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Cutting out images

Maisie_S Avatar
Maisie_S 4 1
30 Jul 2019 9:49AM
Hi, just wondering what would be the best/ quickest way to cut out images like the ones attached, thank you in advance!



Tianshi_angie Avatar
30 Jul 2019 9:55AM
These are pretty well defined so I wonder in what way you want to cut them out? The background is not cluttered so I am wondering if you simply want the jewellery rather then what is supporting them. And the answer would very much depend upon what software you own or would be prepared to purchase.
Maisie_S Avatar
Maisie_S 4 1
30 Jul 2019 10:32AM
I would just like to have the jewellery, basically I want to remove the background. For software, I have Photoshop and am looking to do this without purchasing any further software if possible.
Tianshi_angie Avatar
30 Jul 2019 10:56AM
There are a couple of ways of doing this with photoshop but probably the easiest for someone not very used to doing it is the Masking method. Open the photo in PS then duplicate the background layer. The third icon from the left at the bottom of the layers palette is a white oblong with a black circle in. With the duplicated layer highlighted click on this icon which will add a layer mask to the image. This should be white and the foreground colour should be set to black. Choose the brush tool hardness at 100% and you can then brush away the background by masking it. You will need to enlarge your image so that your can see clearly where the edges are but if you should mask a bit that you need then reverse the colour of the foreground to white and you can brush it back in.
There is a video on YouTube which will show you the technique.
Tianshi_angie Avatar
30 Jul 2019 11:12AM
Sorry that link is not the correct one - try this link
Ross_D Avatar
Ross_D 9 841 1 United Kingdom
30 Jul 2019 11:36AM
It can be done but there is no 'quick way ' and you will need patience ! . Very basically, you create a blank doc of your colour choice (black?) , use the 'Select > Subject' and 'Magic Wand' tools to isolate/select your items and then copy/paste them onto the new doc. Although the process is relatively straightforward, it is lengthy to describe so suggest you use the 'Help' function in PS and search 'Select Subject' and 'Magic Wand Tool ' to see how to use these tools. You will probably need to increase the contrast in the images so that the 'Select' and 'Magic Wand ' tools work more effectively and also work on the images @ 100 % size.
Jestertheclown Avatar
Jestertheclown 14 8.8k 255 England
30 Jul 2019 11:49AM
You say that you want to remove the background; it can be done but it's not a simple task but then what?
Tianshi_angie Avatar
30 Jul 2019 1:43PM
Using the magic wand tool may present you with some difficulties because of the shadows and highlights, particularly with the necklace. Actually you may do better if you rephotograph them using a light tent or just a plain white sheets draped over some books to give you shape. The earring(?) it is possible to remove the background simply by cropping the edges.
Jestertheclown Avatar
Jestertheclown 14 8.8k 255 England
30 Jul 2019 2:28PM
Actually, the magic wand works reasonably well on that necklace image although you'd need to try it a few times, varying the strength and do a fair bit of cleaning up afterwards.
Whatever you use though; and you'll end up using various methods, it's going to be hard work.
My first thought, as in "what next?", above was that if you're planning to paste the selections onto another plainer background, it would be easier to simply reshoot the images with a new, more suitable background.
Philh04 Avatar
Philh04 18 2.3k United Kingdom
30 Jul 2019 3:32PM
Indeed both need to be reshot and not in a light tent... those things should be consigned to the local tip... one of the problems here especially the second image is that you will mysteriously lose the back part of the necklace. It would be good to know what the final use is intended to be.


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