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Cosplay DoS And Don'ts

minicooper 13 536 United Kingdom
24 Jun 2014 3:55PM
Cosplay and photography seem to go hand and hand. So I am asking for some do and don'ts before I go to Manchester Comic Con next month. I've checked their website and they're fine with photography. I know it's mostly common sense and good manners but it never hurts to ask. Which is rule one:Ask first. So any other dos and don'ts you would like to pass on I'd appreciate it thanks. Oh If you don't know what cosplay is it's the name the people give to themselves who dress up in costume from the world of comics, film etc.
keithh 17 25.8k 33 Wallis And Futuna
24 Jun 2014 7:59PM
Kevin Pack would seem to be a Manchester Photographer into Cosplay photography. Maybe he would give you some background and tips.

I would leave my underpants on the inside for the event.
A friend of mine recently went to london cosplay, he said he had a lot people just stop him and ask if they could take photograph and he was fine with it as everyone was doing it. I think the main rule is ask first and don't post the photographs anywhere where people may not like, or use them for a profit without asking the person in the picture for permission.
Andy_Curtis 6 808 United Kingdom
26 Jun 2014 11:49AM
I go to London MCM Comic Con every year, sometimes twice a year. These cosplayers go to these events KNOWINg that they will be photographed whether asked or not. So its at their own risk that they let people use the images how they want. It is a public place after all. However, I always ask them for a photograph and they are always willing, they like to show off their costume anyway.

Others are too shy to ask them to stop for a photo so just try snapping off a shot as they walk past and almost everytime, if the cosplayer see's them doing this, they stop anyway and pose. I have seen it alot. They are all more than willing. If they dont want people at a public event taking pictures of their cosplay, then they wouldn't be doing cosplay Smile
keithh 17 25.8k 33 Wallis And Futuna
26 Jun 2014 12:39PM

Quote:It is a public place after all.

The Excel Arena is not a public place as defined by the law. It is a privately owned space and as such you are not legally entitled to photograph if the owner asks you not to.

I'm sure they all love being photographed in their plastic cossies but it's just that your definition is a slightly wrong.
Andy_Curtis 6 808 United Kingdom
26 Jun 2014 12:47PM
Oh I did not know that Smile Although, that applies to the owner of the venue, not the cosplayer. Bit of a loophole there? Also, Im not trying to argue, I am just wondering..... It might be privately owned, but what are the rules of an event like this? I guess it would be in the fine print somewhere upon purchase of tickets maybe.

Thanks for clearing that up anyway. Much of everything else I said is still relevent though.
Andy_Curtis 6 808 United Kingdom
26 Jun 2014 12:51PM
I asked my friend who is studying civil law, he said "generally, if a private property is open to the public, like a bar or event venue, then you have a right to take photographs unless it is specifically written somewhere by the owner that photography is forbidden"

tricky situation in reality I bet Smile
minicooper 13 536 United Kingdom
26 Jun 2014 12:55PM
Thanks for the replies guys.

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