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Dance Music Fans

warb 17 839
2 Mar 2004 11:39AM
any house music fans here? i know of at least a couple, are there any more? well im giving away free copies of my new mix cd if anyones interested. if you like your house music like your big macs with beefy basslines with electro and techy funk flavours then this is for you.

it looks like this...

Warbgasm: Vol. 03

01. Kidstuff 'Kominski Park'
02. 25 '25'
03. Spiller 'Cry Baby' (Jolly Music Thriller mix)
04. Alan Thompson & Ben Keen 'Let Their Be Love' (2003 Rework)
05. Armand Van Helden 'Hear My Name'
06. Psycho Radio 'Sound Is Shocking'
07. Sam Le More 'Takin’ Hold'
08. Scissor Sisters 'Comfortably Numb' (Paper Faces mix)
09. Kelis 'Milkshake' (Tom Neville mix)
10. Junior Jack 'Da Hype'
Tom Neville 'Just ****' (Accapella)
11. Lush 'Calling You Lush' (Dub mix)
12. Steve Angello 'Voices' (Eric Prydz mix)
13. Snap vs Motivo 'The Power Of Bhangra' (Eric Prydz mix) sounds quite nice.

for your free copy, email your postal address today!
Carabosse 18 41.5k 270 England
2 Mar 2004 11:42AM
Hmmmm... of course everyone will be thinking "what's the catch", eh Warb?!

What a cynical world [sigh]!

warb 17 839
2 Mar 2004 11:44AM
the catch is...if ur interested in a copy, u will have to take a few mins of ur life to send me an email with ur address. that is all. feedback on the cd wud be apreciated but is optional.
redsnappa 18 2.8k United Kingdom
2 Mar 2004 12:42PM
The catch is listening to 120 beats per minute of cumputerised beats puctuated by sampled vocals of people with real talent.
warb 17 839
2 Mar 2004 1:13PM
thats the spirit mr snappa, 130bpm tho. a country fan are we? ;op
UserDeleted 18 3.6k
2 Mar 2004 1:29PM
Of course all donations to the Performing Rights Society would presumably be gratefully received ?

Unless the artists have been notified and offered their services free ?

zippie 17 1.3k England
2 Mar 2004 1:40PM
Cheers Dan, you have email.....
redsnappa 18 2.8k United Kingdom
2 Mar 2004 1:41PM
I'm into rap, They dont call me 50 pence for nothing i broke my finger nail 9 times an still live to tell the tale

just a thought, If someone ordered more than one of your albums would that be a multiple warbgasm? :}
warb 17 839
2 Mar 2004 1:45PM
very good snappa, this is the 3rd warbgasm cd so yes. aiight homie? cool.

what rap are u into snappa g? do u listen to my homeboy westwoooood?
Pete 19 18.8k 97 England
2 Mar 2004 1:50PM
Dan I've just had an email from a member suggesting this may be illegal. Do you have licence/authority to distribute? If not I'll have to delete the topic and thread:-(
warb 17 839
2 Mar 2004 1:51PM
jesus!! you cant seem to post anything on here these days without someone complaining can you?? deary me.

its illegal to make a mix compilation now is it? its not as if i am making money off it is it? if anything i am only supporting the artists. please inform me.
Pete 19 18.8k 97 England
2 Mar 2004 2:01PM
Well it's a common practise to make mixes but it appears to be a problem when you come to share. Here's a really good article on the matter Mix swapping
I wasn't around when the software thread got right out of hand and don't want the same to happen here.
deviant 17 3.1k 1 United Kingdom
2 Mar 2004 2:24PM
I know where Pete is comming from, in that obviously he can't knowingly allow dodgy things (or potentially) dodgy things such as copyright infringement take place on his site...BUT...notice it was a big but as soon as I followed the link and saw the monica RIAA I just groaned out loud. These are the people currently being sued for operating as a cartel in the USA whilst they in turn sue 12 year olds for thousands of dollars in punitive damages. Hmmmm. Never mind starting a thread on these guys I could start a web site. I'm with warb. Copyright used to mean fair use. Mixing to my mind is fair use. Much like making a composite using bits of other images is not the same thing as ripping of someones picture.
Just'n opinion...
michaeldt 17 1.2k
2 Mar 2004 2:47PM
mixing might be fair use but redistributing another artists work (even if it's only parts of it) infringes on that artists intellectual property rights and is in fact illegal.
"It is illegal to copy or redistribute copyrighted material whether in part or in whole." - Sound familiar
warb 17 839
2 Mar 2004 2:59PM
found this on the djmag site, quite interesting:


Words: Terry Church

The Record Industry Association of America (RIAA) has launched a new campaign against DJs in an attempt to control copyright infringement.

They have already confiscated $100,000’s worth of mix CDs from independent record stores across the US.

DJ mix CDs, sold in almost every independent record store are on the whole unlicensed and technically illegal to distribute. However, DJs and producers alike often rely upon these illegal mixes in order to gain credibility, and to promote themselves to the general public.

The practice is in fact approved of by most producers who see it as fundamental to the survival of the dance scene - even if it is their tracks that are being copied and played without permission.
This latest attack by the RIAA is therefore hypocritical – they claim that their pursuit of copyright infringement is primarily in the interest of the artist, yet most dance producers actually approve of and rely upon this illegal distribution.

The dance scene relies upon these ‘illegal’ ways to survive, and it seems that the only people who actually care about this particular copyright infringement are not the artists themselves but the record companies – who are only involved in the dance scene for profit.


what i also find interesting is, i myself have posted mix tapes on message boards and i have seen alot of other people too for many years and this is the only time i have seen it cause a debate. but i do understand where you are coming from. all i wanted to do was share my lovely cd. boo hooooo.

shall i delete my photos and get my coat now? ;o)

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