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D300 Live View

BillyGoatGruff 14 191 199 England
3 Jun 2011 4:06PM
Hi all you Nikon gurus.

Here's a little poser.
Anyone know if the depth of field preview button works in Live View mode on a D300?
I haven't figured out how, yet! Sad
My guess/experience is that it doesn't. Sad Sad
If you know of a way to make it happen, then please reveal all!

I don't really need to know about the D3, D3x D700, D300s or any other Nikon machine as I don't have any of those!

Thanks in advance - I'll catch up when I get home.

digicammad 18 22.0k 40 United Kingdom
3 Jun 2011 4:14PM
DOF preview just shuts the aperture down to the selected F stop, so in theory there is no reason why it couldn't work in conjunction with live view, which really just relies on the mirror being locked up.

mickp 15 9 7 United Kingdom
3 Jun 2011 4:21PM
With live view on the D700 so I assume it's the same on the D300if you set the aperture before going into live view then when focused zooming into the live view screen will show you what is in focus throughout the frame. As far as I know you have to select the aperture before selecting live view for this to work and only goes up to f8.

Andy_Cundell 10 1.1k 5 England
3 Jun 2011 4:40PM
For what it's worth, it doesn't work on the D90, just tried it!Tongue
BillyGoatGruff 14 191 199 England
3 Jun 2011 5:09PM
Thanks guys.

Ian, yep, I know what it does! Wink And agree that in theory it should work in live view; only it doesn't!

Mick - I'll give definitely that a try, although it does sound distinctly un-useful from dear old Nikon! It may also only work on the D700. I generally change settings etc whilst already in live view, so it would mean a slower set up and I frequently shoot at f/11 to be at the best diffraction limit/greatest DoF compromise! Worth a try, though, thanks.

Thought so, Andy! Sad
LenShepherd 13 4.4k United Kingdom
6 Jun 2011 4:26PM
The only Nikon that shows dof at a stopped down aperture in LiveView is the D3s.
Most Canon bodies show stopped down dof.
BillyGoatGruff 14 191 199 England
6 Jun 2011 7:22PM
Thanks Len!

Sounds pretty definitive to me, although not the answer I was hoping for but the answer I kind of expected!
BillyGoatGruff 14 191 199 England
7 Jun 2011 8:21AM
Well, if anyone is stilll interested, here's a quote from Thom Hogan, Nikon Guru Extraordinaire.
He responded to my emailed query thus:-:

"Live View IS in depth of field preview. What youíre having a problem with is that you canít change apertures once in Live View ;~). Basically, Live View uses whatever aperture is set before you invoke it"

Kind of clears up my confusion rather succinctly.
LenShepherd 13 4.4k United Kingdom
14 Jun 2011 8:55AM

Quote:The only Nikon that shows dof at a stopped down aperture in LiveView is the D3s.
Most Canon bodies show stopped down dof.

Sorry - this is not right.
LiveView reads dof at the taking aperture - you can check this by looking at the size of the aperture blades through the front of the lens when LiveView is on.
What you cannot do is compare dof at different apertures directly by changing the aperture setting except on the D3s.
On other Nikon bodies to compare f8 dof to f11 you have to come out of LiveView, change the aperture, and go back into LiveView.
For those not familiar with the feature the LiveView image is much brighter than a well stopped down viewfinder image, is much bigger, and you can zoom in on the LiveView image.
BillyGoatGruff 14 191 199 England
14 Jun 2011 9:31AM
Yep. That pretty much correlates with what Thom Hogan sent through, Len!

Just have to remember it when/if changing apertures - it's useful to have it pointed out, since I've been changing my settings from within Live View.
Which is probably why I couldn't effectively see what I wanted to in terms of DoF. Not usually a big deal as a lot my landscapes are shot at f/11 and usually pre-set before invoking LV.
It is interesting that even though a new aperture setting can be set in LV without a noticale effect on the LV screen, the picture is nevertheless taken at the new aperture!

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