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Canon vs Nikon, and now Sony

Chris_L 7 5.5k United Kingdom
22 Jan 2018 12:27AM
Tony is a bit smarmy and Chelsea a bit sickly sweet but they are always fair. They do not big up one brand and put down another just for the sake of it. They give accurate and honest opinions

Nadeem you can't accuse them of being Sony fanboys when they didn't even include Sony last time they did this comparison. The A7R-II was out then and used by a lot of professionals, but Tony and Chelsea felt due to things like no pro backup support, lack of dual card slots etc that Sony should not be considered then and they weren't.

Nadeem they criticised Canon for falling behind with some of the technology. Canon recently admitted as much! They seem more interested in growing their photocopier and printing business. There's an outcry from Canon customers about Canon's lack of innovaton

If you didn't know about that Nadeem then that's because you haven't even watched the video you are complaining about!

22 Jan 2018 1:50AM

Quote:Nadeem, you cant accuse them of being Sony fanboys.

Did I where?

Chris, if your defensive about your brand, that's your problem.

Chris_L 7 5.5k United Kingdom
22 Jan 2018 9:54AM
Claiming they are biased towards Sony and don't do unbiased reviews

Quote:Always make a comparision with the cannon full frame with large zoom and A
Sony mirrorless and a prime Never a cannon full frame with prime and a Sony with a large zoom. Aye Biased. Aye A balanced ,unbiased review. .No

Quote: if your defensive about your brand, that's your problem.
I think you're the person arguing the toss in favour of one brand Grin
Philh04 Plus
15 2.3k United Kingdom
22 Jan 2018 10:23AM

Quote:If you are an architectural photographer, why consider a system that does not give you scheimpflug focus?

Just being pedantic here... scheimpflug is of little or no use to an architectural photographer Tongue

As for the system argument surely you use whatever gives you the results that you desire, or the system that you are familiar with...

So called full frame does not make a professional camera, tilt/shift lenses do not make a professional lens system, it is how the available resources are used to achieve the end result.

It is always interesting to read/watch these comparisons, particularly if they are unbiased (that is something that is very hard to achieve) and draw your own conclusions but at the end of the day it is your choice as to which camera/format you use and for you to learn how to get the best from it.
Chris_L 7 5.5k United Kingdom
22 Jan 2018 10:56AM
I have no issue with videos like these.

I'm not a brand loyalist. I get asked about cameras all the time and never recommend Sony. This Xmas I recommended two Canons with kit lens. I recommend the same in the forum.

If someone is going professional then I still would recommend Canon or Nikon over Sony. You could work for years and there wouldn't be a situation you couldn't handle or a problem you couldn't solve shooting Canon or Nikon.

Why do I use Sony?

I'm prepared to put up with the downsides (high prices, short battery life, lack of native lenses) because I love the amazing video quality, pro video features and fantastic dynamic range for stills.

The reason I bought an A7R-II?

It wasn't because at the time it was their most expensive and most advanced body and I wanted bragging rights, I couldn't care less. People dismiss the camera without a second glance btw.

I bought it as I'd invested in a lot of Sony glass for video with the A7S II (now sold) and the A7R-II was the only sensible choice.

All the other Sony bodies (there aren't that many) are compromised in some way that's unacceptable to me.

thewilliam2 4 1.5k United Kingdom
22 Jan 2018 11:10AM
Some of us are creatures of habit and will keep using the same kit until it no longer does the job. Changing marque tend to be very expensive because, normally, everything doesn't wear out at the same time and few of us suffer a total loss.

Whatever brand of kit, there will always be some great photographer who swears by it. My mentor used the excellent Minolta XM and then Leica but he didn't need extreme focal-length lenses and most of his work was done with large-format.

That said, using one of the "bigger" brands does allow us to hire lenses more easily.

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