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Pete Plus
17 18.8k 97 England
16 Jun 2009 12:25PM
Every time a click thread occurs it gets everyone excited. All those who are passionate about the subject come in and have a rant. The thread usually goes on for about 10-15 pages and then gets locked or deleted. Somewhere in the thread I usually pop in and say I wish some of that angst, and passion could be filtered to better use and here's my idea.

Our IT bod David came up with a great blog describing ten features that you may not have come across. With this and the recent forum thread that shows a few long-standing members tiring of the same old on ePHOTOzine I thought I'd come up with a 10 point challenge that I hope every single member will attempt.

So this thread is about getting you active.

The idea is to encourage you to try out some of the new features of the site, and revisit some of the older ones.. Some elements will be challenging, some easy, some not so easy, some quick, some will take more thought. It should all add a bit of fun, possible inspiration and most of all highlight some of the stuff you may have missed out on.

Please take the time to join in.

1. PhotoMap Gallery (Located in the Photos menu)
The Photomap gallery allows users to specify where a picture was taken on a world map. This is great as then you can get a better idea of great photo spots and perhaps see photos that were taken around where you live. Its really fun to have a browse around your home town or any world wide location. It's easy to add your photos to the PhotoMap gallery, just click on the 'Geotag my Photos' link in your portfolio.

The Challenge
Upload a photo to the map, in the photo description give a more detailed summary of that photo and the location. Ask for other members to comment on your shot and the location.

2. Challenges (Located in the Photos menu)
A highly addictive part of the site that has been around for years. The idea is that a challenge is created with a theme (ie: B&W abstract still life) and then users upload photos within that theme. Users of the site then can vote 1-10 on all the entries and eventually the best photo in that theme will rise to the top. There is also a chance to win some prizes.

The Challenge
Enter a photo into one of the active challenges. The photo should in your eyes be better than any of the others in that challenge.

3. Members' Exhibitions
(Located in the Members menu)
We allow our e2 members to create online exhibitions here on ePHOTOzine complete with slideshow, gallery, comments and much more. You can even work together with other members to put together a truly amazing online exhibition. These exhibitions are free to view to anyone on the site.

The Challenge
Gather ten photos that fit together as a theme and submit an exhibition. Try to arrange them in a logical order that suits the pleasure of viewing to tell a story, harmonise etc.

4. Avatar Sudoku (Located in the Members menu)
A fun game where you fill the sudoku grid with pictures rather than numbers. The pictures are avatars of the previous weeks 9 highest winners.

The Challenge
I enter every week on a Monday morning and usually get an average of around 5 mins. Do not cheat go to the page with the grid find the first position and start the game. Try to beat my score.

5. Members' Blogs
(Located in the Members menu)
A fairly recent addition to the site where you can talk about yourself. Use it as a diary or a place to share an experience or as an area to describe a technique you use.

The Challenge
Create a blog that will be an interesting read to other members. It could be what exciting thing you did in photography today, a tip that everyone will find invaluable or an opinion about photography or a great technique. The indication of how good it was will be in the number of times it's read and the comments left.

6. Forums - Unanswered topics (Located in the Forums menu)
An area that lists all the topics that have gone unanswered. Be the first to help someone with a question, welcome someone to the site, or join in on some praise or moans.

The Challenge
Find an unanswered topic and make a suitable first reply

7. User Award gallery (Located in the Photos menu)
A place wher you can create an award icon and give it out to your favourite photograph of the week

The Challenge
Create your award in Photoshop or similar and then give one to the best photo this week

8. Critique gallery (Located in the Photos menu)
An area used by members to post up pictures where they want help and critique on their photos. The help can be suggestions on how to improve, advice on what's needed to get a better shot, or even just praise if your rally think it's fine as it is.

The Challenge
Find a photo that you think could be improved and give an evaluation saying what you would do to make it better. Aim is to get your comment marked as good critique.

9. Members portfolios (Located in the Members menu)
The place to find the portfolios of thousands of active members. All arranged alphabetically, with most recent uploaders on the front page.

The Challenge
Find a portfolio you haven't viewed in detail that has portfolio comment option. Look through the member's photos and then give an overall view of their portfolio in the comment box. Use the ideas suggested by Cole in this thread as a useful template for your feedback.

10. Competitions (Located in the Members menu)
We go to a great deal of trouble to secure prizes of around 1000 each month for each competition. It's your chance to put up your best image and win. Themes vary widely from month to month and everyone stands a chance. Some do have a UK only prize win, but you can still enter - just for the prestige, or get the prize delivered to some friend in the UK.

The challenge
Enter the latest competition. Give it your best shot. Unlike many competitions it's free to enter.

When you've done post in this thread your list of links for others to view.
Please format like this:
copy and paste the following replacing the link to... with your link

1. PhotoMap Gallery Link to your photomap location photo

2. Challenges Link to your challenge entry

3. Members' Exhibitions
Link to your exhibition

4. Avatar Sudoku Link to your game score

5. Blogs Link to your blog

6. Forums - Unanswered topics Link to topic

7. User Award gallery Link to awarded photo

8. Critique gallery Link to critique

9. Members Portfolios Link to portfolio home page

10. Competitions Link to entry

Some of the sections may be e2 only. Just exclude these areas if you are not an e2 member...or make that your 11th challenge - join e2 for a month trial and enter all the other sections.

Also this is not in the game but worth doing:

Classified ads (Located in the Store menu)
An area for members to get rid of unwanted gear and find a bargain.

The challenge
Find an item you no longer use and post it in the for sale section of the classified ads

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Carabosse 15 41.1k 270 England
16 Jun 2009 12:28PM
Lol! Nice one Pete - certainly got me looking...... albeit with a sinking heart at first! Grin

It is easy to forget there is more, much more, to the site than the forum and clickable photos. Wink
Pete Plus
17 18.8k 97 England
16 Jun 2009 12:34PM

Quote:certainly got me looking

Of course...I knew it would... that's my intention lol...

Quote:Avatar Sudoku. At number 4?
Chris good point I should have said that the entries are in no particular order of importance in photographic or site merit. Having said that it is addictive, especially if you have a few people who you try to beat each week.

Quote:PMSL @ "The challenge - Find an item you no longer use and post it in the for sale section of the classified ads"

Reminds me of the kidology a friend uses when she says to her toddler, "bet you can't tidy your toys up in one minute"

Added because Barrie just mentioned we don't give enough airspace to the section. So as I stated it's not really in the challenge but added as an extra.
But thanks for your input...I imagine you won't be getting involved?
rowarrior 10 4.4k 9 Scotland
16 Jun 2009 12:37PM
Can we sticky this one, not got the wherewithall to do any of it at work, but could have a go at home with some of them Smile
Pete Plus
17 18.8k 97 England
16 Jun 2009 12:38PM

Quote:Can we sticky this one, not got the wherewithall to do any of it at work, but could have a go at home with some of them

Done Smile
funkeldink 14 1.6k 1 Australia
16 Jun 2009 12:48PM
whooaaaw ... a click thread
funkeldink 14 1.6k 1 Australia
16 Jun 2009 12:50PM
i'll have a go at them ... it will cost you tho ///. i will take 8 clicks and 2 HCs for your 10 challenges
Pete Plus
17 18.8k 97 England
16 Jun 2009 12:51PM

Quote:///. i will take 8 clicks and 2 HCs for your 10 challenges

lol thanks...any better offers?

how's it going?
funkeldink 14 1.6k 1 Australia
16 Jun 2009 12:56PM
great mate .. as always a hectic couple of years ... but for the first time i am settled ... very very happy in Adelaide // .. just had a holiday and all is slotting into place ... finally ..
and how about you .... hows that ticker
cattyal Plus
13 8.5k 6 England
16 Jun 2009 12:57PM
I was only thinking I must take a look at the challenges again this morning. Let me get my bag prints sorted, printed, mounted, framed and hopefully sold, and I'll settle down to the site again Smile (Ok I'm being optimistic about the sold bit)
Pete Plus
17 18.8k 97 England
16 Jun 2009 1:09PM

Quote:and how about you .... hows that ticker

Still ticking Smile
funkeldink 14 1.6k 1 Australia
16 Jun 2009 1:16PM

Quote:Still ticking

bonus ...

you missing the hospital ... starting a thread with the word 'click' in it aint good for your health you know ... its got me drinking thats for sure ..
Pete Plus
17 18.8k 97 England
16 Jun 2009 1:18PM

Quote:starting a thread with the word 'click' in it aint good for your health you know

lol - it was the only way I knew I'd draw attention to the thread...having said that I bet a lot have hidden it already, so maybe not a good idea. I'll give it a few hours and change it to something more appropriate.
funkeldink 14 1.6k 1 Australia
16 Jun 2009 1:24PM
naaah ... you can't resist opening a click battle .. makes the day go quicker
roxpix 14 2.2k 11 Scotland
16 Jun 2009 1:27PM
Trying to 'location tag' photos now, had'nt done this before and if you're familiar with where a shot was you've skooshed it (tech term) however i'm spending too long trying to pinpoint on a map (even roughly)

I notice when you go to use the map as a search feature you can enter town etc even places and parks which is great, could you add this search function to the screen used to add a location tag?
Then we could simply add in as an example Chester Zoo, copy coordinates, save, job done!


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