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Critical analysis of work submitted.

30 Dec 2002 8:39PM
Should critical anlysis of work be refrained to helping improve the artist instead of rubbishing their work?
sandy 18 16
30 Dec 2002 9:40PM
is the pope a catholic?
bppowell 19 2.2k 2 England
30 Dec 2002 9:53PM
If there work is rubbish should they be told how to improve it or just ignored?

sandy 18 16
30 Dec 2002 10:02PM
advised perhaps on how others think it could be improved.. but not told. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder is it not?

No one should ever be told thier efforts are rubbish .
30 Dec 2002 10:08PM
The reason why I ask this question is that it seems that there are a few small minded people who seem hell bent on rubbishing others work.
I think that we are all trying to improve what we do because we love photography.
Not because we want to have silly conversations with our email buddies!
Rob Freem 18 113 France
30 Dec 2002 10:36PM
You say that the author of these images is an artist, and his work art! In the same way as presumably, you would also consider a dirty unmade bed worthy of the Turner Prize! Personally, I consider these images unsuitable for a photographic media and that the author is taking the pi** out of photography and this site!
sandy 18 16
30 Dec 2002 10:43PM
i think i must have missed something here ... i didnt read anywhere anyone mentioning an artist

you two obviously know what your on about and wish to involve others in your debate .. i'm afraid most people may not be interested in playing childish games.

If someone has asked for constructive criticism then that is what they should get. otherwise it may be better for people to keep schtuuum! which is what i'm going to do now!

Rob Freem 18 113 France
30 Dec 2002 10:55PM
You did miss artist its on the top line of Paul,s
30 Dec 2002 10:56PM
Totally agree with you Sandy. This discussion was never aimed at anyone. It was a general discussion about the above question.
It's interesting though to see how other people interpret this question and maybe we'll see constructive critisism from everyone.
Once again, thanks for your thoughts Sandy.
sandy 18 16
30 Dec 2002 10:58PM
it sounds as tho he has a particular bone to pick

when you said you consider "these images"unsuitable for a photographic media and that the author is taking the pi** out of photography and this site!

which images were you reffering to ?

...sleepy sandy
30 Dec 2002 11:05PM
The question is in reply to Robb.
Who then decides which images are suitable?

It seems Robb, that you are picking an issue that is not related to this question but merely responding to an idea that you are the person who decides what photography is to everyone!
centur 19 106
31 Dec 2002 3:26AM
Sandy I totally agree with you re the fact that NO one should be told that their work is rubbish ...and it is happening here and in the world in general ..personally I find a whole lot of stuff here booring and uninispired IF I am totally closed minded ..INSPIRATION is gleaned by having an open mind I THERE FOR LEARN FROM everyone's work that I look at if ONLY in the context of what does NOT work ...imho Cheryl
1541chapman 18 30
31 Dec 2002 9:48AM
As a total newby to this site and photography, I am happy for people to say the photos I put are rubbish... as long as they say they are "rubbish because ... and "have you tried ...!. etc etc. This is the way I can learn from others.

There is a tick box on submission to stop comments, but I don't see the point of submitting if you dont want feedback?

From a website perspective. As this site achieves greater popularity, it is fair to say that the number of submitted photos is likely to increase, and therefore the number of photos (good & "rubbish") will also increase.

As part of the site design the members area could be divided by levels of experience / artist merit, so that beginners' submissions such as mine do not clutter those better photos from which I am getting inspiration. Maybe "Reader / Professional" segregation is not enough. Assuming that "Professional" means that you earn a living at it, does not do some of the readers justice. Also earning a living at something does not mean you are goods at it either.

Alternatively the search engine could be enhanced to filter by ratings and photograher.

Other members have made good comments on my photos and it would be nice to have a link directly to their work to compare.

As a side line, many poeple say things on the internet that they would not say face to face, which is a shame and can reduce the point of the whole thing.

J-P 18 396
31 Dec 2002 10:36AM
Quite frankly some of the comments being left are a disgrace. I would have expected better of grown men and women.

'Crap', 'taking the piss', '****' etc.

Very eloquent.

If you don't like it why click on the thumbnail ? There's plenty of blandness next door.
Pete 20 18.8k 97 England
31 Dec 2002 10:51AM
Jp I wasn't aware of such bad comments. It's now getting difficult to monitor everything that is commented on as there are so many pictures. Can you let me have a few examples and I'll see what we should do.

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