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Computer startup delay

hobbo Plus
7 1.2k 2 England
23 Sep 2012 9:12AM
Just recently my desktop PC (complete with all my pics.files and software) has begun to play up on start up:

SYMPTOMS:..............It can either take an age to get going............or, occassionally.........it will simply stick on the initial black screen that offers access to BIOS etc.

This morning, it has done the latter, even after three attempts to get it to start............I gave up on it, leaving the initial black start up running..............twenty minutes later, I returned to see that it had eventually got going:

Can anyone computer savvy tell me why it might be happening......can I do something myself?....or.....is it a trip to the PC pro...or...even to the PC Knackers Yard?

Fortunately since I lost, then recovered the original C DRive, I back up all important files etc to two exterior DRives..........What I am afraid of losing is my software.

The C drive is less than four years old:

I have KASPERSY antivirus and CCleaner which I run regularly:

All advice gratefully received:


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23 Sep 2012 9:24AM
It might be the motherboard that's starting to play up. There is not much you can do about that other than change the motherboard. Just an aside...have you checked the memory and all internal cards such as the graphics card are seated properly?. Also try giving it a hoover out to get any dust away from the fans etc.

I had a problem with my last computer where my graphics card was faulty. The computer had similar symptoms to yours. Changed the graphics card and all was fine.
rhol2 7 369 1 United Kingdom
23 Sep 2012 9:43AM
Assuming that you are using Windows 7 and can get the thing running again, it might be worth trying "
Sytem Restore".

This resets the system back to a chosen date,i.e. one before you started having problems.

If you click on Start, then "Help and Support" you can type "system restore" into the search box..this brings up a help list explaining how System Restore operates and how to implement it.

Could be worth trying before you look at hardware options.
puertouk 6 1.1k 17 United Kingdom
23 Sep 2012 10:48AM
You could have a virus on your system. You could have too many programs on startup, which is why your system takes so long to start up. Check what programs are on at startup. Any of these which are not essencial, you should be able to turn off at startup. Have you got more than 1 drive on your PC? Your BIOS may not be picking up your C drive on bootup. Restart your PC and press your delete button. Various option will appear. Press your arrow button until you come to your bios settings. Open that and make sure the C drive is the main startup. If you are unsure, do not alter anything. If you have a Windows 7 disk, put it into your drive and reboot your machine. Keep pressing F8 while the machine boots up, this will then take you into the Windows 7 disk options. You need to choose English UK on the list. Choose repair your PC. It will then hopefully repair any problems you have. If this does not work, take it to a repair centre.
23 Sep 2012 11:29AM
I've found if I have my printer switched on and fired up before turning computer on then computer takes a age to boot past the black screen as you call it. Making sure the printer is powered down before switching computer on solves my problem and boot up time is normal. It seems my computer takes a quick read at the bios it then starts to read something to do with the printer taking a good two/three mins before starting to load up windows.

Not saying this is the same problem as yours but if your printer is on before booting try switching it off then boot.
mlewis 13 1.5k United Kingdom
23 Sep 2012 5:58PM
Make sure any external hard disks are not plugged in or are powered off when starting up.
col.campbell 14 1.2k 4 United Kingdom
23 Sep 2012 6:48PM

Quote:Make sure any external hard disks are not plugged in or are powered off when starting up.

+1. I recently got a couple of external USB drives for backing up data and discovered my XP system, freshly installed, takes all day/ fails to boot with them connected.
hobbo Plus
7 1.2k 2 England
23 Sep 2012 7:28PM
That is very interesting, I have two hefty external drives plugged in all the time.....It could be that which is causing the problem......does that mean I will have to pull the USB connectors every night?

That will be a pain, and is likely to get forgotten......can the PC not be programmed to sart them both up after main start-up?

oldblokeh 7 1.2k United Kingdom
23 Sep 2012 7:38PM
Your BIOS ought to allow you to specify the order of looking for bootable drives, aka the boot order.
hobbo Plus
7 1.2k 2 England
24 Sep 2012 6:12AM
Thank you folks.......I seem to be making progress:

I recently purchased a new INOV8 multi card reader, I had left it connected.........when it is, it shows up as drives E,F,G,H,I , it probably upsets my BIOS setting..............I gave the PC a good old clean out a virus scan...it was clear.....then got rid of the quick start settings.

I will need to find somebody more savvy than me to check the BIOS setting for start Order....otherwise, it might get expensive if I get it wrong:
at the moment the PC is starting up much faster:

Ade_Osman 15 4.5k 36 England
24 Sep 2012 11:20AM
Any USB peripherals will slow down a machine on start up, this includes any external hard-drives, especially as most machines in the BIOS are set to look for them in case they are to be used as boot drives. You can disable this function in the BIOS, but it's unwise especially if you use an external drive as a back up. Just keep the drive switched off or unplugged.

pabloisme 8 566 England
25 Sep 2012 8:09AM
how old is it? if it defaults into bios

IT may well be the small battery on the board!

being flatter than flat!
USB drives are best added when running (some AV's will scan check them EVERY TIME!)

BUT with all PCs running mucksift o/s you will find that the UPDATES has grown larger and LARGER
slowing it (start up) down!
Jestertheclown 9 7.7k 252 England
25 Sep 2012 9:43AM
Mine started sticking on the BIOS screen a while ago. I had to press enter (I think any key would have done) to get it to continue.
I googled the problem and concluded that the problem lay with the internal battery, the one that powers the BIOS chip when the machine's turned off.
I replaced it with one from the pound shop (I got a card with about two dozen batteries on it) and it's been OK since.
Could be worth a try.
I've never noticed an issue with start times due to having things plugged in via USB, and I've got a few.
RogBrown 11 3.1k 10 England
25 Sep 2012 11:22AM

Quote:I replaced it with one from the pound shop

How much did it cost? Smile
Jestertheclown 9 7.7k 252 England
25 Sep 2012 3:08PM

Quote:How much did it cost? Smile

Now Rog, you know better than that. That's one of my jokes!

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