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magda_indigo 18 418 England
19 Nov 2004 12:54PM
I was just watching a bit of the program and I suddenly realised that we are a huge community, not doing anything.
ANYBODY who wants to buy any of my images, EXCEPT 'Great expectations'(because it is an exhibit piece), can NOW bid, maybe for a week?
I pledge the money to Children in need!
Thanx, lol, Magda (*:*)
magda_indigo 18 418 England
19 Nov 2004 1:10PM
Any takers? It is for a good cause!(*:*)
andytvcams 19 10.4k 1 United Kingdom
19 Nov 2004 1:12PM
I'm doing my bit Magda,on a coffee break at the moment.
magda_indigo 18 418 England
19 Nov 2004 1:51PM
enjoy your break, where are you? (*:*)
c_evans99 18 7.0k 1 Wales
19 Nov 2004 2:00PM
Sorry but the whole thing leaves me cold - I don't know what I dislike more, the fact that people enjoy a chance to 'do something for charity' very visibly, and 'have a bit of fun', or it's 'little england' appeal.

magda_indigo 18 418 England
19 Nov 2004 2:15PM
it was just an idea, (*:*)
Tom_Charles 16 279
19 Nov 2004 2:38PM
Magda, the spirit you showed is proof of the big hearted attitude many in this small island has.

Very commendable.

strawman 17 22.2k 16 United Kingdom
19 Nov 2004 4:11PM
Tricky one Ceri. If it gets people to step out of their own box and do something for others then it gets my vote. My kids loved doing the comic relief fun run, it made them think on the lives of others, we enjoyed the activity, it raised money for those who need help. Everyone wins in my view.

Magda. I think your idea is a fair one and deserves support, but I am doing a couple of things to donate to Children in need. Do you mind if I stick in an extra 5 to my donation in exchange for referencing your copy of "Bills Brewery" as part of my studies as an example of "form" in a photograph.
c_evans99 18 7.0k 1 Wales
19 Nov 2004 4:21PM
Mt comments weren't aimed at anyone in particular, not would I criticise the 'ordinary' people who participate, however thing slike CIN can make people think of charity as a special event, not something they can do every day of the year, even if it's not dressed up as light entertainment with pi interludes.

stevenj 18 2.0k England
19 Nov 2004 4:55PM
Any form of charity is good in my opinion, and we are all free to partake in giving whenever we want. I see nothing wrong with only participating in charity once a year. There's no point moaning that people should give to charity all year round and not just for CIN, people are fully aware that they can give to charity all year round - they just choose not to.

I remember reading an article that commented on the research into these such charity events - they raise more money in one weekend by having a 'light entertainment' high profile event then they would if they appealed actively each and every day of the year on a large scale; by quite a lot too!
magda_indigo 18 418 England
20 Nov 2004 7:08AM
started this last night... (*:*)
c_evans99 18 7.0k 1 Wales
20 Nov 2004 8:47AM
Well sorry, my methodist upbringing filled my head with loads of slogans like 'charity is its own reward' - to give only in response to entertainment seems iffy, as does being seen to give - that's a reward in its way, and does nothing for the feelings of the recipients.

Boyd 18 11.2k 11 Wales
20 Nov 2004 9:21AM
I can see your point here Ceri.
Yesterday on the radio they had a lot of "celebrity" guests reading dedications and promoting CIN, fair enough. What I did find a little unpleasant was that all these guests had books/shows/records/etc. to promote and I found that to be quite inappropriate.
raziel_uk 17 4.9k
20 Nov 2004 9:31AM
Poor celebs have a fine line they have to walk.

A few years ago Bill Gates set up a foundation to supply computers to schools. Of course, because many people didn't (and still don't) like him there was a lot of noise that this was a stunt just to improve the man's image.

On the other hand the only reason many stars and celebs do programmes like CIN is to promote (no matter how subtly or indirectly) their latest project - even if it's actually someone else who's doing the promoting. You can just see Terry Wogan or Gabby Roslin saying after a performance by Tom Jones for instance "... and don't forget Tom's new album is out in the shops now".

User_Removed 17 1.4k United Kingdom
21 Nov 2004 8:07AM
Well, this is just bliddy typical of this forum really. I seen this thread shortly after it was posted and thought that Magda's idea was great (Although I chose not to comment) It doesn't matter how small or how big or even what someone does to try and make a difference in someone else's life - its the fact they have the courage and soul to take the time to do it!

I have never done anything for charity but I think its great to see lots of people getting together on the same day to make lots of money for those who need it.

Am sorry this didn't hit off as it was intended Magda. Another full blown debate when someone was trying to do a good thing for others...

Take care
Craig :o)

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