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d700&d300 vs D800


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Leif 15 777
8 Oct 2012 6:21PM
LenShepherd: The original thread was discussing grey imports, not official imports. Most grey imports do not come with a NJIW. You can check on ebay, and see very few overseas sellers indicate that the lens comes with a NJIW. You are confusing the thread with a side issue.

LenShepherd said: "Digressing you are perhaps confusing another companies warranty with your legal rights often to a refund or replacement at your option on a UK based sale."

No, I was discussing grey imports, as opposed to UK supplied lenses.

LenShepherd said: "Please - try to understand what I have written."

It can be quite hard to understand what you are saying, as your posts are sometimes unclear, and they tend to point score, and go off on a tangent.

LenShepherd said: "And you have to ask if it would be fair for Nikon UK to have to honour the warranty on a grey import. Why? If the box comes with a warranty issued by Nikon Japan saying Nikon UK will carry out warranty work, Nikon Japan own Nikon UK. "

You continually confuse the issue by going off on a tangent. I don't give a hoot about a NJIK. I have imported a fair few lenses, none came with one. As far as I can tell none of the big name ebay importers such as DigitalRev supply a lens with one. And you continually misread my posts. I was saying that it would be unfair for Nikon UK to honour the warranty on a typical grey market lens e.g. one with a Chinese region warranty.

I said: "My guess is that stock is allocated to markets on a random basis, but that is only a guess, and may be wrong. "
LenShepherd said: "You are wrong. For DSLR's Nikon use the first number to designate the warranty territory. 3 is USA, now over about 46,000, and increasing by about 1,000 a week, UK/EEC is 6, now over 45,000 from my 33000 inJuly. Japan etc have separate sequences."

As before you have completely missed the point in your attempt to point score. I know, and I suspect most Nikon owners who have imported lenses know, that the serial number denotes the warranty region. That is irrelevant. The AF issue is said to have arisen due to a mis-calibrated tool on one assembly line. I was wondering if that one assembly line was dedicated to lenses from one region, or not. I don't know the answer, and I am sure you don't.

LenShepherd said: "I have never said there is no D800 with an AF issue. I have counted images posted on dpreview and currently make it 83 ignored Nikon's AF guidance, and none followed it."

Frankly I found it impossible to understand what you were saying other than attacking numerous people, making them quite angry such that they told you to go away, something you seem to enjoy. The other people were, when I looked recently, discussing the issues in a constructive manner, which you don't seem able to do.

To be honest it is not really worth bothering with you. I find your posts confused, you love to point score, to prove that you are (in your mind) the king of the castle, often patronising, and you go off on tangents. And it sometimes makes me quite angry when you respond to my posts in your usual deadpan robotic manner, with no more than a serious of assertions, often going off on a tangent, and frequently saying effectively "You are wrong, here is the truth".

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Leif 15 777
8 Oct 2012 6:27PM

Quote:You contradicted my post, stating that if someone buys a camera in a duty free shop at an airport, then when they enter the UK, they must pay VAT.

This is one of those instances where fact and unfounded opinion seem to be getting confused.

The FACTS of the matter (check with HMRC) are that if you bring any goods into the UK that you have bought in an EU country, and paid the full tax in that country, then you do not have to pay VAT when you bring them into the UK.

If you buy goods in any country outwith the EU or if you buy them in the EU but do not pay tax in the EU country of purchase (as would be the case if purchased in airport duty-free shops), then you have a duty-free allowance of 390 on goods other than separately specified alcohol and tobacco. You have to declare and pay both Import Duty and VAT on any such goods valued over 390.

In the original post (on dpreview) I said that if you but a camera in a duty free airport shop such as Currys, you do not pay tax on leaving the airport. The reason I know that is because I was on an internal flight from Heathrow to Edinburgh. I could have purchased a D600/D800 for 1600/2000, which was a okay price then, but not brilliant.
dandeakin 12 209 3 England
8 Oct 2012 11:23PM

Quote:LenShepherd: The original thread was discussing grey imports, not official imports. Most grey imports do not come with a NJIW.

I have a vague memory that the original thread was about my D300/700 vs buying a new D800.

It seems to have become a one way debate about what LenShepard may or may not have said on a different website.

Lens' comments have been extremely useful. If you don't like him, then ignore him. Life's too short.