Copies in Lightroom

Daffy1 Avatar
Daffy1 15 422 Ireland
12 Jun 2019 12:08PM
I press some thing in Lightroom and I got thousands++ copies of my pictures.
How canI get rid of these copies. Please help
Tianshi_angie Avatar
12 Jun 2019 12:26PM
There is a video on YouTube which shows you how to do this.
Daffy1 Avatar
Daffy1 15 422 Ireland
12 Jun 2019 12:56PM
not much good to me I have thousands++
saltireblue Avatar
saltireblue Plus
13 14.5k 89 Norway
12 Jun 2019 1:09PM
I don't use LR but as a general tip I would suggest either resetting to default settings, or doing a re-install.
shagnasty Avatar
shagnasty 16 82
12 Jun 2019 2:19PM
So you will need the paid for version at £8.50 to help you get out of a mess of your own creation. If it as big as you say, then the price is low for an important lesson!!. You don't say what type of copies you have inadvertently created, but detail of that information might lead to a different solution.
Tianshi_angie Avatar
12 Jun 2019 2:55PM
Are you sure these are duplicates and not virtual copies? If they are duplicates then I don't think it is possible to remove them in Lightroom. If you use Windows then I suspect the quickest way would be to open 'File Explorer' and go to the file(s) which you keep your images in. With the 'File' Tab highlighted go to 'Large Icons'. This will show your files as images. Then choose 'View'>'Sort by' and choose 'type' all the images which are the same will be immediately obvious. You can then delete all the extras. As I said this will take a long time. Someone may know of a software you can use but I'm afraid I don't. Good luck.
Daffy1 Avatar
Daffy1 15 422 Ireland
13 Jun 2019 10:48AM
I got and option in Lightroom to 'upgrade' old pictures to be processed in the latest form of Lightroom and I ticked 'copy' box by accident !!
Daffy1 Avatar
Daffy1 15 422 Ireland
13 Jun 2019 11:47AM
I have another problem with Lightroom on my PC but no problem on my Laptop. I can't import pictures into Lightroom on my PC , when I try this comes up ' could not mave a file to the destination folder because it is not writable' . Is this a problem with Lightroom or my computer. I'm getting confused. Can anyone help ?.

Tianshi_angie Avatar
13 Jun 2019 12:23PM
That sounds as though your images on your computer are in a file which either you have created and made it 'read only' or it is a Windows file and not accessible. Using File Explorer on your Desktop computer Create a new folder on an accessible drive (possibly this would be DSmile and Copy all your images into this folder. This will give you access to them and also allow Lightroom to use it. If you have a friend or neighbour who is computer literate then I would treat them to a nice bottle of wine and ask if they would come and sort this out for you. Trying to resolve these things is very difficult from a distance.

Probably your files would be easier to access if you purchased an external hard drive and kept all photography files on there - in one place!


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