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Canon printers - black and white printing - help please

tezza 17 569 United Kingdom
4 Mar 2004 12:36PM
My Epson printer has just given up and I am now looking at a replacement.

Looking around I found that Canon printers get good reviews and the replacement inks are about half the price of Epson.

Only thing is people seem to say you can't make Canon printers just use print black ink in photo mode?

Anyone with a Canon who can say otherwise?

Looking at either the i865 or i560, both new A4 models.


john p 17 100
4 Mar 2004 1:05PM
Using just black ink doesn't give the tonal range you require for a b/w photo print.

I recently bought a hp7660 for 85 (using pricerunner) this uses a three tones of grey photo cartridge and produces a superbly graduated print. Ink is pricey though.
davidc 17 313 England
4 Mar 2004 3:16PM
I have the S820 6 ink printer from Canon and can't get satisfactory b&w - there is always a magenta or cyan colour cast in the midtones. I contacted Canon and they said I should use Canon inks and paper and make sure the print head is well cleaned. I do not think that is a good enough reply - it produces good colour prints. One would have thought that after almost 15 years of inkjet technology, that printers from all makes could produce decent b&w.
tezza 17 569 United Kingdom
4 Mar 2004 5:58PM
Thanks for both replies.

I too had problems getting 'real' b/w with my epson, eventually printing out using the black ink only.

General feed back as far as I can make out is that Canon printers just won't let you do this even if you want to. David?...
Mari 17 1.8k United Kingdom
4 Mar 2004 6:17PM
I've got a Canon i950 which produces superb colour prints - can't fault them but black and white are not good - as David said they always have a colour cast. There is a facility to print grayscale but it still doesn't give good tones. If anyone knows different I would be interested to know too.
stevie 17 1.2k 2 United Kingdom
4 Mar 2004 6:21PM
I'd also like to know if someone can help with B&W. I have access to a Epson 950 which is excellent in colour but always, despite my best efforts, produces a green cast when I print in B&W. I feel there must be a solution that has escaped me so far.
tezza 17 569 United Kingdom
5 Mar 2004 11:03AM

Hoping to make an order for a printer over the weekend so feedback still please!!!...

Has everyone tried subtracting the biased colour from the print option or even in PS itself before doing their b/w prints? If so, did this work?

My now defunct epson always had a magenta bias with b/w but then I just got in the habit of printing with the black ink only. Now, I know I should of tried my suggestion above...

Mari / Welsh lady. As you actually have a Canon printer. Can you confirm that it does not allow you to print in b/w only using the blank only ink tank as epsons do please?

davidc 17 313 England
5 Mar 2004 11:45AM
Further to my previous posting, have a look at B&W printing for one possible solution. I do think its a fudge although I havn't actually tried it.

Also, to the best of my knowledge the Canon S820 and probably other Canon printers do not allow printing with just the black ink. The driver has an option for greyscale printing, but it still uses colours other than black. As I said earlier, I have had a discussion with Canon and found that their suggestions were not particularly helpful.
tezza 17 569 United Kingdom
5 Mar 2004 12:14PM

Thanks for that David.

The article is basically going along the same lines of the adding or subtracting method that I mentioned and as done in the darkroom for colour printing for years.

You mention that you have a Canon printer and that 'there is always a magenta or cyan colour cast in the midtones'.

Have you tried either the articles way or my way via PS or the print option to reduce this is?

Main reason I'm looking at Canons printer range as mentioned, is partly the MUCH cheaper price of Canons inks but also from reviews they seem to clog a lot less than Epsons do, which became very annoying for me towards the end.

davidc 17 313 England
5 Mar 2004 12:35PM
I have to say that I have always liked the Canon system for ink - more manufacturers have separate tanks but Canon were first. That doesn't answer your question. No, I don't print enough b&w to want to be bothered with a lot of experimentation. I have tried most options available from the printer manager and not found them to work, or to be hit and miss. I thought that converting the photo file to greyscale would do the trick, but it doesn't. I think you are going to have to experiment to see what you can achieve, but it is a real pain and Canon should address it (and any other manufacturers).
tezza 17 569 United Kingdom
5 Mar 2004 12:52PM
Thanks again David.

Just checked out some other boards and found some similar ideas to both yours and mine.

Most people say it takes a bit of experimenting, with each paper having it's own profile, but it is possible.

The reviews seem to be good though, with one review inparticular being sited for the model that I have been looking at: Canon i865 printer review

Awaiting some print samples, which Canon allow you to do from your own pictures and if they look good, I'll think I'll buy.

I'll keep one and all updated.

alzeepark 17 81 United Kingdom
5 Mar 2004 2:54PM
Hi I use the canon i470D printer and i have found that if you are using glossy photo paper of any kind use the "High resolution paper" setting the B&W prints i get have no colour cast at all.
I tried many different settings printing out loads of prints with casts before i realised that the high resolution paper setting worked with glossy photo paper.
hope it helps.
davidc 17 313 England
5 Mar 2004 3:06PM
Thanks for that Alan. I'm sure I've tried that and it doesn't work on the S820.
alzeepark 17 81 United Kingdom
5 Mar 2004 3:07PM
Sorry that i couldnt help dave.
flossie 18 1.6k
5 Mar 2004 3:12PM
I just got the Canon i865 - first impressions are very good. I haven't printed black and white on it yet but I'll do some tonight and post back.

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