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D800 problems with processing images

studioline 11 72 4 United Kingdom
29 Oct 2012 7:18AM
Hi all. Just wondering if anyone else is struggling with processing images from the d800. My computer has tow trial versions of cs6 and lr4 on it. Previous to this I had a D700 which used CS4 and lr2 but the upgrades have been necessary to use raw images produced from the camera. The system that I am using consists of win 7 64bit, 4gb ram, build in graphcis with a phenom x4 processor plus 2tb hard drive. It all works ok until I need to layer images and then the fun starts. You can hear the fans stuggling to keep the cpu cool and about 15 into processing, there is a noticeable delay just prior to a crash. I am not keen to build another computer as this one has been so stable over the last 3 years however.
I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem?
sausage Plus
17 704 United Kingdom
29 Oct 2012 8:29AM
I did upgrade my computer when I got my D800. Using LR4 was quite slow so I upgraded with an i5 cpu and 8gig of ram. You could try upping the ram to see if that helps.

Now all run pretty quick!
User_Removed 11 4.6k 1 Scotland
29 Oct 2012 9:22AM
Happily, I had upgraded my PC a few months before acquiring my D800 in March,

It has an i7 processor, 16Gb RAM and a 2Tb HDD. No graphics card. Twin Dell 27" monitors.

It is running 64-bit Windows 7, Lightroom 4.2, Photoshop CS6 and a variety of Nik plug-ins.

I normally shoot the lossless compressed Raw option on the D800 which gives me files averaging about 45Mb.

Absolutely no discernible delay in any LR or CS6 processes with that configuration. Initial import of the files from the SD card into Lightroom can be slowish. If I have a couple of hundred to import I go and make a cup of coffee while they download. But, thereafter, no discernible delay in any of the processing functions.

studioline 11 72 4 United Kingdom
29 Oct 2012 2:53PM
Ok I have done some more research.
1. Cleaned out fan.
2. Toned down windows aero.
3. Purchased a new slim line low power usage graphics card.
4. Potentially looking for a larger power supply if that does not work.
5. Removed all unnecessary software that was running in the background.

Now as it stands number 1 and 2 have made substantial differences. The computer has not fatally crashed as yet although I need to test it further.
redsnappa 19 2.8k United Kingdom
29 Oct 2012 5:40PM
you do not have enough RAM go for 16GB minimum and a reasonably good PCI Express graphics card and you will be ok.
studioline 11 72 4 United Kingdom
29 Oct 2012 9:53PM
I can't put in more than 4gb . That is my limitation on this motherboard. I do want to make a new computer but I can't get the time to do it u ntil after Christmas.
Scutter Plus
13 1.7k 6 United Kingdom
30 Oct 2012 9:16AM

Quote:I can't put in more than 4gb . That is my limitation on this motherboard. I do want to make a new computer but I can't get the time to do it u ntil after Christmas.

............perhaps you should have thought of that before splashing out on the camera! Handling the large files from the D800 has been mentioned in many places here and elsewhere TongueTongueTongueTongueWinkWinkWinkWinkSmileSmileSmileSmile

perhaps Santa will come early this year! WinkWink
strawman 17 22.2k 16 United Kingdom
30 Oct 2012 9:26AM
Hi one time look for the ability to use a fast USB memory stick as a way of boosting the swap space. It worked for me when I had a Vista 32 bit machine. I think they called it ready boost or something similar.

removing all useless software is always good, bigger PSU, not certain, but a faster hard disk will help if you are getting into disk thrashing as I expect you may. Oh and never forget good old defrag. Cleaning up the fans on an old machine helped I found You could also look to take the heatsink off and re-seat it with fresh thermal compound.
mikehit 12 8.0k 13 United Kingdom
30 Oct 2012 9:29AM
I agree that 4GB is not really enough -it is at the lower limit of what I would consider for my 7D which is only 18MP.
Are all your photos on the computer hard drive or on external HDD? Sometimes you can speed up the system by having a near-blank disc and using some of the disc space as a 'memory reserve' (I can't remember the technical term for that, though).
strawman 17 22.2k 16 United Kingdom
30 Oct 2012 10:35AM
Hi here is ready boost it may help speed up your machine
studioline 11 72 4 United Kingdom
30 Oct 2012 12:25PM
I am thinking of using an external ssd to power cs6. Thanks for the ready boost link. I will give it a try.
strawman 17 22.2k 16 United Kingdom
30 Oct 2012 11:18PM
There is one more thing to try, Capture 1 version 7. Apparently a few early users have noticed it processes images a lot faster and better than the Adobe RAW engine for the D800. So if you are going to have to pay for a major RAW software update perhaps you would be better off getting a different RAW processor. Try the 60 day trial, its lower cost than the other solutions you have mentioned. .
studioline 11 72 4 United Kingdom
31 Oct 2012 8:27AM
Cheers strawman . I will look into that too.
studioline 11 72 4 United Kingdom
4 Nov 2012 10:28AM
Ok. I have has to make a decision on this but thought I would share for other D800 users. I switched my graphics card to a 1gb card and low and behold it would not power up as just not enough power to make it work.
CS4 apparently needs a decent graphics card for the liquify etc and that coupled with the inability to add more than 4gb to my computer plus the inability to add an ssd into the case caused me to move to an atx motheboard. I am just working on it all just now but will let you know how it goes.

Spec so far is
Cheap case
500watt power supply (cooler master)
Gigabit motherboard AM3+
8 core processor at 3.1 ghz
32gb of memory
and palit (cheap) graphics card but 1gb
120gb ssd

will work on the raid system tonight - most likely mirrored or would others suggest striped. I don't want to lose my photos.
studioline 11 72 4 United Kingdom
24 Nov 2012 8:01PM
Graphics card was holding the system back so it was replaced with a Nvidia 570ti. I believe this has loads of cuda processors which CS6 is optimised to use. The system now flies. I have also moved on to windows 8 and this seems to work a treat.
Hope this helps someone.

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