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Could i have website feedback, pleeeeze?

noseprints 18 576
12 May 2004 5:45PM
wasn't sure where to post this or if it's ok to do so, but i thought i'd try.

i've been working on my website, and would love to hear any kind of feedback, if you feel like taking a look.

some of you have been following this thread, so here's the website

some of the suggested changes came after things were already in place, but this is definitely still a work in progress. only the first gallery is ready, so far.

i'm already looking at some things with horror, but i'll wait to hear them from anyone who wants to comment. thanks! - lu
Photo4x4 17 470 United Kingdom
12 May 2004 5:54PM
Here is one tip. Put your contact details on EVERY page.

I like the overall look.

Keith Hart
noseprints 18 576
12 May 2004 6:05PM
noted. thanks so much for taking the time to look. - lu
12 May 2004 6:33PM
First overall impression was of class and professionalism. The colour is pleasant on the eye and not at all harsh, did find it slow to load but that might just be my system. I would make the picture boxes all the same size though, just an aesthetic thing but look forward to seeing to whole site, in fact I cant wait... K.
colin beeley Plus
18 1.2k 10 England
12 May 2004 6:35PM
nice images looking good
stevieb 17 3.0k 2 Panama
12 May 2004 6:57PM
Good overall front page, looks quite fresh and professional. Most sites have menus on the top and left, not many put them to the right, that's a nice touch. Maybe use a deeper colour to the text on the gallery link heading text as some monitors and bright lighting may make it difficult to read. Maybe add a brief introduction on the front page, which gives people information straight away, as Keith said about your contact details. And it uses up a little of the empty space you have free, but, don't clutter it. Looking good. Only my opinion of course and it's free! Smile
noseprints 18 576
12 May 2004 6:57PM
thanks, k and colin!

k, what did you mean by the picture boxes?

really appreciate you taking the time. if anyone feels like nitpicking, totally welcome to! even the smallest detail is useful! - lu
noseprints 18 576
12 May 2004 7:00PM
good point, steve! i appreciate you not charging me!

that's great feedback. thank you for taking the time.
FrankThomas 18 2.8k United Kingdom
12 May 2004 7:02PM
So far I really like it - the colours are easy to look at and the site loads fast. I can't wait to see the rest of it
noseprints 18 576
12 May 2004 7:13PM
thanks, frank!! - lu
12 May 2004 7:14PM
Sorry Lucie on reflection I think I was nitpicking, think its because they are all the same size on the first page but when you click on the thumbnail you have two portrait and two landscape. Sorry.
noseprints 18 576
12 May 2004 7:19PM
hey, don't be sorry. i wondered about that. i don't mind cropping the thumbs to be the same shape. i was even considering making them the same tone.

also, i wondered if i should move the thumbs to the other side of the page so that the viewer doesn't have to move the mouse all the way to the other side, once in the gallery, and then back to click "next" through the pictures. and that way the girl wouldn't be covered when the photos are closed. any thoughts? - lu
podgod 17 514 3 United Kingdom
12 May 2004 7:22PM
Good looking site, have you considered using layers to display the images rather than reloading the page each time.
podgod 17 514 3 United Kingdom
12 May 2004 7:23PM
Forgot to tick the reply box.
12 May 2004 7:31PM
That could be a good idea, anything to cut down on browse time but personally I found it nice that the layout changed slightly from the front page but I think what I meant about the pictures is that there is a degree of uniformity to the site, does that make sense?

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