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Katie 20 76
2 Oct 2001 1:54PM
I'd like to hear your "it shouldn't happen to a photographer" stories, having heard a cracker from my plumber the other day who was employed to shoot a wedding. Unfortunately, there was another wedding party running at the same time and he took photos of the wrong group. He had to go to each of the guests houses, ask them to get dressed up in the wedding gear and re-shoot. Add to that when he was doing the processing the bride and groom were printed the wrong way round. It made me laugh! So come on the more embarrassing the better.
fullerton 19 64
5 Oct 2001 1:29PM
i was out imn saudi arabia, it was boxing day, i had gone with my family to visit some rock formations in the desert and me and my father took a load of pictures, we alos took pictures of the desert on the way back. suddenly unmarked car pulled us over and a police man got out. he gestured at us that we had been taking photos and we had to follow him to a check point. we did. it was during ramadan and at evening so when we got there we had to sit there sweating while they broke their fast. eventually they searched the car, took, mine and my fathers cmaer (fortunately not finding my sisters camera and the telescope in the boot) and took us into the checkpoint for questioning. mthis was made difficult by their inability to speak english, and our lack of arabic, but eventually they grabbed a passing farmer and got him to translate. apparently we had been in the area of a military base and were suspected of spying. this was inabout 97 when the gulf war was in immenent danger of restarting. we were taken to a major poliice station and plonked into cells. my mother and sister were left outside in the cars with squaddies gawping at my blonde sister. we felt fine though cos we hadn't even seen the base and
fullerton 19 64
5 Oct 2001 1:29PM
couldn't have pictures of it. they asked us what we had been up to and clearly didn't believe us. after several hours of this they got a saudi diplomat up from the capital to talk to us. he instantly saw what was going on and berated the police for arresting us, pointing out that the british have spy satalites and are thus unlikely to send a family out into the desert with a couple of compact zooms. we were released back into the wild with a ticking off after they had made us sign a form promising to never again photograph sand. they took our films. as we drove home we told my mother what had transpired, who immediately pointed out that there were lots of pictures on our cameras of us drinking illegal home brewed alcohol by the pool. this was not good, you can get 500 lashes for such a transgression. damn. we sat and sweated for three days until the diplomat popped round to our house and brought back the pictures, all the ones of the desert had gone, as had one of my siter in her bikini, all the ones of us drinking, they gave back....
should you wish to see any of my other pics of saudi, go to

Katie 20 76
5 Oct 2001 2:18PM
Great story, you intrepid explorer you! You must be very good at sign language or something. Rather disturbing that they kept the photos of your sis were they laminated?????Try taking photos in your back garden or down the road leave your passport at home, you crazy fool SmileChecked out your website, very nice, great images too, although the lady by the fountain flasher or accident?

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