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Computer not recognising DVD Players

bikerbob Avatar
bikerbob 21 202
5 Jun 2022 11:17AM
I have a 6 year old all in one HP23 desk top computer It has a internal player and I have an external Asus player the computer does not recognise either. They are both there in device manager with the yellow triangle next to them it says drivers are latest versions. My son has tried all the usual things that are listed on the web for this problem but to no avail. Have tried uninstalling the software for the Asus player but when I put the installation disc in the player nothing happens computer does not play it. had to do a system restore to get it back but still not working.When you go into file manager and click on This PC it lists the cdrive and my external hard drives but not the DVD players. Does anybody have an answer for this please.
silverscot Avatar
silverscot 10 572 Scotland
5 Jun 2022 12:39PM
Have googled "external dvd drive not recognised". Various solutions from Microsoft one of which is to remove unknown devices then run System File Checker tool. User does not say if this solved their problem. Most other solutions offered you have most likely tried.
If you have unistalled this drive does the pc recognise " new hardware" when plugged in? sorry don't have exact solution.
Tianshi_angie Avatar
5 Jun 2022 5:28PM
The fact that the computer doesn't recognise your player when you plug it in suggests to me that it is the player that is at fault not necessarily your computer. See if you can get a friend to try plugging the player into their computer and what the result of that is. Does your computer recognise other 'plug and play' gizmos? I plug my camera, my sound box and mouse (to charge it) into the computer but they all have to have their own lead - not any usb will work.
Jestertheclown Avatar
Jestertheclown 14 8.8k 255 England
5 Jun 2022 6:39PM
Do you have anyu other Usb. devices already plugged in?

If so, try unplgging them and try your player again.

Having too many devices installed can lead to one or some of them not working.
bikerbob Avatar
bikerbob 21 202
6 Jun 2022 8:12AM
I have other devices plugged into the USB connections such as 2 printers and a scanner also 2 external hard drives all working perfectly, and I connect my camera via USB What I find strange is that both dvd players have gone down at the same time but they show up in device manager with the yellow triangles indicating a problem but do not show up when you click this PC in file explorer as they should. My son who is quite good at this sort of thing has spent quite a few hours trying to sort this out to no avail. He is now thinking that as a last resort we should put the computer back to factory settings but has warned me that this will take some time and he is still not convinced that it will solve the problem, so I could end up with a computer that I could not use for installing the software for all my devices and programs. Also have tried unplugging all USB devices with no difference you can hear both players trying to start automatically when you put a disc in so mechanically they are OK.
smacau1 Avatar
smacau1 11 550 United Kingdom
6 Jun 2022 10:17AM
Unplug the USB drive, then remove the internal DVD drive from within Device Manager - right click it and 'uninstall device'. Then reboot and hopefully Windows will find it and install it again.
bikerbob Avatar
bikerbob 21 202
6 Jun 2022 3:23PM
Tried uninstalling both the internal and external drives The internal one comes back but will still not work the external one nothing happens when you put the installation disc in to get it back you have to do a system restore but then it to will not work
Jestertheclown Avatar
Jestertheclown 14 8.8k 255 England
6 Jun 2022 4:41PM
If it didn't work prior to the system restore, assuming it was a recent restore point, it won't work after it either.
The only way that system restore might help would be to return to a restore point at a time when you know it did work.
Tianshi_angie Avatar
8 Jun 2022 9:54PM
Try this link
and follow these directions - they seem to me to be a little complicated so perhaps your sone and you can work them out together.


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