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D800 paired with a Sigma "Bigma" 50-500

RavenTepes 12 226 United States
16 Mar 2013 1:33AM
I'm contemplating this combination. Does anyone here pair the two? If so, can I get some thoughts on the set up and possibly some pic uploads?
Graysta 16 1.1k England
16 Mar 2013 6:08AM
I have both but I don't think they will be good together as the D800 will show the flaws in the bigma. The images tend to be a little hazy in poor light compared to my Nikon lenses when used on the D3. However if you do not have this lens I will try the combo today if i think the light is o.k to do both justice and upload you some images.
studioline 11 72 4 United Kingdom
16 Mar 2013 6:51AM
I have this exact combination and have tried it however none of the photos went to final production. I have never been a fan of the Bigma and even on my D700, it was not a great lens. It was however preferable to my 70-200 f2.8 sigma with a 2s converter on it. Sometimes, there is no alternative to get that close. I haven't got an image with the D800 attached on it but some of my bird photographs may have been taken with the 50-500. Been a while so you would have to search through.
puertouk 10 1.1k 17 United Kingdom
16 Mar 2013 9:44AM
With the D800, you need the best glass possible. Why have the best camera in its class and on a par with some of the Hasselblads and put it with inferior lenses.
MrGoatsmilk 13 1.5k England
16 Mar 2013 4:44PM
I owned a Bigma, it was ok on a 40D but I wouldn't bother putting it on your D800.

Bit like putting budget tyres on a Ferrari
RavenTepes 12 226 United States
16 Mar 2013 4:57PM
Thank you for the responses. I suspected that it wouldn't be a great combination, but felt inclined to ask, regardless. I've also been interested in the new 80-400 4.5-5.6G, which I understand will take at least a 1.4 Teleconverter, which if I do it that way, will be Nikkor for both. I'm not entirely concerned with it being a fast set up, just looking to find a more inexpensive option to reach to about 600mm. I'd be nice to at least get a 300mm or better with a teleconverter, but that kind of glass doesn't come cheap.
sausage Plus
17 704 United Kingdom
16 Mar 2013 5:07PM
I have that lens on my D800 and it is fine. I'll upload some pictures soon.
sausage Plus
17 704 United Kingdom
16 Mar 2013 5:19PM
D800 and Sigma 50-500. Taken handheld.cwp-1386.jpg


RavenTepes 12 226 United States
16 Mar 2013 7:35PM
Thank you, Sausage.

Those actually don't look nearly as bad as I had thought they might!
pablophotographer 10 1.9k 411
16 Mar 2013 7:49PM
Great, crisp pictures Pete.

Raven I have been told by a professional wedding photographer that Sigma can be inconsistent on quality.

A good lens may serve you better than a good camera. If you have reasons to go for Sigma, why not try to rent one of its lenses...
keithh 17 25.8k 33 Wallis And Futuna
16 Mar 2013 8:03PM
When it comes to Nikon and Canon products, a great deal is made of the lenses and cameras that are produced in Japan and not farmed out to China etc.

All of Sigma's lenses are made in Japan. Don't forget that there are many Canon ( even L ) lenses that have been extremely inconsistent over the years.
17 Mar 2013 2:42AM
36mp of the d800 is very unforgiving when it comes to lenses.... its a great lens but you will see the flaws in great detail...
RavenTepes 12 226 United States
17 Mar 2013 5:34AM
A lot of this inquiry depends on weather or not I get some funding I'm applying for. Whist it's money that doesn't have to be paid back, I'm still trying to keep costs down. I've found some photos where people have had a good deal of success with the Sigma 120-300 with both the 1.4x and 2x teleconverters, again, paired with the D800. Since I'm in no hurry to start buying, I think that while I'm going to keep the 120-300 as an option, I'm going to wait to see what the new Nikkor 80-400 has to offer, especially in terms of teleconverter use. It's said to be able to take the Nikkor 1.4X, but in reality, I'd like to know more about the 2X. To me, I'm not overly concerned with specific brands, outside of Nikon itself. What I'm looking for is a good cost to quality ratio, which I know is daunting.

I really do appreciate all the help. Trying to get good results without having to pay an arm, a leg, and my first born child is tricky. I'd love to get a good prime, I'd love to get the Nikkor 200-400, but neither or those are good options for me, especially with the 200-400 being so expensive.
Gundog 8 629 Scotland
22 Mar 2013 3:42PM
Do you really need the 50-150mm part of that lens's range?

If not (for example, if it is covered by another of your lenses), then seriously think about the Sigma 150-500mm instead. It produces great results with the D800. (I have a couple of large prints from that combination awaiting assessment for salon exhibition).
LenShepherd 13 4.4k United Kingdom
30 Mar 2013 6:03PM

Quote: I'd be nice to at least get a 300mm or better with a teleconverter, but that kind of glass doesn't come cheap.

The 300 f4 with TC17e gets you 500mm equivalent for about 1,400 new - about half the current price of the new 80-400 with TC14e.
Either combination can autofocus on your D800.
The 300 f4 might, or might not, be upgraded to VR soon. If you go this route I suggest a second hand AF-s version

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