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jimbo_t 14 959 England
2 Feb 2006 12:41PM
It was interesting to see that Muslims worldwide were outraged by the printing of so called offensive cartoons of the prophet mohammed, it was intersting because in the middle east they protested by spraying the EU HQ with graffiti and spraying AK47 rounds into the air........ironic or what?!
They may have been shooting into the air but metaphorically I think they were shooting themselves in the foot!

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Mark_Readman 12 922
2 Feb 2006 12:48PM
you will be branded a witch by the moderators, bad post, tabbo subject
jimbo_t 14 959 England
2 Feb 2006 12:55PM
Why? Its just social comment. Its not my fault we live in a troubled world.
I reckon we should all become Buddhists and live like they do. Its such a great ideology!
Big Bri 17 16.3k United Kingdom
2 Feb 2006 2:00PM
Very ironic. On the beeb tonight they had a muslim claiming it was all about peace and then film of those nutters with AKs.
Carabosse 15 41.1k 270 England
2 Feb 2006 2:45PM

Quote:You will be branded a witch by the moderators

Throw him into the river and see if he floats!! Grin

(If he does he's a witch and must therefore be hanged, if he drowns he's innocent!!)

PS: I did think of posting about this, but could see it ending up as another forum war!!
spaceman 14 5.3k 3 Wales
2 Feb 2006 4:36PM
Fujiconvert 13 1.3k England
2 Feb 2006 8:52PM
Round 1----- Ding Ding.
nikon5700ite 14 1.8k
2 Feb 2006 10:13PM
It is not a question of free speech, merely of good manners and respect for other's religious beliefs. Muslins take the portrayal of their leader very seriously and publishing even a straight image let alone the cartooning is foolish and stupid. More so in these delicate days than ever before.

I despair of the media when I see what they are doing with this story, and the future for good relations between religious groupings.
Big Bri 17 16.3k United Kingdom
2 Feb 2006 10:23PM
Freedom of expression is one thing, but as the post above states, for Muslims, any image of Muhammed is considered blasphemous. We might find that strange, but we should respect their beliefs. I'm sure devout Christians would be offended if newspapers published cartoons of, say, Jesus having sex. With a goat. But newspapers wouldn't do that, would they, because that would be offensive.
collywobles 14 4.0k 10 United Kingdom
2 Feb 2006 10:42PM
I see, it's not OK for cartoon's to be published, but it is OK to show westerners being beheaded on TV, and streetfulls of people rejoycing when the Two Tower's came down............. mmmmm.
jimbo_t 14 959 England
2 Feb 2006 10:44PM
Why should this start an arguement. All we are doing is talking about current affairs......quite civilised really!
The big problem with Islam is that it has two extremes; at one end you have Cat Stevens (or whatever he calls himself now) and people who are interested in Mohammed's teachings, at the other end you have people who feel that the teachings contain hidden messages about wiping out those who don't share their beliefs!
Whatever people say about Christians with strong faith, they don't go to such extremes against other religious groups.
Boyd 14 11.2k 11 Wales
2 Feb 2006 10:46PM

Quote:Whatever people say about Christians with strong faith, they don't go to such extremes against other religious groups.

wolf666 12 497 England
2 Feb 2006 10:51PM
You beat me to it Boyd! I was thinking of the inquisitions as well. I would not put it past the newspapers to print a picture of jesus having sex with a goat if they thought it would raise their profile. I have a t-shirt that has a crucified christ on it and says "jesus did it for the chicks".
jimbo_t 14 959 England
2 Feb 2006 10:57PM
Crusades? Inquisitions? Precisely Muslim extremists are still behaving like the uncivilised masses of the middle ages!
Thank you Boyd and Wolf666, very valid points.
Coleslaw 12 13.4k 28 Wales
2 Feb 2006 10:59PM
For some people, religion is just not a joking/laughing matter.

*luckily, I am not one of them...;-p