Copy and Paste Keywords in Elements 8

sandwedge 13 2.6k 2 United Kingdom
4 Feb 2013 9:12AM
Can anyone help me by explaining in plain English (not pc jargon please) how I can repeat embedding a list of keywords into similar images in Elements 8. I cant seem to copy and paste in the keyword box. It is frustrating having to type the same words over and over into individual images.

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chalkhillblue 10 164 2 United Kingdom
4 Feb 2013 9:32AM
On the right hand side of the organiser are your list of keywords, you can create a new keyword to suit.
Either control click for individual images to highlight or hold down the shift key and click on the first and last image
to highlight several images at the same time, then just drag and drop the keyword onto any one of the highlighted
images and all of them will contain that keyword which will show the icon and embed the keyword in the exif data.
mikehit 10 8.0k 13 United Kingdom
4 Feb 2013 9:41AM
Highlight all the images you want to apply the keywords to (CTRL+click each image, or highlight the first in the sequence and Shift-click the last in the sequence and everything in between will be highlighted). For a new keyword, type in the keywords and press OK.

Chalkhill's will work for existing keywords
sandwedge 13 2.6k 2 United Kingdom
4 Feb 2013 11:35AM
Thank you. I have never used or got to grips with Organiser, I have been using the main Edit programme, can I do it in the normal Edit programme?
GlennH 14 1.9k 1 France
4 Feb 2013 11:46AM
Does the Elements Organiser support metadata templates? If so, you'd also be able to easily create a custom XMP-template and apply it across multiple files.
sandwedge 13 2.6k 2 United Kingdom
4 Feb 2013 12:02PM
Thanks GlennH. I think this convinces me I need to study a course on the use of Elements. I dont really know what a "tag" means let alone an XMP-Template ! One of the hazards of being a 50's baby methinks ! I looked at Chalkhil's solution but I cannot find anywhere to type keywords on the right hand side of the organiser. It says keyword tags but there is nowhere to type in the keywords I want to add. Sigh..................
mikehit 10 8.0k 13 United Kingdom
4 Feb 2013 12:14PM
A tag is simpoly that - like having a label tag tied to an item in a shop (in fact the symbol for a tag is just that).
At the top of the 'keyword tag' panel is a big '+' - click on the arrow next to that and choose 'new keyword tag'. You have to enter a category name ('anamials' for example) and a keyword ('dogs'). When you press OK, 'aniamls' will appear in the list below with 'dogs' as a sub-item. The tag will be applied to the photo.
If the category is already on the list, then highlight the category word, then press the '+' and the 'category' field will already be pre-filled.
GlennH 14 1.9k 1 France
4 Feb 2013 12:26PM
Maybe this'll be similar in Elements - with a photo selected try hitting CTRL + I keys to open 'File Info' - or alternatively look for 'File Info' under 'File' in the drop-down menus.

Then under the 'description' tab you have the option of directly entering keywords (alternatively I guess you can create your own lexicon as you can in Bridge and enter words by clicking on them).

Once you've added your caption and keywords, hopefully you might be able to save them to a template by looking for this at the bottom of the dialogue box:


By 'exporting' you are able to save a template, which you can then apply to similar photos in the future (the chief advantage over copy and paste methods).
sandwedge 13 2.6k 2 United Kingdom
4 Feb 2013 1:29PM
Thanks again Glenn, that is how I am getting my keywords into the files but in Elements you cannot cut/copy and paste in the keywords box so I have been writing the same words again and again in each individual file.

Thanks also to Mikehit. I will now go and try that. Regards, John
sandwedge 13 2.6k 2 United Kingdom
4 Feb 2013 1:34PM
OK Mikehit, I did that and I have a tag named Sailing, so how do I add the actual keywords?
chalkhillblue 10 164 2 United Kingdom
4 Feb 2013 2:03PM
If you drag and drop the sailing tag onto a selected photo it will create an icon under the photo and enter the word sailing
into your exif data, which you can see if you right click on your photo and from the drop down choose preferences,
you can create sub keywords in the same way and drop a second or third sub keyword onto the photo e.g sailing,
Isle of Wight, Admirals cup.
mikehit 10 8.0k 13 United Kingdom
4 Feb 2013 2:10PM
The tag is the keyword. Once you have clicked on the keyword tag, and you start to drag it you have to drag it over the actual image because if you drag it and release the click while it is over the grey border round the thumbnail it will not apply the tag.
chalkhillblue 10 164 2 United Kingdom
4 Feb 2013 2:15PM
sandwedge 13 2.6k 2 United Kingdom
4 Feb 2013 2:37PM
David, Thanks for that. It has confirmed my suspicion that we maybe on crossed wires. In Elements Edit, if you open an image and go to File Info, it offers boxes in which you can insert information, such as your name, date and there is a box for loading Keywords. When my image is loaded on a Library website people can locate that image by typing into the site Search Box any word that I have inserted into the Keywords box and the image will come up. IE. I have a portfolio of sailing shots so the keyword box would read something like: sail, sailing, sailor, skipper, mast, marine, mariner, ocean, sea, yacht, boat, ship. cruise, cruising, etc etc like a kind of Thesaurus. It is in that box in "File Info" that I cannot cut and paste. So it is not a general tag I am looking for but specific keywords to insert and imbed in the file info. Sorry if I sound thick but I hope that helps all of you to understand my need.
mikehit 10 8.0k 13 United Kingdom
4 Feb 2013 2:43PM
If you highlight one or more images, then go File\Write keyrod Tag and Properites Info to Photo this will (I believe) embed the keywords into the image when you export the image to your website and this can be recognised by other programmes. No copying is needed. Try it with one image and see if it works.

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