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CD labels and Epson R2400 anguish!!!!!

smourt 15 80
13 Jan 2007 8:56AM
Hello thanks for taking the time to help I really need and appreciate it.

I bought CD labels 2 (straight)up. I have followed the guides and templates but just dont seem to get the print directly onto the space provided on the cd sticker.

I have tried using photoshop, nero and MS Word following all the specs but it never seems to work.

I have unchecked no scaling media, I have chosen A4 and not letter I have even recreated my own template in word but still miss the mark (excuse the pun). Now I think that it has soenthing to do with my printer, a setting perhaps.

I have no clue. Any help would be appreciated. The supplier of epson in South Africa is short of intelligence and this is my last resort before I destroy this %*c*4ng printer.



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Simon_Whitehouse 15 769 5 United Kingdom
13 Jan 2007 9:06AM
I had this issue with an epsom although not the same model. I figured out that it was down to how the printer loads the paper. The tolerance seemed to be just too large for it to print CD labels spot on. Sorry it's not much help, but it may save you some time.

csurry 17 9.2k 92
13 Jan 2007 10:40AM
I know it's not the answer you're looking for, but did you consider buying the printable CDs.

When you use these the extra tray for the printer ensures that they are lined up correctly.

Not tried printing to specialised papers for a long time, but generally the manufacturers (of the paper) templates work.

If they are avery papers then try checking their website direct.

Other than that I would suggest doing test prints on cheap paper at a low quality setting (when I say cheap I mean almost see-through low quality paper).

That way you can get the prints and line them up by putting the CD paper behind and measuring how far out they are and then adjust the paper margins accordingly.

Personally though I'd go for the printable CDs, less likely to annoy clients as they don't unstick themselves in the clients PC causing havoc Smile
smourt 15 80
13 Jan 2007 11:29AM

Thanks for trying to help.

Smithy I cant accept that a printer that cost this much can simply not print properly. It can print the most amazing images (borderless) but not a CD label. Just does not make sense.

Hey Cheryl
The Epson R2400 does not have a printdirectly onto cd's function. SO I sadly have to stick (excuse the pun) to frustrating labels....
Krakman 13 3.6k Scotland
13 Jan 2007 11:42AM
Have you considered just getting them printed professionally? By coincidence I asked about this yesterday at a local printers, and they charge about 17p to print directly on each CD/DVD.

I'm not sure if ink works out cheaper, but it's hardly worth the hassle of DIY.

BTW, don't know about the R2400, but my much older 2000P is very consistent with the registration of the paper.
csurry 17 9.2k 92
13 Jan 2007 12:35PM
Sorry it was my older 2100 that did them

smourt 15 80
13 Jan 2007 12:44PM
I appreciate the replies. Honestly!

Since I am doing one offs every so often I would not want to drive 5 km to print one cd, considering I have paid 500 for a printer!!!

Please someone offer me advice on how to solve THIS problem. Not direct me on another route which does not solve the solution.

I might sound unthankful for any advice but I really am at my wits end.

Imagine buying a 4x4 vehicle which you find can only drive in reverse while offroad..............but perhaps if you turn your seat around it might work but then the steering wheeeee.................. hmmnnnnnnn

thats kinda how i feel right now

LOL with anger(while threatening to destroy the printer)

I have resorted to actually measuring the shift and now realise that it is also increasing the size of the cd by 3 mm as well. Sacling has been turned off so has any adjustment in margins.

thanks again all.
Ian_Sweet 14 92 1 England
13 Jan 2007 1:00PM
Hi Stephan,

My suggestion may not be the best one but, i would buy a cheap second hand epson R200 and use that for printing directly onto the cd/dvd's, thats what i do, i also have the epson r2400.


thewaiter 18 1.2k 9 England
13 Jan 2007 1:15PM
similar to Ian, I print CD's with a Epson photo 950 ....

again not much help..... Wink
bikerbob 17 179
13 Jan 2007 1:33PM
It all depends really on whose labels you are using but you can calibrate your printer for any make of label if you use the right software. I use Sure thing CD labeler it came with CD stomper.You can move the label around to suit your labels using the calibrate printer menu in the file menu. I print off a sample onto plain paper first and then compare with the CD labels to see if everthing lines up before printing, this way you do not waste any labels.
smourt 15 80
14 Jan 2007 11:33AM
Thanks all. I appreciate the help.

I finally decided to just give up on it. After looking at various labels available yesterday I realise that there is an inconsistency in label sizes and you are generally expected to print larger than the actual size of the label itself, due to the variation in paper. Some labels seem to be out by a mm or so.

Thanks anyway.

Please feel free to continue the thread in the interest of helping others.


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