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Comments removed from an image.


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bricurtis Plus
18 2.8k 54 England
6 Feb 2021 1:14PM
I have just noticed in my recent activity that 2 comments I made on an image a few days ago have been removed. The issue was over repeated uploads.
I rembered seeing the image before and asked the photographer why it was uploaded again as it had an HC award on it previously.

I then looked at the members Award gallery and saw that it also had been awarded an EC.
I asked again why post it and what did he hope to gain by it. I did'nt think it fair on members or the ePz team.
There was no rudeness in the comments, I was asking and hoping for a response.

NOW - who has removed my comments, was it a moderator, or a ePz team member.

Either way my comments were justified and it would have been good to have received a message explaining who and why the comments were removed.

What has happened to the ' say what you see mantra ' on here.
I think I should have put this in the Angry thread.
Really annoyed.
Moderator Post
6 Feb 2021 1:22PM
Hi Brian

The comments in question were deleted as they contravened the site T&Cs:

Quote:P5. Discussion of other members voting behaviour, or more generally the way other members choose to use this site (within the terms and conditions) will be locked/deleted/edited at the discretion of the Team and the Moderators.
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bricurtis Plus
18 2.8k 54 England
6 Feb 2021 1:34PM
Thanks for that Malc.
I still think I should have been notified of the removal of my comments though.

Out of interest do you think this repeating of images is beneficial to the site. It certainly causes problems for the ePz team, as they cannot be expected to remember all the photos uploaded.
Moderator Post
6 Feb 2021 1:49PM
My apologies on behalf of the site, Brian, you not being notified was a human error.

Our official position on this issue is that while we try to encourage members not to upload the same image multiple times, and indeed, some members have been politely requested not to do it, there is nothing in our rules to prevent it. Such a rule would be very difficult, if not impossible, to police, especially if there is a significant time lapse between uploads of the same image.
Also, they could change one tiny detail and claim it is not the same image...
bricurtis Avatar
bricurtis Plus
18 2.8k 54 England
6 Feb 2021 2:11PM
Thanks Malc.

It's a problematic situation but if the site is happy to run with it. I've got my answer.
Best to lock this thread now I think.