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Colour matching monitor & printer..aarrrgghh! Help!

manhattan88 19 14
28 Dec 2001 11:31AM

A bit of advice badly needed here! When I download images from my Olympus E10 onto PC to work on them in Photoshop, the skin tones generally look fine on the monitor. Nice and natural. But when I print them out on my Epson 890, it comes out horribly magenta.

So what I have to do with EACH image individually, before printing, is to adjust the colour balance using Photoshop 6.0. (IMAGE-ADJUST-COLOUR BALANCE, +20 RED, +20 GREEN, +20 YELLOW).

This means that the colour of the image looks really quite odd on my monitor but perfect when printed out on the Epson 890. THERE HAS TO BE AN EASIER WAY. HELP!!

Is there something I can do to calibrate the printer so that it prints out exactly what is on the monitor without having to fiddle the Colour Balance for each individual image?

I've already adjusted the ADOBE GAMMA for my monitor but I dont think thats not much use for precisely COLOUR matching / calibrating the printer.

Any advice much appreciated! Many thanks.
jmwsellers 19 2
28 Dec 2001 5:18PM
Yes. the Epson has a custom setup option, which allows you to match the printer colour to the monitor, rather than the other way around, and save your settings. You will probably find that these need altering for different paper types.
As I remember the book doesn't help much with this, but the online guide on the installation disc gives alot more detail.
Hope this helps.
tonyvizard 19 19
3 Jan 2002 7:40PM
There are some excellent articles by Ian Lyons, which you can read online or download, to help set up your printer and monitor combination. Try:
User_Removed 19 7.3k 6 United Kingdom
23 Feb 2002 4:16PM
Sorry to be late with an answer to this one but I've only just joined the group.

I think we've all experienced this one and this is the way I have found works best.

Get an image file and adjust it so that the printed version is just right. Close the file without the changes and then reopen it again in Photoshop. Using Adobe Gamma (which is program that should exist on your Control Panel - it's installed along with Photoshop) alongside the photoshop image and your printed image, adjust the options according to the Adobe Gamma program until the on screen display matches your print and save your Adobe Gamma profile (you'll see what I mean when you try it).

The next time you open an image in Photoshop using this profile you will adjust it until it appears good on your screen. When you print it, it should look like it does on screen (it does for me anyway!).

By the way, you may realise this already, but try and leave your monitor on for about half an hour before printing or calibrating to allow it to stabilise. Also, one of your printer options is to allow "ICM controlled by Host". Make sure this option is selected otherwise the EPSON printer software will try and interpret colours itself and you don't want that!

Hope this helps (I know it sounds confusing)

Bramble 19 10
2 Mar 2002 10:51AM
Barrie, I am going to try your 'how to' as I am having major problems getting prints to look like the screen on my Epson 890. They are washed out looking and slightly dark compared to the prints I got with my previous Epson Stylus 680 (or 600?).

I also tried Tony Vizard's suggestion and went to the Ian Lyons site he mentioned and I d/loaded the Epson Printer ICC media profiles he suggested but they did not work for me.
Bramble 19 10
4 Mar 2002 6:32PM
Problems, problems. This is the only problem I have with my system right now. I have folled instructions to calibrate my monitor and print using Epson 890 but getting poor colour results compared to when I printed with Epson 680 Stylus. I have checked the site mentioned above and got lost! and tried the Epson Photoexpert site, address: which I followed but have not got good results with these Epson Media Profiles. I have questions, if anyone could help I would very much appreciate it. The first thing on the Adobe Gamma is choose a probile to begin. I have a NEC MultiSync 95F Monitor. Shoud I choose Trinitron or Nec or what? The NEC was set at 9300k but I see the site above suggests 5000k and another 6500k, my prints are not good at all, so would appreciate any help from anyone getting good results with the Epson 890

8 Apr 2002 3:20PM
Hi - I don't know if you'll pick this up, but I've only just found your colour matching problem, which is identical to my own, even to the previous printer being an Epson 600. The magenta shade is driving me to drink!

Did you ever find a satisfactory solution, and if so, what was it, please? I'm just about to start to work through Barrir Harwood's suggestion.

Bramble 19 10
13 Apr 2002 2:48PM
Barrie, I am still trying (but have changed so many variables, it's getting worse). Can you explain: you said 'using the saved profile', how and where do I choose that? and also: you said 'make sure the option - 'allow ICM controlled by Host': where and how do I ensure that is selected please?

Carol, as you can see I am still trying!
Stephen 19 33
14 Apr 2002 12:13PM
In my experience most images from digital cameras need a degree of postprocessing. I use a Nikon D1 and know only too well about the magenta caste, though it is usually onscreen.

I also use an epson 870 and find that the photoenhance setting with Premium Glossy paper helps, there is also a setting for digital cameras. The advanced settings allow you to alter colours not unlike photoshop.

However as for altering each file individually from the Oly E10, I feel you are wasting time here unless you set up an action to do the job for you. If the settings are the same for every image which is what you suggest then an Action is the ideal solution. You then apply the action to the whole folder in File>Automate>Batch.

For D1 users at least try this. Adjust>Selective colour>Cyan-100 Magenta -35 >Hue/Saturation Hue -2 It really does make all the difference
mpdragon 19 22
15 Apr 2002 3:57PM
Hi - I don't know if this will help, but I'm getting pretty good results by setting the Epson 890's Print space profile to Same as source and then going into Set up/Properties/Advanced/Colour Controls to putting the Magenta to -10. I've saved this as a custom setting - seems to be the best colours I've had so far!

Leaving the Print space profile to Same as source with No colour adjustment as the other option produces a very blue toned image.
bppowell 19 2.2k 2 England
15 Apr 2002 9:00PM
Just out of curiosity what is the colour depth of your monitor?
Bramble 19 10
16 Apr 2002 8:52PM
Thanks for advice to all who replied, will try the suggestions.

Bppowell: Sorry but what do you mean by colour depth? I have a Nec Multisync 95F monitor, which has a good resolution and True Colour, is that what you mean?
bppowell 19 2.2k 2 England
17 Apr 2002 11:53AM
Most colour monitors can be set 8bit, 16bit 24bit true colour or 32bit colour depth. This is true for PC's not so sure about Mac's.

Images that look good on a monitor set to 8bit will not print out correctly due to there not being enough colour information for the printer to work with.

I have found that the monitor needs to be set for the maximum colour depth available.
Mantova 19 5
17 Jul 2002 1:46PM
Colour Management is a BIG subject that I have just started to learn about. Very few people actually know what they are talking about in this subject area - and a little knowledge is dangerous ! I suggest looking at and They are experts in this field and have sopme useful material.

Bottom line - you cannot PROPERLY set up your Monitor and Printer ICC PROFILES (which are like Dictionaries) by eye - it just isn't accurate enough. If all you are after is "OK - ish" then go ahead.

Look at the Spyder / Optical combination on, too !
BOB S 19 2.6k
23 Jul 2002 10:21PM
Go to, they manufacture a colour profiling software package. Expensive but good

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