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Canon R5

ARI 17 562 United Kingdom
11 Jul 2020 2:03PM
After immense hype and teasing, we get a near the pre production e R5. This appears to be aimed more towards videographers rather than stil photography. I personally have no interest in video so will no interest.
Is the market being manipulated to ease still photography out as there is less room for profit in still photography as this is seen as a mature genre?

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11 Jul 2020 2:53PM
For a photographer I think the R6 seems a better choice

dark_lord Plus
16 2.6k 684 England
11 Jul 2020 3:41PM
You don't have to use the video feature, just like you don't need to use Shutter Priority for example.
I am very interested in trying video but my current cameras are more than sufficient.
You don't need to buy it if it doesn't offer anything (you need) over and above your current camera.

Talking of buying, not at that price level.
gary.d 18 142 United Kingdom
11 Jul 2020 9:38PM
As someone admittedly 'old school', I am non-plussed at the way new cameras are being promoted on their video capabilities alone. Personally, I couldn't care less as I don't shoot video. That said, I'm pleased that Canon has raised the bar as it should stir some of their competitors into action.
peterjones 18 5.0k 1 United Kingdom
12 Jul 2020 10:00AM
I shall struggle on manfully with my present gear.
JackAllTog Plus
11 6.1k 58 United Kingdom
12 Jul 2020 10:04AM
Also as a pure photographer I'd much rather just pay for the features i'm using and so get a cheaper great camera body.
However for a manufacturer to make any particular model viable they need to sell enough units to get economies of scale - if Canon just made pure photograph cameras they may actually just go bankrupt - (Kodak, Pentax, Olympus all not what they were).
My phone does multiple things but i don't ever use all of then - but i still buy a smartphone.

Also many pro photographers such as wedding photographers are doing both photos and videography so just one body is a benefit.
Also the younger market with Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, facebook is much more video focused that traditional photographers are. Any many more are making films and action clips.
ALso by making videography easier - particularly with AF and inbody IS, there is a chance we will all perhaps flip over the switch and give video's a go!

The other interesting thing is that if the DO telephoto's are any good long lenses become much more affordable and carryable than before.
NeilSchofield Plus
13 1.6k 1 United Kingdom
15 Jul 2020 4:30PM
Mirror slapping stills for me, OVF addicted to boot
ARI 17 562 United Kingdom
20 Jul 2020 3:41PM
I now use 5DsR and 7D Mark1. Although both have some video capability, I have had no interest in that aspect of the hobby. The R5, it appears to be a video camera with some photographic capability. To me, its an invitation to buy an expensive dish, throw out most of it as you do not eat the stuff and be satisfied with the left overs. So, is this value for money? When the 7D gets replaced, it will be with a 5DsR.
mattw 16 5.2k 10 United Kingdom
20 Jul 2020 9:26PM
I think Canon have completely lost the plot over the R5 price.
Its basically a 3k camera, with 1200 of high end video features added in. If you don't need 8k (and who does?) - I just don't understand the value proposition at all. Is this camera really worth 1200 more than a Sony A7R4 for instance?
ARI 17 562 United Kingdom
21 Jul 2020 6:53PM
I have used Canon, from half frame film cameras to date. Replacing camera bodies when something breaks and economical repair was not possible, that happened once. I replaced another after it was stolen. I thought that the 5R would be the replacement for my Mk 1 7D, insted, I will replace it with another 5 DsR or even with a Sony, now that there adapters to fit Canon lens on Sony.
I believe that Canon has become arrogant on 'what is good for Canon, is best for its consumers', view. I too object to the pricing. Here, we Brits have ourselves to blame. We complain lots about prices, but do not vote with our feet. All my kit over the last fifteen years, are bought 'grey' and all tax and duties paid. My last purchase was my 5DsR, bought 'grey', eighteen months ago. I paid 1600.00 in total. The best UK price then was 2600. As much as I want to support UK retailers, I am not wealthy to ignore the saving. This just to inform readers of alternatives if they believe that prices cannot be justified. After al, the purpose of any business is to maimise profit and the consumer to determine value in this or alternate market.
mattw 16 5.2k 10 United Kingdom
21 Jul 2020 7:12PM
I brought my 5Ds 4 years ago and paid 2250, and that was UK stock from the local camera shop (Mifsuds).
I was hoping that the R5 would be my next camera - but I cannot see it dropping to a realistic price for a very long time.
ARI 17 562 United Kingdom
21 Jul 2020 9:44PM
Manufacturers set the import prices, tax and VAT is added as percentage of that import price. Retailer adds mark up and that is generally the retail price. Base line, high import price equals to high profit margin. Why is the price in the USA substantially lower. Everything is blamed on VAT and tax. Yes, that would make slightly higher than the US price. You did well to pay 225o, then. In Dec 2018, the best price I could find for UK stock was 2600.
Personally, I am not bothered if a product is stock from UK, USA, Hong Kong or wherever as long as it is legitimate and affordable. The word 'grey' is banished like a bogey man to justify UK prices.
I see the R5 as a video camera with some still photography capability, not for me. I shall go for another 5DsR when I get around to replacing the 7D.
pink Plus
17 6.5k 8 United Kingdom
22 Jul 2020 7:24AM
Personally the R5 appeals to me.
I think the move to mirrorless is inevitable as Canon look unlikely to produce a new 5 series DSLR.
I am not attracted by the video but will try it, the main attraction/upgrade from my perspective (current camera is a 5D4) is the higher resolution sensor, better autofocus, in body IS and the great range of new lenses Canon are introducing.
EF lenses are no longer being developed so it looks like all the R&D will go the mirrorless route.
I too would prefer a 'stills only' camera but I'm sure Canon would lose money as pure 'stills only' photographers are not great in number.
The price is high but you have to build in that the vs $ has suffered massively over the last couple of years so that will account for the higher retail price to a degree, I think the price will come down after launch, to what degree remains to be seen.
ARI 17 562 United Kingdom
22 Jul 2020 5:53PM
I am not knocking the R5. I am commenting on what I see as no real improvement over the 5DSR. Mirrorless or otherwise does not matter to me as I do not see any real value over existing DSLRs. If this is the trend, so be it and I will cross that bridge when the time comes, but definitely not now. It really does not bother me as to what Canon's strategy is with regard to the existing 5D series or EF lens. It is interesting that the new lens releases are 600f11 and 800f11. Not at all handy in low light or good bouquet or minimising the background. They have been dressed up as being designed for the mass market. I can ditch Canon and move elsewhere if need be. All I am interested in is picture quality with in body features to do that. I am definitely not into 'brand' loyalty. I am very happy with my current kit but am disappointed with the R5 as I believe that it is a video camera with some still capability. Do not expect canon to do much as I believe that their will steer the market to where they fell it suits them. When the time comes to replace the 5DsR and 7D and there is no canon body avail that I conciser worthy of my hard earned money, time to ditch the exiting kit for something else eg Sony or Nikon. If some think that this arrogant, I am the consumer and I have no reason to spend my money here.
LenShepherd 12 4.2k United Kingdom
22 Jul 2020 6:52PM

Quote: This appears to be aimed more towards videographers rather than still photography. I personally have no interest in video so will no interest.

One detail to consider is bigger buffers, faster fps and higher shutter speed increases are to a considerable extent a direct consequence of adding video features to still cameras.

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