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Dark images

NEWMANP 13 1.6k 574 United Kingdom
19 Mar 2009 1:22PM
i am a little disturbed and saddened to see a growing number of what could only be decribed as very dark images which have been posted lately, i wont list or refer specifically as there are several, and i have no wish to offend any photographer. the type i refer to are women in very distressed forms

the one that saddened me most (today) was an image of a poor ladies face who had either been beaten to pulp or made up to appear as if so. this is in my opinion not the sort of image i could ever describe as art, nothing i would want to look at. i am not even sure if this is legal under the new laws which also encompass pornography.

to post such a picture my guess and i may be wrong is that a person would have to be scarred by such an event or threat and would wish to make a powerful statement, my question would be is this the right place to do it.

i am sure that any one who is opposed to violence or has a non violent nature would be horrified to see this photographed other than as evidence to lock some one away, and in fact it makes me feel pysically ill to see such an image. in my mind the only people who would get anything from such work would be preinclined to violence in the first place and therefore the image would only add fuel to a fire.

now i do totally sympathise with women who are faced with such attrocaties but can not see how using or portraying the actions as art or a statement can really help as every normal person is abhorant to such action

please am i missing something, i know this a difficult thread to discuss, help me understand or do others feel the same. maybe that is the secret desire of those who post in order to attract public attention.

JamesBurns 13 1.3k 7
19 Mar 2009 1:31PM

I think just the opposite. I think it's incredibly important to display the horrific events that go on, so that people are aware of them and do things about them. Photographs like that have been taken for years - just look at the work of Salgardo, or Nachtwey as examples.

Photography is not just about huggy-feely things... It's not just about the robins, the sunsets and the 80's style glamour shots. It's also about leaving a legacy, about documenting events that have occurred and possibly preventing them if possible (and necessary).

EPZ is a photography site... It stands to reason that there are going to be less tasteful to you. If it requires an adult tag, then contact the team, but why should it not be shown?
digipix76 14 577 England
19 Mar 2009 1:35PM
It's fact, it happens, and it's not all external bruising either!
Coleslaw 16 13.4k 28 Wales
19 Mar 2009 1:39PM
Unfortunately, life isn't bright and sunny for everyone....
NEWMANP 13 1.6k 574 United Kingdom
19 Mar 2009 1:41PM
of course everone is entitled to their opinion, however i am very aware of the power of photography and this in a way is the same torment faced by war photographers, take Cappa for instance.

the problem as i see it, is that this site is generally aimed at posting for peoples amusement and pleasure and not for making political statements and cries for help.

there is a place for this work as war photography and it is to bring things to public awareness. newspapers for example although most would sooner show us tits.

i am worried that if this continues, where will it stop, is it real or is it make up, i need to know because it makes a big big difference. i dont want to see pictures of battered babies and bleeding bodies on a general photography site. and for me i am not afraid to say that for me photography is a little more huggy as you describe it.

no offence but i think ill stay this side of the comfort fence
SteveCharles 18 2.3k 18 England
19 Mar 2009 1:46PM
If you are referring to the image I think you are, it should first be pointed out that it is a self-portrait. I think that's a fairly important point here.

Photography can, and should, depict real life and challenge us. Photography isn't just sunsets and squirrels, and it could be argued that some of the best photography produced has depicted some of the worst facets of life and human nature.
digipix76 14 577 England
19 Mar 2009 1:47PM


no offence but i think ill stay this side of the comfort fence

.......And the beatings will continue!
NEWMANP 13 1.6k 574 United Kingdom
19 Mar 2009 1:53PM
and i cant stop them,---- i dont know who can and its probably never going to stop, in the same way as many other violent atrocities will continue---- and lets face it, it wont stop me doing something i wouldnt do in the first place so what is it intended to do? it worries me that there may be people who get a kick from seeing it and may go home and repeat it.

and lets be honest here, it has had a serious impact on me and has done its work. and of all the postings this year i will remember it. but not as art.
JamesBurns 13 1.3k 7
19 Mar 2009 1:56PM
Buggered if I can find it, but it still strikes me (pun intended) as an overreaction.
NEWMANP 13 1.6k 574 United Kingdom
19 Mar 2009 1:59PM
im not prone to overreacting, much i can take, this one is on the line.
JamesBurns 13 1.3k 7
19 Mar 2009 2:11PM
But it's only on the line because *you* find it so. The person who took it obviously doesn't, and it's a self-portrait, so it's not like the person in the image objects.

Fair enough, you find it distasteful. Maybe contact the team and get it adult tagged, and then hide adult images. Really though, this sort of thing *does* happen and will continue to. How about this image ? Is it better or worse, because it actually DID happen...

Suggesting that EPZ is not the place for these images, simply because the depict the real world, is comical. The real world is like that. I for one would rather see more images like that (whether created or documentary), than the usual sequence of: Sunset - 80's glamour - robin - cr*p HDR - sunrise; that normally occurs in the gallery.

If nothing else, it shows that people are thinking, and acting, passionately, rather than following the rest of the flock...
NEWMANP 13 1.6k 574 United Kingdom
19 Mar 2009 2:17PM
ok, i now find myself wanting to know much more about the authors feelings on this, as to put up a shot like this entitled "self portrait" is in itself a big statement.
in fairness i have left a comment on the image refering to this thread so as to be totally honest and fair about this posting.
seanslevin 17 9 Ireland
19 Mar 2009 2:34PM
Some people have nowhere or no one to turn to , if using their art as a means of release so be it , its a powerful brave and important image . Yes we can all go out and photograph the nicer things in life , we all do it , but this is life too and thats what photography is all about ,telling how it is .
Sean .
Strobe 14 1.3k United States
19 Mar 2009 2:46PM
I have just had a look and as dark as it might seem, I think it is a good work of art and makes a powerful image.
Geoffphoto 15 13.5k United Kingdom
19 Mar 2009 2:46PM
Well she's got a reaction out of us !!

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