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Canon M series cameras

kodachrome 11 789
15 May 2022 8:24AM
According to Canon Rumours web site, Canon are dropping the M series cameras M5 & M50, they haven't produced any new M lenses now for several years and the 3rd party lens makers have held back as well.
Carabosse Plus
20 43.7k 270 England
15 May 2022 10:50AM
Not particularly surprised. Sales of all types of cameras have dived. Manufacturers will concentrate on their most profitable lines.

I think we will see many camera lines, from all manufacturers, being discontinued once sales of current stocks are over.

Compacts are particularly affected of course. But any line which is not 'full-frame mirrorless' may also be vulnerable.
kodachrome 11 789
15 May 2022 2:15PM
I agree, Carabosse, Sony has finally stopped A mount cameras, left a few people high and dry. They think the way to go is the E mount, but that's not doing well.

Quite honestly my old Canon 650D has given me out standing pictures over recent years and although way out dated it has low mileage, shutter counts. I don't want to join the must have it because it the latest model club. Old is beautiful.

I thought M/4/3 were not doing badly, its the APS-C cropped DSLR's that will need reining in to just those that have potential. Also these mirroless ILC are very expensive so what markets are they chasing, blame it all on the smart phones and mobiles
jander01 10 24 United Kingdom
15 May 2022 2:18PM
Canon seem to have decided that a two mount mirrorless strategy is the wrong one and for the future any apsc camera will use the same mount as full frame. Rumour has it that there will be an announcement of two new RF mount apsc cameras very shortly.
Carabosse Plus
20 43.7k 270 England
15 May 2022 3:54PM

Quote:blame it all on the smart phones and mobiles


Camera sales are, I have seen somewhere, down about 95% since 2010. That is a big hit to what was already a fairly small industry in the general scheme of things.

Most of the drop can be accounted for by a huge reduction in sales of compacts. But, more and more, people are starting to leave interchangeable lens cameras at home.

There is an interesting comparison on the internet of the same images taken with a Google Pixel smartphone and a full-frame camera. The differences appear to be quite minor at the sort of size likely to be uploaded to the web.
kodachrome 11 789
15 May 2022 4:00PM
Sounds interesting, I hope we can use some of the older lenses perhaps with an adapter
I'm not a dyed in the wool Canon fan, I like them and love their Jpeg colours, but it seems that the only company not likely to change mounts is Micro 4/3, You would not be buying into obsolescence, unless of course Olympus or Panasonic or both go bust.
kodachrome 11 789
15 May 2022 4:03PM
This is one reason I bought a Bridge camera, no kit bag full of lenses,
Carabosse Plus
20 43.7k 270 England
15 May 2022 4:42PM
I bought a used bridge camera only to find there was dirt on the sensor which obviously you can't get to without disassembling the camera. I sent it back.

I'm content with my Sony APS-C kit for now but am using it less and less since I got a top of the range smartphones (4 main cameras + selfie cam). My last 15 uploads to EPZ gallery have been from the phone. But I do use the camera + macro lens. I find for close ups, a phone is ergonomically not great.
kodachrome 11 789
15 May 2022 5:31PM
That's the problem with bridge cameras, sensor cleaning is an expensive job

What Sony APS-C are you using, I have an old A-58 with a couple of Minolta lenses, love it, so easy to use and set up. Mostly for landscape and general, I'm not sure if I should hang on to the Canon M5 or not, serious lack of M mount lenses.

My old Canon 650D gets taken for a walk now and again, i use a Canon 15-85 on it. just for general work, cracking pictures
PRC 8 388 United Kingdom
15 May 2022 7:08PM

Quote:Canon seem to have decided that a two mount mirrorless strategy is the wrong one and for the future any apsc camera will use the same mount as full frame.
When I changed brands last year, there were two reasons I went to Nikon; the first was the ergonomics of the Z bodies and the second was that they use the same mount on their full frame and aps-c mirrorless bodies. I might have considered Canon if they didn't have different lens mounts.
Carabosse Plus
20 43.7k 270 England
15 May 2022 7:12PM

Quote:What Sony APS-C

A6500 + 6 lenses. All bought in "like new" used condition from various outlets.

I used to change my kit quite often - sometimes a complete clearout - so I got into the habit of avoiding brand new. So that when I came to sell, the depreciation would be modest and I've even been known to get a little more than I paid but that's rare.

However, although my eye still wanders over other kit, I have to stop and ask myself: what imaging device have I been using over the past few weeks/months? And in recent times the answer has not been... the camera. So that has proved to be a deterrent!

kodachrome 11 789
15 May 2022 9:39PM
I'm very tempted to ditch everything and go Micro 4/3 either Olympus or Panasonic, doesn't look like they will flip to a different mount. Both have excellent lens line ups and there is plenty on the used market.

I had a A6000 for a short while but with a long tele fitted it looked like a credit card stuck on the end of a beer can ( I jest ) I found the E6000 poorly balanced with big lenses. Nikon Z body sounds like good investment
Carabosse Plus
20 43.7k 270 England
15 May 2022 10:16PM
I've been looking at M4/3 again. But I have to think: how much would I actually use it - in reality.

My smartphone has (FF equiv) 13, 24, 70 and 240mm prime lenses. Although there's an annoying gap between 24 and 70mm, it's pretty much what I need for most purposes. With so-called computational photography it can even manage background blur.

We live it strange and transitional times, photography-wise! Smile

GwB Plus
2 119 United Kingdom
15 May 2022 10:28PM
Makes sense really as I have been seeing a lot more mirrorless systems turning up at the hides recently, I read Canon are not going to be making any more DSLR's. IF you want to keep manufacturing you have to keep improving on the last model, I think they have taken the old format lenses as far as possible so now looking to give same optical quality in a smaller package. just imagine the potential of replicating your whole catalogue in smaller more portable lenses. For users it now boils down to preference between OVF or EVF. Made the move over first to Olympus but now carry a Fuji plus 70-300 with me every day whilst walking the dog. Slung over my shoulder its hardly a burden at all.

Was sitting next to guy on a poorly lit day and the birds a tad to far off I said i'm struggling keeping a decent shutter speed he said me too looking through his bazooka sized lens, we compared shots and looking at my camera and lens size he was taken aback.
kodachrome 11 789
15 May 2022 10:46PM
Times are a changing like the Bob Dylan song. I only carry a basic mobile with just a simple photo capability. Being old school I still like to hang a camera round my neck, but might go small. Fuji are a unique brand, with the retro look and probably the best Jpegs in the business, Olympus also being up there. The worst in my experience was Pentax.

I did consider the cheaper XT20 at one time because it was APS-C Cropped rather than Micro 4/3, but I'm not against either format. I have an old Olympus 4/3 E-600 12MP DSLR and the Jpegs just blow you away, on sunny days. Yes, i'm lazy, don't have time with PP RAW

I wonder if this transition by Canon is going to save them money or cost them money

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