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Critique or not ?

dianah 14 24.5k 4 United Kingdom
20 May 2010 12:59PM
I have been a member of EPZ for three years now and have never thought about asking for a critique on any of my work. In the first instance I think it was because I considered myself such a beginner I thought I probably wouldn't understand the jargon used anyway. After that I really didn't think about it very much and met so many people within the voting system that it became a way of life, so to speak, and one that I enjoyed and still do enjoy very much. This is not a thread about voting cliques at all so I really do hope it doesn't turn into one. Smile It is a thread to encourage people to use the option to receive a critique as I have found it absolutely fascinating. People have spent time and trouble explaining different ideas to me and I have to admit that some of them are still beyond me and will need a lot of work and practise but I fully intend to spend the time following up all that has been said and hopefully will see some improvement in my own work. This is a huge thank you to those concerned ..this help is definitely a very positive aspect of EPZ and if these few words encourage just a few to do the same then I will be happy !
20 May 2010 1:14PM
nicest thing I read all day

edit : make that all week Smile
dianah 14 24.5k 4 United Kingdom
20 May 2010 1:47PM
Thanks for that !Smile

I just hope that people like me who love photography but definitely need help with the more technical side both with the camera and PS , will actually see these words and act upon them if they are inspired to do so. I do wonder sometimes how many people have the time to read through all the different threads...I have only had the time in the last few days because of illness and hours to myself because nobody wants to catch my germs ! Smile Smile
Dunxster 11 5 United Kingdom
20 May 2010 3:09PM
Makes me think I should pull my finger out and post some more of my pictures. Like the OP I enjoy photography but don't have much idea when it comes to the technical side. So I'm sure some constructive criticism would be useful.
dianah 14 24.5k 4 United Kingdom
20 May 2010 3:37PM
Go for it Duncan ! It is really interesting to see other people's viewpoints and so many members have so much knowledge on what can be done to improve an image. I just wish there was somewhere I could magnify this point as I suspect there are so many people..especially newcomers..who don't realise what a value it is...after all it has taken me three years to recognise the fact !
JackAllTog Plus
12 6.3k 58 United Kingdom
20 May 2010 7:14PM
Makes me think about whether i should just critique any work, or just those asking for this?
dianah 14 24.5k 4 United Kingdom
20 May 2010 10:43PM
That isn't what I meant really ! A critique is always useful to my mind wherever the photograph is placed. I always appreciate any advice that I am given.
I have just found that by putting my photo in the critique section specifically, I have been given more advice and ideas than normal and for me it has been a really good thing. I suppose what I am trying to say is..give the critique section a go..there are so many people out there who are willing and able to help the likes of me !
Tooth 16 5.8k 227 Ireland
21 May 2010 1:16AM
Thanks for the encouragement Dianah - the crit team seems to be dozing today Smile but it is nice ro be appreciated publicly now and again. The critique section is going from strength to strength and it's good to see that there are quite a few regular and detailed contributors who aren't in the team - it really is for everyone.

dianah 14 24.5k 4 United Kingdom
21 May 2010 9:08AM
Thanks Stephen. So if you put forward a photo for a critique ,is it mainly for the Critique Team ? I may have got hold of the wrong idea. I know that everyone is able to make a comment but is there actually a team of people who look at these photos in particular if they have the time available. I have just noticed that you are part of the Critique many of you are there ? I have looked but all I can find is Critique Gallery...the initial posting of mine was to encourage people to use the facility more as it is so there somewhere on this site that promotes this feature to newcomers so that they are able to find it easily...that was my aim anyway, I am hopeless trying to find information and I suspect there are others just like me? Smile Anyway..thank you to everyone who has answered here..I hope that anyone who feels that they need advice will do what I have done and will continue to do even if it has taken me three years to do it ! Smile

samfurlong 15 2.5k United Kingdom
21 May 2010 9:15AM
What a refreshing attitude Dianah... many people seem to just want a 'nice pic'comment and get offended if you offer anything more cutting.
There are a couple of togs whose work I really like that I occasionally email and ask for a crit if I can't make up my mind on some of my own pictures and there are a few poeople who sometmes contact me and ask my to have a look at their pf and rip into it a bit and that seems to me to be the best way of getting honest, constructive feedback. It does not seem very forthcoming if you just post an image , you have to actively seek it off specific people.
Shutterbybaby 13 529 England
21 May 2010 9:30AM
Well said Dianah, I really enjoyed reading this thread.It's lovely to see some positive feedback!
CanonMan 19 588 4 England
21 May 2010 9:38AM

Quote:What a refreshing attitude Dianah... many people seem to just want a 'nice pic'comment and get offended if you offer anything more cutting.

Feedback does not have to be and should not be "cutting". The idea is to give advice on how something might be done differently to improve the image. Personally, I have no problem with anyone giving feedback when it's done properly and welcome it.
Debbiee 15 136 6 United Kingdom
21 May 2010 9:42AM
I have now joined as an E2 member so I can use this facility more, I did used to post one picture a week in the critique gallery as a free member and looked forward to being able to post the next one. I find my photography is coming on in leaps and bounds since using this, the critique team have really helped in making me think what I want to achieve before even picking up my Camera, they've helped me with photoshop techniques and how to improve post production, and well just about everyway I could want photography wise. I really appreciate all the help they have given me, and though I have still a long way to go until getting to a standard, which I class as good, I think without them I would be even further away. I now post all my images into the critique gallery as to me the clicks don't really mean anything yet the critique is invaluable.
dianah 14 24.5k 4 United Kingdom
21 May 2010 9:57AM
Thank you EVERYBODY!! I am just so pleased that people have noticed this thread. You are right Debbie..the clicks don't really mean that much but I have always really enjoyed meeting new people and looking at other portfolios..even exchanging a laugh with people that I now regard as friends and have even met ! I know that this isn't what EPZ is really about but it is still a positive side and one that I don't want to has boosted my moral more than once and we all need that from time to time ! The critique IS invaluable however as is looking at other photographer's work. Thank you again !
nishad1994 11 264 Oman
21 May 2010 10:33AM
This is such a nice thread. I enjoyed reading it. Smile Its sometimes so boring to read all negative feedback that one feels so refreshed after reading such a positive thread. Smile
I have uploaded only about 2 - 3 photographs in the critique gallery uptil now but I must agree .. that whatever suggestions I got were very valuable. I have even used some of the suggestions, but even I am a newcomer in the field of photography and cant follow the technical aspect of it ! Wink

Thank you once again Dianah, for highlighting this positive aspect of EPZ !! Smile


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