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colour irregularity

fran_weaver 11 44 United Kingdom
23 Oct 2011 9:27PM
I'm hoping someone can help me sort out my printing problems. I have finally made the change from PC to iMAC but am beginning to wish I hadn't. I absolutely love working on the iMAC but sadly I can't get it to print correctly. My prints are coming out yellowy. I've ended up using my iMAC to work on but print from my PC which is running on XP Pro. My husband is running a pc on XP but he also has problems with colour management. I've checked the photoshop CS5 printing settings are the same on both my PC and MAC and I have tried different display settings but to no avail. Please could anyone offer me some advice. I don't have the space to keep both computers running but am afraid to rely purely on my MAC.

Many thanks for reading this
strawman 17 22.2k 16 United Kingdom
23 Oct 2011 9:37PM
Ok the first couple of questions. What colour spaces are your editors running in. what is the make of the printer, and what drivers are you using. Are you using Photoshop to control the print colour or the printer. Have you enabled colour management in photoshop. And what device do you use to calibrate the computers.
fran_weaver 11 44 United Kingdom
23 Oct 2011 9:43PM
Thanks for replying. I will get all the information and come straight back to you.

fran_weaver 11 44 United Kingdom
23 Oct 2011 9:57PM
Color management is set to - document
Printer manages colors
sRGB IEC1966-2.1

I have just noticed working CMYK is my proof setup which seems odd. Should this be any different?
strawman 17 22.2k 16 United Kingdom
23 Oct 2011 10:05PM
OK Colour management sounds wrong. This varies version to version and I do not have CS5, but if I look under Edit>> Color settings I always set it to "Allow me to choose" that will prefer sRGB but allows you to set a different colour space if you want. So I would set that, then close photoshop and re-open it. Open your picture and make certain you have the correct colour profile

Image>>Convert Color Profile. (And make certain it is sRGB)

I would say for proofing you want sRGB is that is how you are working. In the print menu check that if you let the printer manage the colour that the printer has the latest drivers and that you have in the advanced areas of the printer dialogue selected an sRGB colour space.

Or what is better is to let photoshop manage the colours and then check the printer profile is sRGB.
fran_weaver 11 44 United Kingdom
23 Oct 2011 10:07PM
I've just checked my Pc which is also set to CMYK si I guess it can't be that unless Apple requires a different setting. My iMAC display is ATI RadeonHD 5670 512MB iMAC graphics and is on RGB space. I'm sorry this all appears disjointed but as I'm sure you are aware I'm not very technically minded.
User_Removed 17 3.3k 4 United Kingdom
23 Oct 2011 10:31PM
The CMYK proofing is used for process printing (big commercial printers), it's not intended to proof the output of inkjets. Make sure you haven't left it switched on. Ctrl / CMD Y (it's on the View menu as Proof Colors, it should be unticked)
fran_weaver 11 44 United Kingdom
23 Oct 2011 10:39PM
Thanks Chris I'll give it a go. I've just tried printing out of photoshop by opening the file then file, print but I'm getting the same colour. I've just looked in my "about this mac" colour display and see there is a widget for Calibrate but I daren't click on it in case it causes me more problems. Do you think this will have anything to do with my prob as I don't have problems with my display, the photo looks exactly as it is on my camera? My printer by the way is a canon pro.
fran_weaver 11 44 United Kingdom
23 Oct 2011 10:42PM
Proof colours is unticked. This is driving me scatty!!
GlennH 15 1.9k 1 France
23 Oct 2011 10:43PM
Ideally you should have proof colours configured to reflect your printer/paper profile, at which point you'll see 'custom' ticked in the drop down menu. Then once you switch proof colours on Photoshop will mimic the final output colour. At least that's how the theory goes.
newfocus 14 647 2 United Kingdom
23 Oct 2011 10:54PM
If it helps, there's a great step by step guide to colour management on the northscape website here. I re-read that a couple of years back when I first switched to Mac and have had no printing problems.
fran_weaver 11 44 United Kingdom
23 Oct 2011 11:03PM
Thanks I'll look at your link
newfocus 14 647 2 United Kingdom
23 Oct 2011 11:16PM
P.S. It's a bit difficult to diagnose this fully from a distance but my first place to check would be the settings you choose after you do the 'file -> print' step. I can't give specific instructions because I'm using an epson printer and the settings will be different but since you've selected 'printer manages colours', there should be some options following 'file -> print' which might not be set correctly. Sorry I can't be more specific but you might have to drop down one of the triangles to show more options and make sure sRGB's selected to match the colour space you're using for instance (again - not knowing the specific printer it's a bit of a guess).

Any Canon printer users out there who can give more specific instructions on this one?
fran_weaver 11 44 United Kingdom
23 Oct 2011 11:32PM
I have now tried all the advice given but no luck. I didn't mention that I am printing through our network, the printer is not connected directly to my iMAC. I'm now wondering if this could be the problem. Also, looking online it appears you can download canon printer drivers. I don't know how to check which drivers my iMAC uses.
GlennH 15 1.9k 1 France
24 Oct 2011 12:02AM
Some fundamental questions would be: have you hardware calibrated and profiled your iMac, and are you using the correct printer/paper profile? Canon don't exactly name their profiles in an easy-to-understand way, in my experience. These things seem a hassle, but accurate profiles are the way you get your devices understanding each other. Otherwise it's hit and miss.

In CS5 you can soft-proof the colours, which is literally to match the screen as far as possible to the colour of the final output. But unless you have reliable display/printer profiles that process breaks down. And it IS the only way to be sure that what you see on the screen emulates your print. In CS5 you can even mimic the dynamic range of the paper, if you can tolerate how ugly it makes the picture look.

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