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Critical analysis of work submitted.

sinargee 18 245
2 Jan 2003 6:37PM
Concerning the Chicken/turkey/undecided, how many times have we thrown up our arms in horror and shouted what a load of do,do at the winning entry for the Turner Prize. I certainly have, and I feel the same way about this image.

I feel there is some very constructive critism on this site to photographers beginers and the more experianced when you have a feeling what the photographer is trying to put across with an image.

This and other images by the same artist? just leave me wondering where he is coming from. It strikes me that if you have to write a page of explanation the image just doesn't work at any level. Niether does snap shots of the family pet however cute, it only as meaning for the person whose pet it is.

We all have had to start somewhere but on a site such as this, one should make the effort to create an image if we intend it to be viewed and commented on by others if adverse comments are to be avoided.

I still don't think that the comments section should be edited or censored providing the comments arn't down right provane. If an image in ones opinion as nothing to merit it and so any constructive critism, apart from bin it and start again, cannot be added I consider that to be an honest and frank opinion. You know the old saying " if it looks like a duck (sorry I mean chicken) and walks like a duck and goes quack it probably is a duck" I mean chicken. You should be quite sure of your ground though before you press enter, or you yourself could be taken to task over your comments, but if its really your honest opinion you shouldn't mind this so long as you can justify to yourself the reasons why you wrote it.

Perhaps not the most flowing comments of the week I hope you follow my drift.
Pete 20 18.8k 97 England
2 Jan 2003 7:08PM
Completely off tangent now, but if you write a message, then post it then go back and edit it adds a line break wherever there is a line break. Then if you go back and edit again another line break appears. The more you edit the larger the gap between paragraphs.
You can avoid this by knocking out the breaks that may have appeared (they appear with html symbols that I can't show or I would just create a break it's BR inside two triangular brackets.
pablo perez 18 67
3 Jan 2003 6:58AM
andy warhol lives in vegas
Paddy 18 254 8 England
3 Jan 2003 8:26AM
yes & pablo........???
pablo perez 18 67
3 Jan 2003 8:51AM
so x ray photos are offending?
pablo perez 18 67
3 Jan 2003 8:53AM
expressing deep dislike of an image,then,is enough to have it removed from public view?
Pete 20 18.8k 97 England
3 Jan 2003 9:16AM
Pablo, my reason for removing it was not deep dislike, it was because it deeply offended some of my key members. When it was removed the overall consensus was that it should be returned. So I returned it. This particular photo does nothing for me so I don't mind whether it stays or goes which is why I'm going by member views.
Katie 20 76
3 Jan 2003 9:35AM
Where's the Goddamn chicken?
To go back to the original thread i believe that we are incredibly lucky to be able to express ourselves freely through all sorts of medium,whether that is photography, painting, poetry, standing on a box in the middle of the street and professing to personal beliefs. With this in mind i am strongly against censorship and am worried about the decisions we can make to "remove" photos from the site.
However, i do understand that we have a responsibility to our readers to the site and their possible sensibilities, that's why we naturally don't allow pornographic photo's, but would allow tasteful glamour.
To add my two-penneth worth i really like Pablos work-believing it to be a unique style and very technological in feel and dynamic.
I believe that people are aware of what is constructive criticism and what is just a good slating. If you think a photo is crap explain, suggest improvements, ask for mutual feedback. From a non-photographic person's perspective i find it quite difficult to comment on the technical perspective of photos-i know what i like and why i like it, but would hope that those who have been in photography and understand how important critique is would be able to participate constructively.
I feel i may have rambled on (as the great Led Zepplin said). Happy New Year to you all!
pablo perez 18 67
3 Jan 2003 9:59AM
i do understand the concern there was about depicting an image that to some seemed a mutilated body or animal part or ufo landing nearby to submit us all to alien control.i truly learn from all comments.
and have no problem with any of the opinions expressed.im actually enjoying my ephimerous 15 minutes of warholian fame.
and was just wondering on policies about considering images to be removed.
Paddy 18 254 8 England
3 Jan 2003 10:18AM
Hi Pablo,
So it is a xray...
No chickens LOL)))) sorry Pablo bet your sick of that one...
X-rays are not offending, when used as diagnostic tool to which they were intended...
I use them everyday in my working environment, without them we would not be able to diagnose their injuries or illness of our patients..
This xray had such appalling injuries, I just wondered how you came by it...
are you medical or have hospital background ?
even so.. I could only obtain a xray with the permission of its owner.. & then only for a teaching purpose
nminers 18 143 United Kingdom
3 Jan 2003 10:26AM
So first it was a parrot, now it's a chicken. What does this place have against birds?
Pete 20 18.8k 97 England
3 Jan 2003 10:29AM
As long as no one starts talking about dodos I'll be happy!
Paddy 18 254 8 England
3 Jan 2003 10:38AM
LOL))) pete
I must go to bed, I'll be no use tonight.....
at work that is
pablo perez 18 67
3 Jan 2003 11:02AM
i studied experimental psychology and have lots of friends in the medical field.
Paddy 18 254 8 England
3 Jan 2003 11:08AM
thank-you is that all.....pablo

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