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Comments please

A12PHOTO 11 17 United Kingdom
5 Sep 2011 12:35AM
Hi website been up and running for a month now feel free to make any suggestions.
Debbiee 14 136 6 United Kingdom
5 Sep 2011 1:53AM
I don't want to sound negative but am trying to give my honest view here, when I opened up your website and saw the images I wouldn't have looked futher had it not been that you had asked for feedback, the reason for this is the smaller images are quite badly distorted/blurred by the site and on opening I just thought good composition skills but bad technical skills until I opened them larger and realised they are actually really good, but for me its the initial impression (the home page) that makes me look further. On most of your other pages the thumbnails appear sharp but the home and heritage page they don't and this doesn't do your photography justice. Again sorry to sound negative just giving my view Smile
brian1208 18 11.8k 12 United Kingdom
5 Sep 2011 6:42AM
I have to agree with Sophis, the look of you site is not inviting further exploration. For me it is too cluttered and confusing
saltireblue Plus
11 11.9k 75 Norway
5 Sep 2011 7:10AM
You also need to re-write the piece top left on the Home page.
Opportunity, not oppertunity, and some of the punctuation and sentences just don't read right.
It's all about giving a professional appearance.
A12PHOTO 11 17 United Kingdom
5 Sep 2011 9:27AM
Thank you very much for the comments will put your ideas into practice.
MikeA 16 1.3k England
5 Sep 2011 9:41AM
Contact details, there do not appear to be any ? Plenty of links to other sites / services but non to your own unless my head cold is dumbing my senses Wink
A12PHOTO 11 17 United Kingdom
5 Sep 2011 10:09AM
There on the very last page at the moment (Things make change in layout themes)
MikeA 16 1.3k England
5 Sep 2011 2:08PM

Quote:There on the very last page at the moment (Things make change in layout themes)

Found it Smile It was lost because I scrolled down to see your last image and did not notice I had not moved back to the top of the page, maybe a case for more noticeable type or different position of which both are probably covered in your Themes comment.
5 Sep 2011 5:57PM
I'm no expert on web sites but I'm pleased to NOT see flash animations ... they irritate me Grin
thatmanbrian 9 342 3 Spain
19 Sep 2011 11:14PM
I'd like to see a different theme maybe? The current one seems to have too much white space for me. The beauty of Wordpress is you can quickly swop themes or even allow users to choose their own.
LawrenceP 14 2 Northern Ireland
9 Jan 2012 5:23PM
Had a look at your wordpress Blog, I would agree with some of the comments above, I think another theme would do your photographs the justice they deserve. The photographs are very good, Another thing I would recommend is that you add a box were comments can be left and also some sharing buttons.
66tricky 14 742 Scotland
9 Jan 2012 6:12PM

Quote:All the photographs you see on the website are forsale.

I note you have disabled right click menu, presumably as an attempt to prevent image theft. Thi does nothing to prevent theft as all the images are readily available via the browser as it has to have access to display them so all disabling menus does is annoy the user who cannot browse in the manner they choose.

Also, in IE9 the jquery lightbox does not appear to work. The images open in a separate page and when they do they are full size (circa 16Mpix) so anyone who wants to can steal the full res image and crop off the edge watermark. There is no reason to have full res images on your website. they just slow things down and allow you images to be released into the public domain. Large res may also explain the very poor performance of the jquery lightbox in firefox as it is very slow to open. Do yourself a favour and reduce the longest dim to 1000 pix or less. It will sped things up and also protect your images better than any menu hobbling. Then remove the menu hobble as it is annoying i.e. I couldn't even select the text I pasted above but had to go to the page source to copy it. The over size also explains the poor rendering in thumbnail and lightbox due to on the fly resize.

66tricky 14 742 Scotland
9 Jan 2012 6:14PM
BTW checked using Opera and the time to open each image in lightbox is > 20 seconds. That's too slow and coupled with the menu crippling will drive visitors away.

A12PHOTO 11 17 United Kingdom
10 Jan 2012 2:37PM
Thanks 66 Tricky very helpful info.
chrissp26 17 39 United Kingdom
10 Jan 2012 9:26PM
IMO you need to sit down and look at your content, maybe screenshot your front page, print it out and then get a pair of scissors and slice up the sections of your homepage then play about with rearranging them. I don't agree with some of the comments on here about it being too cluttered, the content is fairly well balanced in terms of quantities there's just no structure holding it together.

My advice to you, is to go out there an look at how other people have done their sites, don't rip them off, but take inspiration from their ideas, see what works and what doesn't and then create a design that utililises the bits that do.

The site is also very bland. (sorry) but if you took a photo that dull you would just throw it away. Get some colour in there! You don't have to go to town, you don't want to detract from your lovely photos, but you don't want to bore the user before they get started either!

I also think you need to make more of your photos. Your website does not do them justice! Its the homepage and you're a photographer, so show the people what they want to see. Most portfolio sites you see today would have a scrolling featured image section to really get people's attention and to show you mean business.

I've spent about 3 minutes in PS moving things around and already there is clear demarcation betwen areas, its by no means a finished product, but its a start. Oh and get rid of the counters, and use google analytics instead. The counters don't mean anything to your visitors. I notice you are using wordpress, just install the goolge analytics plugin and the all in one SEO pack and your off to a flying start. If you need advice on how to do that PM me.


Good luck


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