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Critique Team Proposed Guidelines & Suggestions

culturedcanvas 16 4.7k 59 United Kingdom
16 Sep 2006 6:59PM
Critique Team Proposed Guidelines & Suggestions:

(Note to Mods Received email from Pete approving moving forward with this)

Here are my initial thoughts on the critique team. I would suggest we need a minimum of 8 people to be part of the critique team obviously other members will be posting comments too, however I believe that with this number we should be able to cover most photos.

I did mention that there ought to be some speciality photographers amongst this group, not purely to comment on their own genre, but essentially because experience does help, especially with members who are more advanced, and need more specific critical comment.

I see the primary genres as landscape, portrait/studio, commercial, macro, nature/wildlife, mono, and technical. Of course a wider knowledge is equally important and anyone, regardless of their current experience is fully encouraged to join in the team.


Suggestions as follows:

1) All photos in the critique gallery to be commented upon within 24 hours of posting, with the exception of Sunday (Everyone needs a day off lol)

2) Aim to have at least two members of the critique team to comment on each photo more is preferable however a target of two minimum to be put in place

3) To ensure there is an open policy for all the critique team to receive comments back from members in the critique gallery, should they need further advice, comment or clarification

4) To be able to respond to all requests for additional information within 48 hours of the email being submitted.

Critique Ethos:

To provide sensible constructive advice, without being abusive, or overly critical, to point out suggestions that may have improved the photo, but to also offer positive critique as often as possible. For instance if everything about a photo isnt working, but B7W conversion is good, then it is important to comment upon this too.

This is an opening guideline and Id love to hear back from everyone with regards to this, suggested amendments, additions etc.

Many thanks for your time

culturedcanvas 16 4.7k 59 United Kingdom
16 Sep 2006 7:02PM
PS - Can i ask that ALL members support the critique gallery, and suggest that initial feedback comments be directed towards photo's that haven't yet received comment ... you will find this search option at the top of the page on the critique gallery.

Many thanks


Let's try to get the photos uncritiqued down to zero!
Teessider 15 365
16 Sep 2006 8:24PM
I think its a good idea this critique team plan Smile Would it be possible to have a member of the critique team who specialises in digital manipulation?
culturedcanvas 16 4.7k 59 United Kingdom
16 Sep 2006 8:30PM
Hi, of course it would ... thats one area i can bring a little knowledge to, and obviously we would welcome greater experience or knowledge, and more assistance .. on that basis can i put you onto my roster of potential team members?


Carabosse 18 41.7k 270 England
16 Sep 2006 8:46PM

Quote:my roster of potential team members

YOUR roster??? I wasn't aware you had been appointed team leader!

I think it's more appropriate for people to PM Pete with expressions of interest.
culturedcanvas 16 4.7k 59 United Kingdom
16 Sep 2006 8:48PM
I wasnt aware i was team leader either CB .. im just simply getting on with the task. Sorry if you've taken offence but none was intended. At no stage have i indicated to be TL .. all ive stated it's my own opinion, ideas, and personal plan.

Carabosse 18 41.7k 270 England
16 Sep 2006 8:49PM
No offence taken, Dan. Here is my take on things:

1. First of all I think all critiquers need to be thoroughly aware of the general guidelines for critique. They are tucked away in an FAQ.

2. I would say 8 team members, as suggested by Dan, may be too few but let's see how many volunteers we get and who we get. We can only work with the material we get.

3. I am against too much categorisation. It will introduce inflexibility, e.g. what happens if there is nobody about to comment on a digitally manipulated photo? From my experience so far a high proportion of people posting in the CG are new members who may have no idea what particular category their photo falls into. A photo may fall into a number of categories. Also, who is going to decide who is a "specialist" in a particular category? The team member themselves, the team leader, Pete...... secret ballot? Wink

4. It may be workable for the team to decide amongst themselves who will give the "specialist" input IF NEED BE. Many photos will not require specialist input and indeed too much specialist input could scare off a newbie. But team members should keep in touch with each other so that someone can alert (say) the Sports specialist that there is a photo which particularly needs their comment. All team members should have PM enabled.

5. If we need to decide who is a specialist on what, to avoid confusion let us follow the 18 categories in the main Reader Gallery:

Architecture, Black and White, Close-Up, Digitally manipulated, Flash/Lighting, Flowers and Plants, General, Glamour/Nude, Humour/Fun, Landscape/Travel, Pets / Captive Animals, Photo Journalism, Portraits/People, Specialist/Abstract, Sports/Action, Traditional Darkroom, Transport, Wildlife.

Ideally each team member would be the specialist in 2-3 areas (or more).

6. Team members should pay particular attention to pics which have not yet been critiqued. I agree with the target of 24 hours. It may be helpful for the default view of the CG to be photos without critique.

7. At this early stage it would be silly to be too prescriptive about how the system should work. Laying things down in stone before we know what sort of stone we have to work with, so to speak.
User_Removed 17 3.3k Russian Federation
16 Sep 2006 8:51PM

Quote:No offence taken, Dan.

When you get off your arse and actually do something, then I think you're in a better position CB... FFS, stop whinging when someone actually suggests an improvement...
Carabosse 18 41.7k 270 England
16 Sep 2006 8:54PM
Read above - and then apologise Mr Magicboy! Stop being a pillock.
JJGEE 16 8.0k 18 England
16 Sep 2006 8:54PM
Not sure 3) & 4) is a good idea.

Any questions, feedback, replies etc. should be made as a comment on the image for everyone to see and not by "closed" e-mails.
culturedcanvas 16 4.7k 59 United Kingdom
16 Sep 2006 8:54PM
Point 7)

I agree completely .. which is why I'm trying to keep it simple, clean, self regulating, and effective ..Of course situations will arise that will need to be addressed ... im sure we can reach sensible agreement as a team, without taking up too much time that could be spent posting critique comments.

Informal comment, with a loose basic structure is the key, making people (esp new members) feel as tho belong is the key, and helping people with genuine advice is the key ..

Its really a very simple process and I look forward to working with you on developing this area of this site .. i see it as being a great opportunity to inspire and assist new photographers!

Carabosse 18 41.7k 270 England
16 Sep 2006 8:58PM
The first step is for people to put themselves forward - to Pete not to the forum.

When Pete knows who is willing to give some time to this he can decide on a way forward based on some of the suggestions above.

Quote:Any questions, feedback, replies etc. should be made as a comment on the image for everyone to see and not by "closed" e-mails.'

That is not what I meant at all. The PM system should be used for team members to keep in touch with each other - not with the person posting the pic for critique.
culturedcanvas 16 4.7k 59 United Kingdom
16 Sep 2006 8:59PM
Im usually up for an argument lol but i suggest we keep this sensible (well as sensible as us lot can manage lol) .. we've all been there .. picking up a camera for the first time and taking shots that are a load of crap (I'm still doing it !!!)

I do feel that this could be a great addition to the site, and i think everyone who has posted so far would be great on the team ... theres obviously some passion in here, and diversity of opinion .. and thats a big part of what the team should be about (in my humble opinion)

culturedcanvas 16 4.7k 59 United Kingdom
16 Sep 2006 9:01PM
CB - im running with this as an open forum, of course Pete has final say, thats obvious, but there is nothing to lose and everything to gain from this open dialogue .. as a smart guy im sure you see that for yourself? Why burden Pete with additional work at this stage before we have even discussed some possible ideas/outlines etc .. don't you think he has enough to do?

Carabosse 18 41.7k 270 England
16 Sep 2006 9:02PM
I still think it is appropriate - as when moderators are being chosen - for members to give their names to the proprietor and not to the forum in some sort of beauty contest!

Has Pete specifically asked you to put up this thread calling for people to put themselves forward publicly, Dan?

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