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CSC from Nikon D90?

25 Feb 2017 10:40PM
I have owned and been using a D90 for years. It's developed some auto focus problems, it's probably getting on a bit now anyway. I'm thinking it makes sense to get a smaller camera . I do a lot of walking and on longer hikes (especially multiple day hikes) I often just leave the DSLR at home. I rarely if ever take out the extra lenses, sticking to my 18 - 200mm (or occasionally a fixed 20mm or 35mm).

I'm basically looking for everything I have now (high image quality, good viewfinder, fast autofocus, long lasting battery, decent flash and hot shoe mount, usable shots up to ISO1600, and most importantly comfortable manual controls), plus a few extras (wifi, image stabilisation,), in a much more portable body, for around 500 (excluding lenses) - I could go up to 1000 if I needed to though. Maybe one of those flip screens for taking selfies wouldn't go amiss too Smile

Am I asking too much? It's almost 9 years since I bought my D90, I feel technology should have moved on to the point where I can get all of this. Option 2 is I get my D90 fixed - I've had an estimate of 200 - and wait a few years until all my wishes come true Smile Option 3 is I just buy a new DSLR? I am an enthusiast and I generally shoot in manual mode. It's mainly travel photography, so I commonly shoot landscapes, portraits,macros, sports... basically anything as every day is different! Maybe a DSLR is just inherently better for my needs?

Have any ex-D90 users (or similar) found a CSC they are comfortable with? Any recommendations or experiences? And what about compacts like the Lumix LX10? (the thought of a compact somehow makes me shudder, yet the on-paper stats are hard to ignore)
Jestertheclown 12 8.4k 253 England
26 Feb 2017 12:16AM
If you're really keen on your D90, you could buy a used-but-as-good-as-new replacement for about 200.00, rather than get yours fixed.

As for a suitable compact, I'm afraid I can't help you.

I can't imagine myself ever using one either.

User_Removed 6 328 United Kingdom
26 Feb 2017 12:35AM
P900 is a good compact, we know a few who use and seem to like them. D3300 is a small body Dslr which will match IQ from the D90 if not exceed it. Used D7000?

Endless options, which I appreciate is part of the problem Smile

There aren't many bad cameras these days.
Jestertheclown 12 8.4k 253 England
26 Feb 2017 1:22AM

Quote: Used D7000?

I've got one of those too.
Trouble is, I prefer the D90!
When Nikon made that, they just got it right.
seahawk 13 1.4k United Kingdom
26 Feb 2017 10:32AM
My beloved D90 is now being used by my son. I agree it is a brilliant camera and Nikon got it right. I've just traded all my Nikon D7000 and kit for a new Lumix G80 and a couple of lenses. So far I'm impressed (and what a huge reduction in weight, which was the whole idea).
For a compact I use a Lumix LX100 which also takes great photos. I prefer to use cameras that have a VF but I agree with the earlier comment that if you want to stick with a DSLR why not look for a used D7000 or D7200?
26 Feb 2017 11:54AM

Quote: I prefer to use cameras that have a VF but I agree with the earlier comment that if you want to stick with a DSLR why not look for a used D7000 or D7200?

Thanks for all your considered replies!

I mentioned desirable features, but ultimately I feel that if I spend 500 - 1000 on a new camera, weight and size reduction is going to be the main aim. If it wasn't, I'd just get the D90 repaired / replaced - I have no problems with its performance in general - I only want to match its performance and usability but in a smaller body (with a few extra features like wifi, because why not?!)

Seahawk - as someone who clearly loved your D90 - are you likely to develop the same love for your Lumix G80? I guess that's my main question. Jester has made it clear that his D90 could never be replaced.

Personally, after 10 years of the D90 I'm sure there'll be an adjustment period, but I'm wondering if ex-DSLR users ever get to the point where they pick up their CSC and have no desire for it to be a DSLR?
Stickleman 10 83 3 England
26 Feb 2017 1:45PM
I bought a Lumix G5 to run alongside my DSLR system about 3 years ago. I now have 2 G5's a 14-45,40-150,14mm pancake and a 60mm Sigma and NO DSLR system. CSC's have their compromises, and there is still the odd day when I wished I had mine back, but due to the relentless effects of Anno Domini the weight saving alone justifies my choice. Image quality is fine for my purposes, I usually choose two lenses I think will be most appropriate for the day, mount them on the G5's, and away I go with enough room in a small backpack for sandwiches and a flask.
steve_p 15 1.2k England
26 Feb 2017 2:53PM
I have over the last few years gone from a Canon 60D + various lenses to a Lumix G5 then because I thought I wasn't happy I reinvested in a 60D + 15-85 and 70 200F4l and 50mm. Guess what because of the weight they rarely saw the light of day.
I managed to get a good deal from one of the well known used dealers for my Canon stuff, and I have gone back to the G6 + 14-45 and 45-150. I use it far more and no longer miss the DSLR !
I did think about a 14-140 Panasonic lens to go with the G6 as I had one previously and found it to be excellent for my needs. I wasn' t able to get hold of this lens at the time, though.
26 Feb 2017 7:39PM
Thanks everyone. Looks like some people are getting used to their CSCs after all!

I tracked down an Olympus EM-10 and some other similar priced CSCs (can't remember all of them) today in a store to have a play around. The plastic feels to cheap and I don't like the shiny buttons on top. I had similar problems with all the 500 or so CSCs. So, I'm going to look for an EM 5. I can't seem to find another option that sits somewhere between 500 and 1000 and is made of metal, and weather sealed.

I also tried the 'pro' 2.8 12-40mm lens on the Olympus. What a game changer! I'd never have carted the 24-70mm 2.8 Nikkor around anywhere, despite on paper it being the perfect travel lens. But on the Olympus its only 300g! I have to say that alone was quite persuasive. I had no idea such things existed.
StrayCat 17 19.1k 3 Canada
26 Feb 2017 7:52PM
The Nikon D7000 to D72000 series cameras are small, and loaded. The 18 55mm kit lens is outstanding, with great close focus. But what was a game breaker for me over the 5000 series is that you can use almost any lens ever made by Nikon, and the camera will read most everything. You can pick up some excellent glass with quick AF for between 100- 200 dollars. However, I found equivalent quality in a bridge camera, 25-400mm, that has completely eliminated my need to be constantly researching and shopping for something better. I found it.
26 Feb 2017 8:13PM

Quote:However, I found equivalent quality in a bridge camera, 25-400mm, that has completely eliminated my need to be constantly researching and shopping for something better. I found it.

Scanning your profile, I'm guessing you mean your Lumix FZ1000?

You do seem to have some cracking images from it.
LenShepherd 13 4.3k United Kingdom
2 Mar 2017 8:40AM
Switching systems will cost you more if you go 4:3, or you will get less camera ability with a compact than upgrading to a recent perhaps second hand Nikon DX body.
4 Mar 2017 1:28AM

Quote:Switching systems will cost you more if you go 4:3, or you will get less camera ability with a compact than upgrading to a recent perhaps second hand Nikon DX body.

Agreed! After careful consideration, I've decided to get my D90 fixed or at worst replaced.

I think I want to upgrade to a CSC in a few years time. Right now one with everything I want seems to be 800+ - I just don't fancy the cheaper ones. This ends up over budget when you factor new lenses as well (cheap second hand CSC lenses are rare, I've also found). Some people here seem to love their CSCs / bridge cameras and others don't. I'm not sure I want to spend a lot of money to find out which camp I am in! And a D7100/200 would be amazing, but I have never had a problem with my D90 other than weight and size.

Hopefully in two years time the CSC market will be different, or my budget bigger, or there'll be a new DSLR to tempt me. Meanwhile, after a few days looking at some ludicrously priced cameras, 150 suddenly seems more reasonable.

Thanks one final time for everyone's useful advice!
kodachrome 9 733
4 Mar 2017 3:33PM
Just a short note on the Nikon D-90, I had one and wished I had never sold it, but things have got smaller and lighter since that camera. In fact Nikon said at the time they were going to continue D-90 production because of the high demand was still out there. So they continued production way past their normal cut off point. The D-90 stands out as one of the Nikon stars and Nikon knew it.
IanYorke 7 30 United Kingdom
24 Mar 2017 5:49PM
I had a D90, excellent camera. However, I now have a Panasonic GX8 and it is night & day the difference. I do have the alternative eye piece which eliminates all issues with EVF in bright sunlight. I always use the electronic shutter and every time I shoot a burst of bracketed exposures, and don't have people turning round to look at me as it's done in total silence, brings a smile to my face.

I used SLR's for the interchangeable lens aspect. I have GX8, 12-35mm f2.8, Oly 45mm f1.8, Samyang 7.5mm f2.8 and a Pana 45-175mm f4-5.6 all in a Tenba DNA8 bag. This bag is tiny and would have held the D90 with lens attached:

When you do get to change you will not regret it Smile


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