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IanD 18 148 United Kingdom
29 Apr 2003 5:19PM
I'd like to know others opinions as to whether enough images are getting comments and/or ratings.
Personally speaking, I like the idea that somebody views my images and comments etc on it. I like opinion and praise/critisism and feel that others should make the effort to leave their thoughts. After all, we are all using this website to show off our "talents" so why not make it compulsory to comment/rate on "X" amount of images each month or recieve a time ban of some sort.
User_Removed 19 7.3k 6 United Kingdom
29 Apr 2003 6:17PM
Hi Ian

You say that "we are all using this website to show off our "talents". I feel sure this isn't true. Not everyone uses this site because they want to make judgements on other peoples images (just like not every user of this site does so because they want to post images for judgement) so it would be grossly unfair in my opinion to make this kind of imposition. I am sure there are a lot of people out there who use this site as a technical resource rather than a Gallery.

If someone weants to make a judgement on one of my images, great if they don't - they don't - it's as simple as that.

I comment on some images but not all. I tend to comment on those that really do something for me or those on subjects I know something about (for example, I'd never make technical judgement on a Sports Photograph for instance as I know less than nothing about this type of photography).


Pete 19 18.8k 97 England
29 Apr 2003 6:46PM
It would be great if more people commented...our stats show we now have over 130,000 people visiting the site each month, yet only a hundred or so are really active. I would like to see more of the occasional visitors get involved but we can't force them. Although some photos, as Barrie says, don't don't do enough to make you want to comment there are many that do.
GoodbyeAll 18 348 1
29 Apr 2003 6:59PM
It is my experience that people only really want praise. If you give a bad opinion people do sometimes become defensive and sometimes even blame you for not liking their picture. Personally I have not submitted any of my pictures - mainly because I would only submit my very highest quality work to be viewed by strangers and I simply have nothing digitised that is good enough. Some of the pics submitted here are really, really good and deserve praise and some are just plain rubbish. However, and sadly in my opinion, people don't want to be told how bad their work is, so it is easier not to comment at all. If it were up to me I would tell people when I think their work is cr#p for the good reason that some of them really don't know it and genuinely think it is good. In my opinion it would raise the standards, and that's what we all want, don't we?
Miles Herbert 18 1.9k 4 United Kingdom
29 Apr 2003 7:09PM
I think that the site makes it too easy for people to reply to comments via private email. I would be happier commenting if I knew that anything that was said was in the open, and not liable to fill up my inbox with indignant emails.
franken Plus
18 5.2k 4 United Kingdom
29 Apr 2003 7:23PM
I consider some of the comments that have been made on my submissions helpful. I'm pleased when I receive good comments and I appreciate advice that is often offered when the comments are not so good. I don't expect comments on all of my submissions but what I find annoying is the rating that is added without comments. I submitted a picture a couple of days ago, someone has given it a good rating but made no comment. I could have given myself the same rating! In my opinion we should do away with the ratings and just rely on comments. Does anybody else agree?
I agree with Barrie that the site is not just for showing your talents! I've learned a lot since I started using the site.
a2jlp 18 165 Scotland
29 Apr 2003 7:25PM
Ive noticed a fall off in the number of comments being posted against photographs and it could be for a number of reasons. I get the impression the web site has been quieter than normal and I reckon everyone has been beavering away preparing their images for the April Panels competition. How are the entries doing Pete?

I agree with Ken on the ratings. How do they work anyway? Is it an average of all ratings, the most recent rating, can the owner rate their own work? Ive noticed people praise an image to the hilt but not use the ratings option.
Big Bri 19 16.7k United Kingdom
29 Apr 2003 8:17PM
I am commenting on less photos, mainly because I simply don't have the time. This has been discussed many times in the past and as the number of photos in the gallery is shooting up, commenting on them all is impossible.

It has been suggested in the past that you can only rate an image if you leave a comment, in which case lots of pictures would still go unrated. I would like to see the same thing I have seen on other sites, where you can leave a rating without a comment, but the ratings are shown like the comments are now, assigned to a user, and not just averaged.

There will always be the users who post pictures for no apparent reason other than to show us a picture of themselves with their best friend (God only knows who actually took the pic) - pictures which have absolutely no artistic or technical merit - and if commenting on how bad a photo is draws the sort of replies I've seen in the past, I'm afraid only the best will get the comments.
GoodbyeAll 18 348 1
29 Apr 2003 8:21PM
Personally I think it is more important to comment on poor pictures. A good kick up the backside will do far more than a rather patronising pat on the back
Big Bri 19 16.7k United Kingdom
29 Apr 2003 8:30PM
But some poor souls can't take it. You can almost feel their tears welling as you type....
Pete 19 18.8k 97 England
29 Apr 2003 8:36PM
Some interesting debate here and I'm particularly interested in Wendy's point. It's true, some pictures are poor and I don't see the submissions from those people improving...they won't, unless they get help from the more experienced members and that's where it gets hard because some, as Wendy says, will not take kindly to critical views.
So I'm starting to think we have three options. We currently have two planned in the new development - gallery of excellence where only the best get through (edited by the ePHOTOzine team) and members own areas where they can share family snaps and pictures they're proud of but didn't make the gallery of excellence for one reason or another. We may then need a third option as a click button that turns on a "help me" flag. I agree the ratings haven't worked and they will disappear in the next phase.
John, entries for the comp are up at 160.
Re Miles' comment...do you want the email address of members to be hidden? Are you getting unnecessarily pestered, abused, etc.
mizpol 18 37
29 Apr 2003 9:33PM
I think the comments given to a picture are essential. I have been a member for just a few weeks but have learned such a lot, not just from the comments on my pictures but from the comments given to other people. As a person needing and willing to learn this is an important part of the site.
The problem is that written form can be taken in the wrong way...(I remember following a thread about a certain pic of the week not so long ago which beat Eastenders on the ratings war...)
The point is though we should only worry about the people that want to use the site positively first and foremost.
I think that you shouldn't be able to block comments on your submissions and shouldn't be able to comment unless you have submitted a pic. The rating and comment should go together ie comment+rating only. This will encourage the "rating only" people to comment and visa versa.
I think an option to mask your email address would maybe encourage more comments??
29 Apr 2003 9:58PM
Not wishing to fan any flames here....but wouldn't a 'gallery of excellence' be a divisory element driving a wedge through the membership, ie, into those really good ones and those mediocre ones? Would the images be judged fairly for either group and not discarded simply because the judges don't like them regardless of whether other viewers might? Sort of 'eye of the beholder' syndrome. You have the option to ditch unsatisfactory images at the moment, ie reject them. There are a lot of pictures on here that make one wonder how they got on.
Regarding the rating feature, I think its a good idea but should be used in conjunction with a comment as others have said, there is one particular individual that seems to give every image a 2 rating and no comment, why?
Personal e-mail addresses should be left alone and visible, I have made some very good friends on this website by them using my address, if a member has a particular reason for not wanting his or her address shown they should have the option of removing it, but as Miles said, any commenting should be in the open, if any particluar member is being abusive to any other then Pete always has the option of removing them as a member, problem solved.
I personally like the comments made to images, it is a good way to improve and people shouldn't throw their teddies out of the pram when they get bad reviews, they should grow up and take the advice in the context it is meant, learn from it and move on. As regards being forced to comment or suffer some penalty, as in the original posting, it would never work and is not the essence of the site, if a person has no comment to make, what would you have them say?
Miles Herbert 18 1.9k 4 United Kingdom
29 Apr 2003 9:59PM

Have frequently had replies, both good and bad, sent privately to me via email, stemming from comments I have made on here. It would be nice to have the option to conceal your email on your public profile. I agree that it would be nice to have a rating system linked to the comments...there you go Pete, instead of a second gallery of excellence...you could have a hall of fame for photos that get a higher rating..less work for you...and more democratic!...oh, and an incentive to improve your submissions...

On a seperate issue, it would also be nice to be able to manage our own pictures..ie, delete them ourselves...
SuziBlue 18 16.2k 10 Scotland
29 Apr 2003 10:19PM
a few comments ..

Pete - can you make me VERY BIG 'help me' flag ... hehehehe

I've noticed in the past some pics that might have been posted by much younger members and want feedback - especially if they've just started out and are taking their first tentative steps .. I'd hate to see anyone squashed simply because they're not of a particular standard - you might extinguish a small flame of curiosity .. sparked off partly because this particular site is very open and welcoming and the gallery is so diverse .. although what I would also not like to see is ages added - that says nothing at all.

yep - I've changed my mind - a gallery of excellence for the high raters ... sounds good and very democratic ....

Personally I don't mind at all having my pictures dissected to see what would make them better - I really appreciate people's time in commenting. But that's a personal thing - I don't mind a kick up the backside to improve my pictures (as long as you let me put a cushion in first!!) because I don't see it as directed at me personally but at the work I've produced .. distancing myself from my photographs is important in order to REALLY hear what's being said.

Email addresses - are they not turn-on-and off-able? (dig the grammar LOL) .. we can take them off our profile if we don't want them on .. or am I needing a shot of caffeine ..

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