM
When printing a phot with the i850, I get a slightly darker band across the last 35mm or so of the trailing edge of the paper. This happens whether 'borderless' or not. Its been back to Canon, came back - no difference. They have just given me a new printer - and it does the same! I use Windows 98, but also tried a friends laptop with XP - same problem. Have printed out from Photoshop LE, PSP 7, Serif Page Plus 8 - all the same. Anyone any further clues, please?!!

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Little Jo Plus
16 2.3k United Kingdom
12 Jul 2003 6:26AM
Good morning!

Have you left the prints to dry overnight and examined them again?

The reason I ask this is that on my Epson 1290, the prints when they are 'hot' off the printer have a slight magenta cast on some parts of the image. Leave them to dry and it disappears and the prints are beautiful.

Some papers require that the prints are allowed to dry overnight. The fact you've changed printer, changed the computer and are still getting the same problem means that the issue is either with your file, or the media you are printing on.

Get some genuine Canon paper for starters. Print several images and leave to dry for at least several hours, then see what you get. There is no logical explanation as to why the last 35mm of a print should be darker.

As I've said already, check out some different media (not all media may be suitable for borderless printing - that's something you need to check). Allow the prints at least several hours to dry fully and check them again.

Let me know how you get on. I shall be online again this evening.

alfpics Plus
16 362 2 England
12 Jul 2003 8:57AM
Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, the banding is there still weeks later! And whilst most of my experiments have been with cheaper non-Canon paper, it does also happen with their Photo Paper Pro. (I am using genuine Canon inks as well)
puzzler15 14 11
7 Sep 2003 2:59PM
Did you ever get to the bottom of this? I have an i850 that seems to have the same problem. It only seems to be noticeable on Matt or satin paper though (Ilford and Olmec). The Photo Paper Pro does not show the problem> I suspect it has something to do with paper thickness flexibility. I may try a print with the paper lever set differently. I will let you know how I get on.

Kris_Dutson 15 8.2k 1 England
7 Sep 2003 7:25PM
Must admit, I also have the same printer and, so far, have not experienced any banding problems, even when using cheap and cheerful paper.

I do however use the canon easy photo print software or the Canon driver properties accessed via my image editing software's print menu (Photoshop or Corel) rather than it's own print set up. Dunno if that makes a difference.
MaxMad 15 42 Finland
8 Sep 2003 8:28AM
I hasve also experienced banding problems at the trailing end of papers with my i850. Similar to Jon's experience I only see this happening when using Ilford Classic Pear paper, but not with the various Canon papers or Kodak Ultima glossy papers. The problem seems to vary in severity depending on what colour, and it's density, happens to be in the lower (or right-most when in landscape mode) 4 cm or so of the image. Deep reds appear to be worst in my experience.

I've tried to change all possible settings in the printer driver, as well as changing the position of the paper thickness lever, but without any luck, This is pretty annoying as I think the Ilford paper has better tonality and much deeper blacks than any of the Canon papers. Also, the pearl finish really makes prints feel like traditional darkroom prints. As this occurs only with papers from manufacturers other than Canon I guess they wouldn't really bother to help with this matter. Maybe it's time to switch printers, or at least for Canon to produce some pearl or satin finish paper with deeper blacks.

alfpics Plus
16 362 2 England
8 Sep 2003 8:49AM
Thanks for replies - its nice to know I am not the only one! I haven't fully sussed this yet, but I have managed to get a 'perfect' A4 borderless print on the Canon pro paper with the replacement printer. It was the Ilford Classic pearl paper where I first spotted the problem.

I have found a way to fool the printer. In the image editing software (I used PS LE), I set the canvas size to be 3- 4cm longer than the paper. Ie the banding started at 3.3cm in from trailing edge, so increased A4 length from 29.7cm to 33cm, but ensure the image remains on the main A4 area (away from this extra bit that is on the trailing edge of paper). Then in Canon software, used Custom Paper size and set the length to 33cm as well. You then put A4 paper through and it seems to push the banding into the dead area where there is no paper!
The downside of this is that you can't use the borderless print facility!

I suspect, therefore, aproblem with Canon drivers, but have not had time since receiving the 2nd printer to take the matter back to Canon etc

And yes Max, i think it was banding on another type of satin paper as well
beproud 14 4
19 Nov 2003 5:28AM

I just got in the i860 today and I have the same "stripe" on the bottom of an image when trying to print on any matt media. It does not happen when using the Canon media but they do not have a matt paper and I hate glossy. I tried the "trick" in fooling the printer but it did not work. This is obviously an issue with the matt paper not comming in contact with the paper proberly towards the ent. Why, why or why didn't they fix this problem with the i860? I thought I was getting a "better" printer than my HP 970Cse but other than speed, I just don't see any vast improvement in my images. "Better" printers don;t print bands on the bottom of images. Shame on you Canon. Shame.
beproud 14 4
19 Nov 2003 5:38AM

The images I print on 8.5" x 11" HP matt paper are just about 8 x 10 for matting. I decided to try something and created a very thin line that measured 8.5" x 11" and put it around my image and combined them both(Corel 10). I then chose "full page" printing and still got the band. The only cure has been to move my image as high as possible on the page and the band barely goes into the image area. There is no "tricking" the driver that I have found so my conclusion is that it is a mechanical problem and not a driver issue. I think this puppy is going back to where it came. Boy am I pissed.
alfpics Plus
16 362 2 England
19 Nov 2003 5:57PM
Sorry to hear you're having problems as well! I guess it could be a combined driver/ hardware problem? Fortunately my current i850 seems to be behaving itself at present! One thing - have you tried setting it to highest quality? With paper type selected, then select 'Custom' for quality, put the slider as far to the right as poss, then click on diffusion/ 'ok'/ 'apply' etc?
beproud 14 4
19 Nov 2003 8:18PM
I tried all different resolutions and settings. It seems to be an issue with matt paper only. The HP paper is 9 mil thick and the Canon paper is 10.5 mill thick. I thing the thickness has a lot to do with it. I guess you are saying that your issue "cleared up"? If so, and if you use matt photo paper, what brand are you using? Thanks for your reply.

alfpics Plus
16 362 2 England
20 Nov 2003 4:59PM
I have used Epson paper (167gsm) - ie not too thick and this was ok on borderless mode. Have also used some very thick (310 gsm) arty stuff from Permajet which worked ok as well! I have tried Olmec matt (230gsm), but don't think I went down into the banding area with the photo - must try it!
beproud 14 4
20 Nov 2003 8:55PM
Thank you. I'm going to use my i860 with waterproof matt paper (regular type, no backing) until they introduce matt paper made for the Canon and I will certainly try the ones that you suggest
alfpics Plus
16 362 2 England
20 Nov 2003 11:27PM
Audy - I should add that Epson paper product code is S041256 (its not Archival matte paper)
MaxMad 15 42 Finland
21 Nov 2003 9:00AM
Hi all,

After reading Andy's suggestion to choose the "custom" quality setting instead of going for the "high" setting, which I imagined was the best quality available, I made some new tests with Ilford Classic Pearl papers. Guess what! Now the banding problem is gone! Even the pictures showing awful MEGA-banding in borderless mode now turned out smooth as silk.

One can notice that selecting level 1 (for finest) in the "custom" setting and then clicking "diffusion" as the halftoning choice really forces the printer to boost the quality because the print time goes up to approximately double the "hihg" setting time.

Thank you Andy for this great advice! Now I can happily use my beloved pearl-finished papers, which by the way give very nice BW pictures as well.


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