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Cr 3 Files

roadrocket 7 15 Wales
20 Jan 2021 10:02AM
I have just bought a canon mirrorless camera that uses cf express card and CR3 files i have bought acf express card reader but i can only get it to work on my laptop adobe bridge doesn't recognise it's existence and will an adapter to turn a usb 3 to fit a usb 2 connection have usb 1 and usb 2 on my main computer not the smaller size usb 3 connection .

thanks Tony
roadrocket 7 15 Wales
20 Jan 2021 11:11AM
been doing a bit of research it appears that this problem has been around for a bit i first bought the lexar card reader and when that didn't work and overheated my card i bought the sandisk thinking the lexar was at fault the sandisk doesn't work either i downloaded the codecs for CR3 and i can view and download my files on windows on my laptop and my main computer but cannot get bridge to acknowledge it readers existence i attached my camera directly to the computer and downloaded images through eos utility as well as adobe photo download. so any help . i am using my lead from my samsung phone to download off my camera i don't think it will be a problem because there is no power just data transfer but if that is a problem i am sure somebody will tell me.

Cheers Tony
20 Jan 2021 11:21AM
Have you got the latest version of Camera Raw? And would it not be possible to convert then to DNG?
roadrocket 7 15 Wales
20 Jan 2021 1:23PM
Photoshop is up to date i can download my files from my camera but not from the card reader i can get my files by a roundabout route but i shouldn't have to if i can't get them off my card reader i have wasted 70 the strange thing is my card reader works on my laptop but i am not computer savvy enough to figure out what the difference is

justin c 17 5.1k 36 England
20 Jan 2021 3:00PM
USB 3 is backwards compatible with USB 2, the connection is the same size.
roadrocket 7 15 Wales
20 Jan 2021 3:17PM
The lead i got with the card reader doesn't fit anything on my pc i haven't got the small usb 3 connection i do have leads with the normal usb connection and the small as i stated in my earlier post i can get my files off my card but it is by a roundabout route what i want to know is why does adobe bridge photo downloader not recognise the existence of my sandisk card reader i paid 70 for which is next to useless on my main pc where it would normally be used not start my laptop download files onto laptop copy files to a flash drive then copy files from flash drive onto my p.c. why does bridge not recognise it !!!!!!!!!!

Cheers Tony
20 Jan 2021 6:11PM
Have you not got a USB connection for your camera? Much easier and less likely to damage card, reader or camera - plug camera in (with the card in) and then download from the camera. I have always used a connection from camera to computer and never had any problems from connections to bent pins.
roadrocket 7 15 Wales
20 Jan 2021 6:51PM
Yes i have and i have started using it and although it isn't the correct lead IE it didn't come with the camera it does fit and downloads my files the lead is from my samsung phone

cheers Tony
20 Jan 2021 9:40PM
Well that is good news and perhaps you can get your money back on the sandisk card reader.
roadrocket 7 15 Wales
21 Jan 2021 1:10PM
no i am going to keep it it works on my laptop which i use when i am away from home . I will discover how to get it to work if it works on my laptop then sooner or later i will figure out how to get it to work on my PC

Cheers Tony
shagnasty 14 68
21 Jan 2021 2:54PM
As the need for faster data transfer has grown over the years, the Internation Standard for USB has grown up too.
Whilst it is true that USB1 and USB2 and USB3 are backwards compatible, the are other connections that don't achieve you have found.
I think that the connection that you might have is USB-Type C or USB-mini B.
I attach a link to a good website that gives a more graphical summary and should help you get your head around it all, as far as you need to.
You might too be able to find an adaptor that is USB female to USB3 Male. The first part of this needs to match whatever you need...type-C or type-Mini-B. These are usually quite cheap on Amazon. If you get that choice wrong, then you have the opportunity to return
Good luck, you are now on the final stretch.

Regards Pat
USB Connections
roadrocket 7 15 Wales
21 Jan 2021 3:41PM
Thanks pat

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