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Clicker's block :o(

Boyd 17 11.2k 11 Wales
28 Nov 2006 8:20PM
As I'd expect of you Daniel you've resorted to the old and, frankly, quite tired Shirkikov's Urinary Uncertainty Principle. A quite fashionable theory when first proposed at the Symposium of Theoretical Gerbil 1953!
It's a long established fact that the displacement of gerbil wee has no effect on the direction of the animal due to Newton's Third Law of Urination - For every tiddle there is an equal and opposite widdle.
culturedcanvas 15 4.7k 59 United Kingdom
28 Nov 2006 8:28PM
A foolish assumption to make Boyd, and from a learned master such as yourself, quite suprising - if you don't mind me saying.

Of course Shirkikov's principle was valid in its day however recent studios at the Moscow Insitute of Rodent Urinary Tract Infections, department of Theoretical Rodent Gelatinus Rodent Urine Studies show that the displacement of gerbil wee can have an effect under certain conditions. Those conditions being gradients greater than 0.4 when there is a counteracting wind chill factor of below 5 degree C, and an air pressure value below 800 Milibars .... quite clearly you are working from out of date papers and have not been keeping up to date with the current thinking. I can see how the application of Newtons Third Law of Urination could be applied to the theory, however with the additional variables taken into account it is quite evident that this is cancelled out by Elevation of Urine under Wind Chill Factor theory ( Copyright 2006 M.I.O.R.U.T.I dept. T.R.G.R.U.S)
Boyd 17 11.2k 11 Wales
28 Nov 2006 8:34PM
The Moscow Institute of Rodent Urinary Tract Infections! Ha!
Read the papers sunshine.
They were closed down in August after it was discovered that they'd been fabricating their results. The video footage of Arthur Plumbovski being escorted from the building carrying a box of clockwork mice still makes me smile.
culturedcanvas 15 4.7k 59 United Kingdom
28 Nov 2006 8:37PM
Just another fabricated shot from keith I'm afriad Boyd ... remember the lightning in the Whitby Shot !! .. this time it was the AlienSkin - clockwork mice filter ...

Another feeble attempt the Gerbil establishment to discredit the work of a living legend! From his first work on Roland Rat, through to today there has been no man, woman, or rodent as capable in the field of rodent urine as Arthur Plumbokov.

Thats my final word on the matter!
Boyd 17 11.2k 11 Wales
28 Nov 2006 8:46PM
Fair enough, if you want to believe that, believe that.

I know who the astute and discerning readers of ePz will believe...and the other 99% of them too.
culturedcanvas 15 4.7k 59 United Kingdom
28 Nov 2006 8:47PM

A pleasure sparring with my good friend!
mdpontin 16 6.0k Scotland
28 Nov 2006 8:49PM

Quote:A pleasure sparing with my good friend!

So which of you is going spare? Wink

culturedcanvas 15 4.7k 59 United Kingdom
28 Nov 2006 8:52PM
Doug .. I had edited that typo before you got to it Smile
SuziBlue 18 16.2k 10 Scotland
28 Nov 2006 11:34PM
Aaaah ... wistful smile Another good old thrash-out of Shirkikov's wayward Principle in the cool, hushed corridors of science. Takes me back to the dark days of the 1920s, when Shirkikov was still at school and experimenting with dung beetles, a selection of urinary catheters and a hammer. I was impressed by his research even at that tender age, although his parents were alarmed by the astronomical bills he was running up with the Dung Beetle Co-Operative. I believe in the end they restricted him to only three lorry loads a week. Fascinating man. Brain the size of a cabbage, with looks to match.
culturedcanvas 15 4.7k 59 United Kingdom
28 Nov 2006 11:40PM
Supposedly had a massive **** tho !


(According to photo's published in the 1956 Journal Of Rodent Scientists in the Nude Annual)
SuziBlue 18 16.2k 10 Scotland
29 Nov 2006 12:31AM
A massive tick? yes, I had read his dissertation 'Fleas, Ticks, Mites and Other Pets, an investigation into the culinary, social and political implications of rearing parasites by hand', and was fascinated by his account of being infested with a mutant sub-species. Interestingly he was forced to wear an indwelling catheter for some time due to this infestation, but it was wrenched out during an unfortunate accident involving a train which left him with a permanent limp and a stream not unlike that from a rose on a watering can.
User_Removed 16 4.3k 2 United Kingdom
29 Nov 2006 11:39AM
Can't believe it, I recommended this forum to a serious photographer yesterday, now you all go barmy.
Pete 19 18.8k 97 England
29 Nov 2006 11:43AM

Quote:now you all go barmy.

Now??? What do you mean, now? Wink
Boyd 17 11.2k 11 Wales
29 Nov 2006 1:35PM
Only the ones highlighted in green are barmy.
fauxtography 15 6.6k 36
29 Nov 2006 1:37PM

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