D80 raw processing conundrum

blackbird 13 159 15 United Kingdom
17 Jul 2007 10:15AM
I posted this in 'digital imaging' but i think this might be a better place so I have re-posted, please could a mod remove the other posting, sorry for the bother.

I hope someone can help with this problem...
I bought a new camera at the weekend - a nikon d80,
I have downloaded the plug-in so that elements 4 can now read the RAW images from teh D80.
When I try to download the images only the first 22 are visible, all the rest have greyed out images of a torn picture.
Initially i thought I had a problem with a corrupt SD card, but I have now tried again with another card, and again with another card reader, and it is only the first 22 images that are available each time.
Can anyone shed any light on this please, is it a software issue, or a camera problem,
thank you Merille

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rikewoo 16 347 1 United Kingdom
17 Jul 2007 10:42AM
Hi Merille,

1, do you format the card in the camera before using it? If you format it on the computer the camera may not recognize it and give an error message or, not record some images
2, do you download the card to a separate file before opening them in Elements4.
3, are you downloading from the camera or a card reader/computer. Cardreader/computer would be better.

If you do all these I should think it may be a software problem. Have you downloaded all the firmware for the camera from Nikon as well?

Hope this helps.
blackbird 13 159 15 United Kingdom
17 Jul 2007 11:04AM
Thanks for your reply Ken,

I always format the cards in camera, and use a card reader to connect card to computer.

I have been using the elements photodownloader which starts automatically when I plug in the card reader, although I did try yesterday to do it through windows but for some reason when going through 'my computer' the usb drive was not there.
I am now thinking that i may have a computer problem.
As the camera is new is it necessary to download anything from Nikon?, I had assumed that the camera itself would be up to date.
I feel like such a noob, any advice is welcomed
thanks Merille
rikewoo 16 347 1 United Kingdom
17 Jul 2007 11:53AM
HI Merille,
Would depend on when the camera was actually built, as to if the latest firmware would be on it.

Sometimes the camera could be several months old before being sold and problems with the internal software have shown up from the earliest uses, so the manufacturers put out updates for it. Go to Nikon's website look for your camera in the downloads and see if there are any firmware updates you may need.

Also you could ask in the forums there if anyone else has had the problem you are experiencing.

I never use the downloaders that come up when the card is detected, but put copy all my photos into separate files on my hard drive, then work on them from there. Allowing the computer to choose where to put the photos takes away a lot of control from you. Elements4 uses its own organiser to store the photos and I prefer to use my own filing system. Then I know exactly where the photos are.

cameracat 16 8.6k 61 Norfolk Island
17 Jul 2007 12:45PM
With a Nikon DSLR I never use any download software OR a card reader, It's not required.

By using the USB cable supplied with the Camera, Once plugged into your computer ( assuming your using Win-XP or Vista ) The Camera will be seen as a Mass Storage device, You will get the usual screen offering to open file, etc etc.........Highlight Open File, Click OK, Now your files will be visiable within an Ordinary Folder.

Running order as per below.

With folder open.

A DICM folder will be visiable, Open that and you will see a folder called ( Something like 100Nikon ) Open that and all your images will be in there, NOW it's just a case of Select all and copying to a folder on your computer, A GOOD idea is to prepare one in advance......Smile

Once you are happy that all image files are safely on the Computer.......Smile

You can now Select all and delete the contents of the memory card.........Smile

Nothing can be simpler........Smile
strawman 16 22.1k 16 United Kingdom
17 Jul 2007 12:48PM
A card reader is faster, and if you use more than one memory card it reduces wear and tear on your camera too. Plus you do not waste batery charge or run the risk of breaking the connector or frying your camera with a PSU glitch.
rikewoo 16 347 1 United Kingdom
17 Jul 2007 6:07PM
I agree with strawman, I never use the camera for downloading. Too many variables can happen, least of all as he says, fry your camera. I use the card reader on my computer, download to a specific file on the PC. Then open them to work on.

Then reformat the card in the camera once I am sure they have downloaded ok.

blackbird 13 159 15 United Kingdom
17 Jul 2007 7:53PM
Ken, strawman and cameracat
You ahve all been very helpful thank you so much,
I think the problem stemmed from the d80 plug-in for elements.
I have now successfully transferred files from the camera to computer using a separate folder and windows explorer and it worked just fine, so no worries about the camera, Phew.
I'm happy now Smile Merille

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