Could anybody advise me?

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26 Sep 2019 6:50PM
Hi everybody!
I do not know if someone will write on such an old thread, but I check photoreviews on various sites and this one I like the most. I am very beginner. I am looking for a camera to take quick street photos. I would like to have a small camera so that it would be easy to take it out of the backpack and quickly take a picture. I was considering buying something new cheap up to £80, but somehow it does not look good. Maybe I am wrong? I saw two used cameras and checked the review on Both are considered as a very good, although they are already old models. Not I know which one to choose. Can anyone advise me? One is Samsung ST200F 16MP-only £28 and the other is Nikon 1 J2, lens 10-30 mm, only one lens (there is no the kit), but also costs only £50.Samsung is small and suitable for street photo, but of course it looks like the Nikon is much better. Only it has a large lens and it is not so easy to operate it. I couldn't find some data about it Nikon - what is the zoom with this lens? Is it 3x but I am not sure. Nowadays it is very little, but I noticed that in many expensive small cameras the zoom is much smaller than in the cheap ones. I don't know why it is so? Does the big zoom deteriorate the quality? I found that such a good Nikon 1 J2 camera does not have an optical stabilizer. I am very surprised. Why? Is this a big disadvantage? There is an optical stabilizer in Samsung. I am asking someone experienced for advice whether to choose any of these cameras or buy a new one, for example SONY DSC W830, because I am a complete beginnerSmile
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26 Sep 2019 8:16PM
Despite owning various Nikon high end FX dslrs and some film cameras as well I recently bought a new Nikon J1 with the 10-30 zoom for 100 euros in a local store to use as my motorbike camera.
The camera is easy to use quickly and produces great jpeg and nikon raw images. The limitations are (1) the special battery and charger which are needed when you travel and (2) the file size if you want large reproductions printed. You can see some of my efforts in my ephotozine portfolio. I also use a Lumix LX3 as a pocket camera and this has a similar ease of use with a slightly larger sensor.
As a photographer from the 1960s onwards I found that if your budget is small, buying a cheap reliable starter camera and out growing it is better than spending too much money and not getting the results or value as quickly as you thought.
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26 Sep 2019 8:42PM
thank you very much for your answer. How is it possible to buy a new Nikon 1 for 100eur? In the UK a new one costs from 350 to 450 GBP. You are probably lucky. But if you have such a lot of experience, then answer my other questions, please - what zoom does Nikon 1 and is the lack of an optical stabilizer a big problem? And what is the maximum size of a photo you can print using Nikon1? You are writing about this problem.
At the moment I only have these two used cameras in local stores - so you are not advised to buy them? These two cameras are cheaper than the new SONY DSC W830. Do you think that it is better to buy, for example, Sony DSC W830?
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bornstupix2 6 131 1 France
26 Sep 2019 10:56PM
The Nikon 1 has been discontinued for a few years now and mine was a demo model. The need for optical stabilizers seems to become most common where the camera has no direct view finder and is held some distance from your face to compose the image. It is also a benefit of digital tech which proved a strong selling point. We all managed for many years without op stabilizers!
If you search the Nikon site you will see which lenses were made with the Nikon 1 mount and you can then try to find them. I only print from my own files on inkjet printers at home so I cannot advise on print size / sensor size as each photographer has their own standard of quality. I know nothing about Samsung cameras or the Sony you mentioned. DP Review site has a good range of camera tests you could check. I also use the site of Ken Rockwell to check out various cameras but he is not to every-ones taste.....good luck.


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