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Comparing different cameras, same scene

cowboymug 3 4
17 May 2019 9:46AM
This tool is great here but unfortunately it doesn't have any of landscapes - does anyone know of something similar online?
17 May 2019 10:23AM
When dpreview do a full review of a camera they usually have photos of all different sorts of scene for that camera. On a complete review they usually do show some comparison between the camera which is being reviewed and another of similar specs. If you want to compare cameras I don't know anything which does this but you can use any photographic website and compare the different cameras yourself - time consuming but the choices are so wide that it would need masses of space for any one site to compare all different cameras and show all the different scenes that they may take.
JackAllTog Plus
13 6.4k 58 United Kingdom
17 May 2019 4:46PM
You need a controlled environment to take comparative images, such as the ones ePhotozine does of the Shelf - see this https://www.ephotozine.com/article/panasonic-lumix-g90-g95-review-33425/performance

(I don't know how they keep the shelf so dust free.)

Anyway to do a comparative landscape shot you'd need all the cameras, all at once taking shots in the same light.
MentorRon 4 102 Canada
19 May 2019 1:03AM
If the two cameras are on the web site shown below, you can compare various images at 100% side by side.
The basic search will only include relatively recent cameras.
If you want to compare older models, you need to click on the phrase "All Cameras" at the top
of each of the 2 columns before selecting a camera.

WestCamera 3 121 United States
26 May 2019 5:37PM
If you want a quick and convenient site to compare cameras technical stats side by side you might try Snapsort.com. There is no images to compare. But, it is a good beginning point. Then go from there.
cowboymug 3 4
26 Jul 2019 3:49PM
Thanks for the responses guys and sorry for such a late response! All prices Iíve found are second hand.

As I never use a tripod, Iím guessing image stabilization is important for me (even though most photos will be in good light so can have a fast shutter speed), and will buy a second hand Sony A7II as my camera body for £650.

I agree that hand holding the camera and seeing if I like the feel of it is important. Do most cameras of the same brand tend to feel the same? I wonít have a chance to visit a shop for a couple of weeks, but if I donít like the Sony feel, my backups are Nikon D750 (£625) or Canon 6D (£500) or 5D Mark II (£369) Ėbut they donít have image stabilization and are all heavier.

Iíve been googling, then treating the Dxomark score as a benchmark on how good it is.
Iím still unsure what focal lengh I want Ė I use my gopro hero 7 a lot which is apparently 16mm, so Iím leaning towards the Sony FE 16-35mm f4 (£789).

Other lenses Iím interested in are Sony FE 12-24mm f4 (£1116) and Sony E 10-18mm f4 (£269). If I were to start at a very cheap lens, to find out what focal length I need, Sony E 16-50mm f3.5-5.6 (£79) could be a good starting point.
Dxomark donít show all of these lenses for some reason Ė does anybody know why? Is there a good alternative that can quantify the quality of a lens like Dxomark does?

Finally, this is assuming all Sony E and FE lenses will fit onto the A7II.

Any suggestions on other lenses would be appreciated! Low weight is an aspect Iíve been focusing on also. Thanks Smile
Jestertheclown 13 8.7k 255 England
26 Jul 2019 9:58PM

Quote:Iíve been googling, then treating the Dxomark score as a benchmark on how good it is

I suppose that might work although personally, whenever I buy a lens (or any piece of equipment), I tend to seek out as many articles and reviews about it as I can.
I'll find and look at images taken using it and listen tom people who actually own and use it.
I'm not knocking Dxomark in any way. I can't because I've never used it but if I was to, it would only be one of many sources of information that I'd consider.
Ian-Jones 19 134 2 United Kingdom
27 Jul 2019 9:44PM
Most Canon and Nikon lenses include image stabilisation so the lack of in camera IS won't be a problem, although there'll be nothing you can do about the weight. If you can hand hold down to 1/60s and/or use auto ISO, IS isn't necessary unless you use LiveVIew (or similar) rather than look through the view finder, when taking pictures. Image stabilisation is most useful when the light is poor, or the subject moves around a lot.

On a more general point, the lighter cheaper lenses, especially the kit ones, tend to be more use as a paper weight than on a camera. The best thing you can do is pop into the camera shop and ask if you can try it out on the street outside, borrow the stuff from a friend, or hire the kit for a weekend. Try before you buy means avoiding costly mistakes.
Chris_L 8 5.5k United Kingdom
27 Jul 2019 11:15PM
I'd have to disagree with a couple of your points Ian. You say that most Canon and Nikon lenses include image stabilisation so the lack of camera IS won't be a problem. That is simply not true. The majority do not have IS.

You also say that Image Stabilisation is most useful when the subject moves around a lot. That isn't true. Image stabilization lets you use longer shutter durations without needing a tripod. A subject that is moving will still blur. When the subject moves a lot you need a faster shutter speed to freeze it. You don't need IS if your shutter speeds are fast.

Not all kit lenses are paperweights either, far from it.

Cowboymug all Sony E and FE mount lenses will fit on an A7-II, but they won't all work full frame. If you buy an A7-II then try to buy FE lenses.

My most used lens on my Sony is a 35mm, I think it's got an excellent quality to it and a great focal length for general photography.

Some shots in my pf taken with it include

3 Aug 2019 11:25PM
The Pentax K1 has 5 stops ibis or "shake reduction " as Pentax call this feature.
So no need for ibis in lens.
It is also weathersealed.
Although its heavier the ergonomics make the camera easier to hold.

cowboymug 3 4
14 Aug 2019 3:10PM
I held the camera with lens in the store today and I like it!
I plan to buy both the body and lens from Park Cameras - if anybody sees anything wrong with what I'm buying or knows a cheaper place to buy either please let me know!

Body - £499
Lems - £759

Thanks Smile
cowboymug 3 4
25 Aug 2019 1:38PM
I have the camera, but there's some dirt coming out on ALL photos - does this mean I need the lens cleaned (see top right of photo)?

MentorRon 4 102 Canada
25 Aug 2019 6:02PM
More likely on the sensor. I've had dirt and dust on front and internal elements of lenses in my 35mm days, and it never produced SHARP images of itself on photos. Can cause miniscule blur in small portions of images. I even had a Sigma 17mm lens with a cracked rear element which didn't affect photos noticeably. The only interchangeable lens camera I now have is my Sony SLT-a58 and I only have the Sony SAL18-135 (27-202mm), so no dust gets in when changing lenses, since I don't Wink
P.S.: the SAL does a great job up to 2X digital zoom as well, so it really goes to 404mm, and I bought a very cheap Chinese lens attachment (0.45x wide) which gives me about 21mm with a tiny amount of blur in the corners. 1/20th of the cost of Sony's SAL1118 (17-27mm). On the web, it's called "0.45x 62mm wide angle macro conversion lens" and cost $33 Cdn.
Below is photo taken using the SAL18135 with the 0.45 attachment. You can get the lens in other thread diameters besides 62mm.
MentorRon 4 102 Canada
25 Aug 2019 6:14PM
The Sony must have a sensor "shake" cleaner built in, as mine does. But you might need a blower to move the grit off the sensor. Make sure you use the blower correctly. I know someone who got propellant on the sensor by not following instructions carefully !!!
Jestertheclown 13 8.7k 255 England
25 Aug 2019 10:20PM
Looks like dirt on the sensor.

Personally, I avoid Rocket blowers like the plague but each to their own.

Everyone seems to have their own agenda when it comes to doing it it but whichever way you settle upon, sensor cleaning's dead easy,

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