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This topic is locked.

Reason : Discussed many times before. Please read the FAQ's

alan a 14 9 United Kingdom
28 Oct 2005 11:58AM
Hello everyone, just had some comments on a picture I uploaded & one was they wondered why I hadn't had more clicks, can someone tell me what clicks are and what they mean.
Thanks Alan.

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beaniebabe 12 2.3k England
28 Oct 2005 12:03PM
I'm glad you asked as I was wondering that also, can understand if they are negative/contructive crits but when they are positives and dont click I dont understand.

The only thing I can think of that they just forget after writing the comment

beanie x
Boyd 14 11.2k 11 Wales
28 Oct 2005 12:06PM
here's a clue, written just underneath each picture...

Quote:Reader's Choice: Do you like this photo? Click here if you do.

Also have a look here in the FAQ section.

KenTaylor Plus
13 3.1k 2 United Kingdom
28 Oct 2005 12:17PM
There is also a check box at the bottom of the comments panel.
I was also confused by it. A sort of ranking when you get a Readers Choice award at 30 clicks.
PatrickSmith 13 1.2k 2 United States
28 Oct 2005 12:19PM
In general, there is a direct correlation between how many clicks you get and how good your photo is. However, there is also a direct correlation between how many comments you give and how many you receive back. Also, some great photos get overlooked because of bad timing or the small thumbnails that don't do them justice. The combination of these variables determines what you see under your photo. You get back what you put in. If you spend many hours looking at, commenting on, and learning from the many outstanding photos on EPZ, and then spend many more hours practising what you have learned here, you will get many comments.
beaniebabe 12 2.3k England
28 Oct 2005 12:26PM
I mis-read the original question sorry, I have posted lots of comments and also have learned quite a lot in the short time I have been on here, I have also noticed that it is more often than not the same few that comment on my pics... I would love to have more comments on mine weather they be nice or constructive crits but that doesn't seem to happen, I think it's because I am new, so not expecting to much Smile

beanie x
EnigmaPhoto 12 487 United Kingdom
28 Oct 2005 1:46PM
I agree with Patrick. I have some BRILLIANT pics in my profile, but because I don't upload them till late, I get only a few views.

Few views = few comments, and few clicks.

Look at my profile in this link (edited by moderators because it's true and they are brill!)
strawman 14 22.1k 16 United Kingdom
28 Oct 2005 2:08PM
Fishing on a Friday night Smile
beaniebabe 12 2.3k England
28 Oct 2005 2:11PM
Rofl Enigma Smile, you have some nice pics (*creeping Wink*lol)

I think I have a nice ones also, actually no I dont if I had to choose I would only keep 2 of them now I have seen the amazing pics on here....I will get to the same level as others eventually

my personal favourite is my leaf and 2nd comes my Iris both ideas came from viewing shots on here.
Morpyre Plus
13 1.6k 8 Wales
28 Oct 2005 2:19PM
i've been a member since november 2004 and still only get on average 5 clicks a photo even though i've uploaded around 280 photo's but i don't mind because as long as people are enjoying viewing my photo's that is the important thing for me - my view figures for each image are always atleast 80+ even if the clicks and comments amounts are low but the comments are always highly complimentary which is good - for a time i thought low click figures meant i was no good at photography but the comments say otherwise =)

i comment and click on images i like regularly

peter "morpyre" turner
EnigmaPhoto 12 487 United Kingdom
28 Oct 2005 2:19PM
I checked your profile earlier beanie, and I actually really like it.

Don't delete any. Keep them there. What you'll do is come back to them after a few months and realise how your photography is adapting and changing. I love looking back on my older stuff (although I don't upload a lot).

Nice to see you join in the forum. There are loads of nice people on here.

Even the bad ones are better than most people I work with!
beaniebabe 12 2.3k England
28 Oct 2005 2:40PM
Thanks enigma, I am truly addicted to this site now and even in this short time I have noticed my attitude towards my taking photos is different, I need to learn more about my camera also, I have had this one for about 18mths now and still dont know what settings for different shots so I just shoot at different ones then I can see where I go wrong (rofl), I am hoping that father christmas will be good to me and bring me a new camera this year.

Thank you all for being for being so friendly

Ok I'll shut up now Wink

Angie x
iansamuel 14 271 United Kingdom
28 Oct 2005 3:01PM
There's one member who always puts 'please remember to click, votes count as well as comments'

Count for what?
dougv 14 8.4k 3 England
28 Oct 2005 3:16PM

Quote:Count for what?

Ego inflation perhaps?

Doug ;o)
hobbs 13 1.3k United Kingdom
28 Oct 2005 3:20PM
For nothing, its the picture that counts.