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Country file calendar.

blue9iron 5 54
1 Oct 2019 11:22AM
What do you think about the winner of the cover shot, it was revealed during Sunday's programme that the winning photo had been set up in a studio.Should this have been mentioned before viewers voted as I've just read in a national newspaper that people are upset this was not mentioned and could have influenced their voting.Even my wife who has very limited interest in photography thought this was unfair and said it should have been mentioned before voting opened and felt sorry for ones who had made the effort to go out and get their pics.
JJGEE 15 7.8k 18 England
1 Oct 2019 11:40AM
Not the first time concerns over the winner emerge.

Presumably the set-up shot was mentioned to the CF judges (
"Taking pictures of wildlife in this way is in the rules, just as long as its declared as such. )

As for the image itself, I doubt if it would have got my vote but I do not know what all the others were like, so perhaps this was the best of the bunch ?

altitude50 16 20.5k United Kingdom
1 Oct 2019 11:41AM
Was it declared at the time that the photo was of a captive animal? I thought it probably was when I first saw it.

There have been entries published in previous BBC Countryside calendar competitions that I thought were taken indoors. The conditions of entry are a bit loose.

PRC 6 275 United Kingdom
1 Oct 2019 11:45AM
If you haven't seen them, all the winning images are here and there's a very brief clip from this week's programme which has a reconstruction of the set for the winning image.
blue9iron 5 54
1 Oct 2019 11:47AM
From what was said on Sunday it was declared when submitted but not mentioned to the viewers.To be fair should it be mentioned to viewres before voting that this was set up in a studio.
SlowSong Plus
12 9.3k 30 England
1 Oct 2019 3:00PM
They did say the winner was taken in a captive environment; she had told them, but they didn't tell the public until after voting. Bit of a swizz if you ask me.

I was just happy to see that my favourite was the Judge's winner - the white pony in the snow scene.
bricurtis Plus
15 2.4k 50 England
1 Oct 2019 3:13PM
Don't know if he entered the comp but I think this ePz upload is better than the winner.

I'm with Chris, I go for the pony too.
altitude50 16 20.5k United Kingdom
1 Oct 2019 3:14PM
I suppose that putting a crowd pleasing image on the front of a calendar wouldn't hurt sales (for the charity) but I do not think it fits the brief of 'Beauty and the beasts'. (Note the plural - beasts) But then, nor did some of the others.
Dave_Canon Plus
14 1.8k United Kingdom
1 Oct 2019 3:45PM
I am not sure why so many should be concerned. When my club runs competitions, we make the rules clear. The judge is only expected to select his/her choice and can assume that all entries meet the rules. This should also be the case for this competition so those voting should have also read the rules and realised that there was a possibility that tame animals could be used. In some of our nature competitions we allow this and some state that the animals must be wild.

blue9iron 5 54
1 Oct 2019 3:56PM
I don't think anybody voting would read the rules they just vote for their favourite image.With it been country file most people probably think that they are images from out in the country not somebody's studio.
SlowSong Plus
12 9.3k 30 England
1 Oct 2019 3:59PM
But I have to say, it seemed pretty obvious that the image was a set up. I doubt the best photographer in the world could get such a shot naturally.
blue9iron 5 54
1 Oct 2019 4:20PM
I agree to those who look at photos and take them you have a good idea which have been set up photo shopped or natural, but I think the people who voted probably thought wow and what a lucky person to get an image like that not realising it's all been set up.
Jasper87 Plus
10 2.6k 158 England
1 Oct 2019 5:02PM
Cute animals nearly always win the popular vote. You see it all the time on photo sites. That's why there is a judges' winner as well. But I do agree that the information should be made available before voting.

It would be an interesting exercise to run something on similar lines for an Epz calendar - let the fights begin!
keithh 16 25.7k 33 Wallis And Futuna
1 Oct 2019 7:55PM
Lazy photography, churned out in their hundreds, to produce twee toe curling images
SlowSong Plus
12 9.3k 30 England
1 Oct 2019 8:02PM

Quote:Lazy photography, churned out in their hundreds, to produce twee toe curling images

Well you can't argue with the thousands raised for charity. It don't need to be perfect.

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