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Clicker's block :o(

20 May 2006 4:03AM
It used to be so easy. I scrolled down that gallery and clicked everything clickable, and even Keith's photos.
Clicks flowed out of my finger; I was the clickman; Top of the world; Clicker behind the clickers behind the clickers.
But now, as soon as I sit down in front of my screen, inspiration fails me and apathy overwhelms me. I just sit there, stare at that photo on the screen, at those five words click here if you do.
But I just can't anymore. seconds become minutes, minutes become hours. No clicks.
It has been like this for weeks now, and my mood has gone from amused surprise at the beginning to sheer misery, and yes... even tears.
I tried everything; connecting the mouse helped, but only in the beginning.
Friends suggested me to try and buy another mouse... so I went out to buy myself one of those yellow ones with a smiley on, and allthough in the shop I didn't have any problems clicking it... at home, in front of the gallery... nothing. Now it feels like smiley is just laughing with me.
I'm sure I'm not the only one that has encountered this problem. I had heard about it before, but I honestly never believed this could happen to me, only to the lesser-clickers; but here I am. No use denying it. I have clicker's block
And as I'm desperate, suggestions on how to overcome are most welcome. Thank you. Click (Thank God I can still type it)
foxybrown 15 368
20 May 2006 4:22AM

Quote:clicked everything clickable, and even Keith's photos

are you trying to suggest something? at least you're not a blind follower!
Westers 16 3.9k 1 Burkina Faso
20 May 2006 4:26AM
Who said that?
20 May 2006 4:43AM
Nah... actually like his photos
(In particular the ones with the dogs with painted numbers on their fur stand out ;o)
Boyd 17 11.2k 11 Wales
20 May 2006 7:36AM
It is a dilemma that, at first, seems insurmountable but is easily rectified.
Go to this portfolio and click on all of the pictures there. If you feel comfortable clicking those, with absolutely no sense of shame, you'll be okay clicking any other picture on ePz.
Don't be a clicker.
UserRemoved 16 6.2k 1
20 May 2006 7:41AM
So know where you're coming from here, Koen! Tho' my brain totally freezes up when it comes to "Add your comment".

Plan it all, usually a good book's worth(!), and it then comes out as "Nice pic". Another photo, another book and "Works for me".

Of course this breakdown between book's worth and lame one-liners affects the click finger (think its the electrical activity in brain 'shorting' out!), so I have to abandon each pic and do nothing! Wondering whether I need therapy or a neurologist! Smile

Edit: Who's this Pete fella? Smile
(Didn't work for me)
Jay44 15 1.4k Wales
20 May 2006 10:25AM
I have no problem clicking... the thought of not clicking if it is an image I like would never occur to me.

The comment thing is harder though, so I don't often leave comments.
MDaniel 14 3 3 Ghana
28 Nov 2006 12:31PM
Second time of writing as I somehow deleated it first time around!!! AND THE NON CORPORATE ANSWER ALSO

Clicks should not be feared but used to vote for the picture that you like at a glance. This is a fear we are talking about here is it not?

The need to click could be be summed up in the images you see on EPZ, in magazines, newspapers, books in shops that you don't buy. All the shots you look at you like for a split second, but you just throw the media away or do not buy the book, because they have no lasting effect. or do they? No comment needed, you just enjoyed or disliked it for the moment. Deserves a click surely? I believe that this is what sets our own style in the end.

On Comments - These should be saved for those images that stir the real emotion in you a can be summed up in the following list, (Not exhaustive, I would like to see more from others?)

Love of the shot
Dislike of the shot
Love of the change of direction
Dislike of the change of direction
Change of style
Help to improve
A corrective idea
Love/Dislike of the medium used

But if you do comment, then you should leave a click as it has stirred something in you, positive or negative. This is what photography is all about is it not? It is someones passion conveyed in a moment that needs to be touched by the ultimate viewer in some way, thats EPZ anyway. I feel that we should learn to embrace all types of photography on EPZ and in the media, as they can all lead to ultimate answer we all seek, the one perfect shot!!! Why press the shutter then? Well we must have had just for a moment, a stirring urge that we needed to put something on paper/pixels for somebody else surely?

Join the click and only vote for one style if this is not the case? People put a picture onto EPZ for different reasons, some are content with the one style, others due to life/feelings/emotions, others change because they are not in their studio, or they just plain feel like doing something different? Why should the change or static apporoach not be appriciated for what it is worth either way, I guess it is easier to not click or comment!!!!

Do people often feel guilty for over clicking, is that what we are really saying here? The click is driven by the need in us to be the one loved, surely? I fell for this ploy and I have only uploaded a few shots compared to the vets!!!! Not so much now though.

I am passionate about photography and feel a one word response is as good as the verbal XXXX!!!! Wow, is not a big enough word for EPZ, (5 characters or longer). It is a much bigger word in the dictionary explanation of the meaning though?!

So please click for your emotions and love of the media and do not turn it into a US$0.75 download! The volume of uploads also could lead to a dilution of the desire to click as you can not keep with it all in the end?


PS. what about that book?
takui neko 17 849 11 Spain
28 Nov 2006 12:38PM
Maybe you need a new []mousepad[/link]?
28 Nov 2006 12:44PM
lol, actually I do, and it seems like a perfect solution. Can you turn over the mousepad and... oh well ;o)
CathyT 15 7.3k 18 United Kingdom
28 Nov 2006 12:57PM
Perhaps you have now realised that you have become a click o'holic, but are now in denial......

I recommend a course of Prozac to pull you through this depressive state you find yourself in...

either that or submerge yourself in an all day click fest....that may work.
Mayfly 15 485 2 United Kingdom
28 Nov 2006 1:03PM
I rekon you need to put some tap dancing shoes on your mouse, that should help with the "click click clickety click"
DaveU 15 1.4k 126 England
28 Nov 2006 1:15PM
I recommend a holiday Koen, and EPZ cold-turkey for a week or so.

I personally think the problem is that the quality of many images on EPZ is very high, but the innovation level is quite low. So you initially click away thinking "great pic", "superb pic", "wowee pic", but as time goes by it's "good pic", "ok pic", "average pic", until eventually it's "seen that before", "yawn", "zzzzzzzzzzzz".

After a clean-break you'll come back afresh and you'll click away to your hearts content for another few months.

Doctor Dave.
MDaniel 14 3 3 Ghana
28 Nov 2006 1:21PM
Doctor Dave has the best solution really
keithh 17 25.7k 33 Wallis And Futuna
28 Nov 2006 1:28PM
The answer is Proxy Servers.

I have trained a small gerbil to click on the mouse if I don't say 'crap' within ten seconds. The training takes about ten weeks but if a job's worth doing etc.

The Gerbil sits to the right...I made the mistake of getting a left handed gerbil in the first instance - foolish I know but it was all new to me - and and to my right with her own keyboard is a sleek new otter who types the first thing that comes into her walnut sized brain.

(Some eagle eyed EPZers have noticed my apparent fixation with fish - now you know)

ps....obviously the keyboard must be dual control.

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