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Continuous and flash studio lighting

rhowbust 10 13 United Kingdom
14 Jul 2011 10:19PM
Hi Everyone
I currently have two old flash heads which work fine. I want to add an additional light to my collection.
However I have been told adding a modern flash head to my set may result in all three of the flashes not going off in sync.
I am also faced with a bit of a financial contstraint at the moment, the 3rd light I wish to use under my product table so I need a 500w light. Not cheap.
I got to thinking that perhaps I could use a much cheaper continious 500w light underneath my table, such as the kind found in TV studios, and have the two flash heads on either side my table.

Can anyone see a problem with mixing continous lighting with flash lighting?

indemnity 12 334
15 Jul 2011 12:43AM
Depending on type of continuous lighting, Colour temperature and heat may be an issue.
If you bought a second hand 500w/s flash head with photo cell, sync wouldn't be a problem, check out ebay, might be an idea to have same modifier speed ring fitting as old lights, in case you want to use them for alternative purpose.
rhowbust 10 13 United Kingdom
19 Jul 2011 12:58PM
Thanks. I had a look on ebay and they are still quite expensive. I'll keep an eye out though perhaps a bargain will pop up.
JackAllTog Plus
12 6.3k 58 United Kingdom
19 Jul 2011 1:10PM
I've used a 'daylight' energy efficient bulb for continuous lighting before. Seach ebay for ENERGY SAVING LIGHT BULB 105=500W.
Its very bright.
Others like the PhotoSEL 85W(500W Eq) 5400K CRI>90 Studio Lighting Bulb
actually state a colour temperature. If its right and it matches your flash colour then excellent.

I now use cheap ebay triggers and manually set each flash power. i can't see why they would be noticibly out of sync.

BigRick 15 2.1k 3 United Kingdom
19 Jul 2011 7:00PM
why do you need a 500w for under a product table.... how big is the table!? My 250w is more than enough for product shots, they dont move, so you dont need the power.... unless you have different requirments to me? and an interfit 250w head is only about 150
rhowbust 10 13 United Kingdom
19 Jul 2011 9:12PM
I see. I was told to use a 500w under the table by the person I did a product photography course with. That's what he was using and he was a pro so I trusted his judgment. However if you think a 250w is enough to work then that's great.
kat2290 10 92
20 Jul 2011 8:49AM
I also use a 250w flash under a table for product shots and it is more than enough, most of the time I only use it on half power aswell Smile
But I agree with the comment about the heat, might not be good if your ever going to be togging something which can't withstand heat very chocolate?! Just a thought lol
kat2290 10 92
20 Jul 2011 8:50AM
ps I got my 250w light off ebay and it was cheap as chips and has worked fine, doesnt have the fastest recycle time but thats not really important with products, if you're also going to use it for portraits etc sometime then it might not be so good
rhowbust 10 13 United Kingdom
21 Jul 2011 5:46PM
Just been scouting out ebay and noticed there are two types of lights, Strobe and Flash.
What's the difference?
Flash seems to be more expensive
rhowbust 10 13 United Kingdom
21 Jul 2011 5:56PM
E.G on this shop here notice there are two 900w kits with three lamps in and all the same accessories. One is called flash and the other strobe. Both seem to have the same specs though. So I'm confused.
rhowbust 10 13 United Kingdom
21 Jul 2011 5:57PM
kat2290 10 92
23 Jul 2011 9:27AM
I imagine its just a way for the seller to get more people to look at their item, you frequently see it on ebay when people are selling things they try and include as many similar words in the title so that their item will come up in more searches. As for the difference in price I would say they are just trying their luck and hoping some people will choose the more expensive option thinking its better?
Technically I think a strobe is supposed to be a repeating flash (so google tells me) but to be honest I think the two words are used interchangably these days and basically just mean the same thing - a studio flash
You should email the seller and ask him what the difference is, I'd be interested to see what he says? Perhaps there is a difference between the two.
rhowbust 10 13 United Kingdom
24 Jul 2011 9:35PM
Well I asked and he said it was his mistake........
arhb 13 3.4k 68 United Kingdom
25 Jul 2011 11:35AM
Strobe and flash are the same - strobe is just a newer term given to flash.
5 Aug 2011 4:25PM
watched a tv documentary on Rankin doing studio shots, he appeared to be using just a single front main continuous light (held by a flunky) and with the white background also continuously bleached out.
My question; why do we not all use continuous 5400K fluorescent instead of flash or
hot energy greedy tungsten?

The reason I ask, is I am looking at doing lit studio shots for the first time; so am looking at kit to buy.

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